Carnival of the True Crime Blogs LVIII


Welcome to the 58 th edition of the Carnival of the True Crime Blogs.

First up this week we have MyLifeOfCrime. She is discussing the murder of a popular University student Denita Smith. And she has the details of the arrest that has been made in the case.

Lost in Lima Ohio is discussing the trial of Robert Fontanez Jr, arrested in a case of retaliation against the neighbor who is alleged to have abused his daughter and discussing the similarities and differences between that case and the case of Jonathon Edington, who has been accused of a similar crime.

Next up we have Slabtown Chronicle. He is reflecting on the murder statistics for Portland, Oregon in 2006. Also included in the discussion are the number domestic violence murders. He is is including information on the case of Claudia Rhone who was murdered by her husband in May and the review that will be occurring on the murder. It seems that this case will be part of review that Oregon has legislated to study domestic violence and effect any changes in domestic violence case handling that may be needed to prevent future murders. He also has more information on Susan Kuhnhausen and Marissa Manwarren, both also domestic crimes.

Then we also have a new blogger interview at The True Crime Blogroll. This time we caught the Daddy of them all. Click on over for an interview with Trench.

We have a new participant this week. Though he has been on the blogroll this will be the first time that Missing and Abducted has submitted a post to the Carnival. He has the description and information on a missing mother, Sherry Wolfgang. This case is still being investigated, but it seems that her husband may be facing some charges over the arson of her car. Time will tell how that relates to her disappearance.

Hot On The Trail (HOTT) also handles the missing. And she is currently reviewing some new Ohio legislation called the Jonathon’s Law. It makes changes in the guidelines for when law enforcement is required to submit missing persons reports to the National Databases. She has more information about the law and the case that brought it about. This important not only for Ohio, but may make you want to consider checking out how missing persons are handled in your state. She is also discussing the need for DNA testing for human remains which are located but never identified. This was brought about by the mother of a young domestic violence victim Carrie Culberson. Debbie Culberson has gone to the US House of Representives Judicial committee to request a change in the law and require the DNA of unidentified remains to be submitted to the national databases. She could use the support of everyone. These are important issues that deal with issues that crime leaves behind. So stop over and check it out, maybe you can find a way the help out or advocate for changes in your state.

And Harding at T.O Crime has more information on the serial murder case of Robert Pickton- better known as the Pig Farmer. I have been following this case since 2002, and it still hasn’t gone to trial. Harding has information on why, and why the case has been delayed yet again.

And from a blog not on the blogroll, we have Chrisdolley who is blogging a riveting story of identity theft. What makes it so riveting is that it is personal. Chrisdolley describes the story like this: a true story of our first eight months in France which culminated in my identity being stolen, life savings seized and, abandoned by the police forces of four countries, having to solve the case myself. Which I did – in the most surreal investigation ever.

Just to inject a personal note here. With Oregon reviewing their domestic violence cases, if they follow through with some effective legislation I just may have to name them as my favorite state.

And please find your opportunities to Commit a Random Act of Kindness each and every day.


She went to work

Mary Lynn Babb, 30, was reportedly going through some tough times with her estranged husband Thomas Daniel Babb. She had gotten a personal protection order against him, but through it all fellow employees say she kept a positive attitude.

At the newspaper office where she worked she was known as a model employee, smart and hard-working. Only at the office 6 months, she had recently been named employee of the month. It was at that office on Tuesday about 4:30 PM, while she was in her vehicle in the parking lot that her estranged husband allegedly  rammed her SUV with his truck.

Allegedly he pushed her vehicle across the parking lot and caused it to flip on it’s top. And witnesses have said that with her still in the vehicle, Babb got out of his truck, walked up to the SUV , and shot 2 or more times. Reportedly Babb then fled the scene, but witnesses had gotten his license plate number.

Mary Lynn Babb was taken to the hospital, where she was later pronounced dead. She was the mother of a 4 year old little boy. Police believe her estranged husband was waiting in the parking lot for her.

Allegedly, after leaving the office Babb went to his parents home. And reportedly he drove the vehicle in a ditch there and caught a ride from a passerby that was not aware that police were hunting for him.

Police found the vehicle and then found his with the person with whom he had caught a ride. They surrounded the vehicle and he was reportedly taken into custody without incident.                                     

One more child who will grow up without a mother. At four, he will have difficulty understanding what death means. He will still want his mother. And he will grow up with only vague stories and pictures instead of memories of his mother being with him at key moments in his life.

His mother will not take him to school his first day. She won’t kiss him before his first date. She won’t be there when he gets his driver’s license, or worry if he breaks curfew. She won’t see him go to prom or get married or hold her first grandchild. And he will miss her through all of those things, even though he may not be sure of just exactly what he is missing.

When afraid, do get a protection/restraining order. But do not assume the other party will abide by it. Take shelter, either somewhere he won’t know where to find you or in a shelter.

Going to work is something most have to do. But if possible take a leave of absence, a vacation, or a different job. If that is not possible, change where you park or consider taking a cab that will drop you right at the entrance to the building. Use different exits in and out of the building. Vary your routes to and from work. Carry a cell phone. And above all, use that protection order- if you think you see the other party- call police. Every time.


At the arraignment Babb was charged with 7 counts including felony murder, open murder and aggravated stalking. Babb’s attorney has filed a motion for a forensic examination, possibly requesting a competency or psychiatric exam.

Babb had previously been charged with sexual assault and beating his wife and was out on bond.                  

The question is being asked- how did Babb have a gun? A prior felony conviction prohibited Babb from having possession of a weapon. And the protection order that she had taken out banned Babb from not only contacting her, but also banned him from possessing a weapon. Police say they have not identified the murder weapon, but they are processing several.

A good article that explores the control issues common to DV.


Thomas Babb ordered to undergo mental evaluation.