The children gave first aid

Douglas P. Susen, 44, and Christine M. Bonebrake, 44, resided in a home with their 3 children- twins age 10 and an 8 year old.

In December police were called to the home. Allegedly Douglas Susen had accused Christine Bonebrake of installing web camera’s thoughout the home and was putting him on the internet. He also had accused her of using a handheld camera to record him. He broke a cell phone because he thought she was recording him with that. Police responded to the home and found the dispute was not physical and found no webcams in the home. No arrests were made.

About 2:30 am on Tuesday one of the twins made a call to 911 and told dispatchers that his Dad was dead and his Mom was bleeding badly from a wound. A woman could be heard in the background speaking of her fear that she was dying. The 10 year old told dispatchers that his twin was attempting to apply pressure to their mother’s wound. When the child was asked what happened he said he didn’t know he had been asleep when it happened, but there was a gun next to Susen.

Officers found Douglas Susen dead from a gunshot wound to the head, and Christine Bonebrake badly injured with a gunshot wound to the neck. She was taken to the hospital where she underwent surgery. She has since been upgraded from critical to satisfactory condition.

The investigation is continuing and police say they will interview Christine Bonebrake when her condition improves.