Texas Equusearch

I have been following the disappearance of Stacy Peterson pretty closely and have noticed a bit about the organization that is helping with that search. Texas Equusearch goes all over the country and helps to organize searches for missing persons. They have helped with cases that were both high profile and cases that got very little attention. They are working on the Stacy Peterson disappearance at the same time as other missing persons. They are one of those organizations that everyone takes a sigh of relief when they hear that Texas Equusearch is going to help.

Texas Equusearch uses a lot of equipment in their searches. In Stacy’s case they are using drones, planes, sonar, ATV’s and other equipment. Some of the equipment is provided by the company. Some is provided by the volunteers. But much has to be rented and it is expensive.

However, Texas Equusearch is a small non-profit and a lot of their funding comes from donations. Some of that funding is from corporations. But much of it is needed from individuals. If you can help, I ask you to go to their website and check it out. Then consider making a donation of whatever amount you can.

Why? Because when it comes to missing persons, there are very few organizations that families can turn to. And we need those resources not just for this case, but for all missing persons.

Texas Equasearch

Then click on the link for donations. Thank you.

It doesn’t happen here

It doesn’t happen in this town, this neighborhood, this street. A very common reaction after a domestic violence murder. The town of Highmore is a town of 850 residents. A small, quiet town. The kind of town where lethal crime is a rarity.

Pamela Huber was a resident of that town, she grew up there, married there and had a family there. She was active in the community. She owned a business there, she was involved with many volunteer activities- the Girl Scouts, the Junior Shooting Club and others. Pam Huber was also the city financial officer for the community. So in that small a town, she knew everybody and they knew her. Pamela Huber was also the wife of the former police chief. And above all, she was a mother.

The family says that Pamela Huber had a secret, but if I know small towns it probably wasn’t all that secret. The family says that Pamela Huber was being physically and emotionally abused in her marriage and had been for 10 years. But her husband was the chief of police, so she never made a report.

The family attorney has said that after her husband Ken Huber, 41, left the office of police chief he changed. The family attorney alleges that he may have been suffering from some depression, and there may have been some abuse of medications, and alcohol involved.

On Sunday night Pamela Huber laid down in bed with her 11 year old daughter. The daughter has said she was awakened by loud noise, and saw Ken Huber leaving the bedroom holding a gun. The child’s mother was lying beside her bleeding. Ken Huber called 911, and at least one report says that he attempted to give first aid to Pamela. Pamela Huber was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head.

Pamela lay in the hospital in a coma with a bullet lodged in her brain, on life support and was not expected to survive. Her son and her sister petitioned the court for a protection order prohibiting Ken Huber from contacting Pamela Huber or their children  and the order was granted, Huber was ordered to stay at least 1000 feet from Pamela and from their two daughters. Her son was appointed her guardian.

By Wed. there was an announcement that the Hyde County State Attorney would not be prosecuting the case due to a conflict of interest. The state attorney was friends with the family. The State Attorney General took over the investigation.

On Friday Pamela Huber was removed from life support and she passed away.

Police have questioned Ken Huber, but no charges have been filed as yet. Police and prosecutors are not talking about the investigation. But at least one report says they are still collecting evidence both in the home and in the town. At least one report says that Ken Huber has been told not to leave town.

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Domestic violence is one of those crimes that is not specific to any location, race, or socio-economic class. It can happen anywhere and to anyone. Big cities rural areas or small towns, poor crime ridden neighborhoods or areas with a higher financial base. Sometimes others may be aware of abuse in the home, sometimes they don’t.

And domestic violence, though often called a couple’s problem is really a community problem. The impact on this community has been huge.

I think of the children and what they heard and saw as they were growing up. And how the child was startled from sleep by a loud noise. How horrifying to awaken, find her father holding a gun and her mother bleeding. How long will it take her to recover from the trauma of the last time she saw her mother? And what she saw of her father. Then she had to talk to investigators and tell what she saw, she had to go to court to help get protection for her mother and testify against her father. And there is another child also who will also be grieving over her mother, and confused about her feelings for her father. And an older son suddenly thrust into the position of role reversal where he became the protector and guardian of the Mother who had been protector and guardian to him, all before he even had an opportunity to deal emotionally with the circumstances of her injury. Now they are all grieving their loss, forced to deal with the changes in their life and with the changes in their relationships to the people in their lives.

Domestic violence does not happen in every relationship. But it happens in more relationships than most will admit. If domestic violence is happening in your relationship, seek out a domestic violence agency and ask for their assistance. If you know of a relationship in which domestic violence is occurring, offer to help them to make contact with an agency. Ask domestic violence agencies if they have speakers that can come to your clubs and speak about domestic violence. Ask your county agencies and police departments what their policies regarding domestic violence and their employees are. Help your community keep its citizens safer by learning about domestic violence, by making your community aware and by making your community more accountable.

A big thank you to TGIRecovered for bringing this to my attention.

The community is supporting the family and the family has issued public statements to thank them for that support.

keloland.com        ksfy.com


Ken Huber had checked himself into a VA hospital after the death of his wife. Police arrested him there. Allegedly Huber was having an affair with the state attorney. Huber and the state attorney spoke on the phone about 10 pm that night. After the shooting Huber called 911 and told them his wife was accidently shot when he was moving a gun, then he called the state attorney and asked her to come over saying there had been an “accident”. She arrived before police officers.



There are a couple of articles out of Canada I would like to share with you. In 1986 Brian Vallée wrote a book called Life With Billy. Life With Billy is the story of Jane Hurshman, a woman who suffered 5 years of severe abuse with her husband. The abuse ended when she shot him.

There has been a recent interview with Jane Hurshman and this article describes the fear that Jane Hurshman endures years after her husband’s death and why it is so hard for women in abusive relationships to leave.

A couple of quotes from the article:

I am familiar with the concepts of battered wife syndrome, learned helplessness, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), cyclical violence, traumatic bonding, and victimization. All of those may be relevant to why a woman stays in an abusive relationship. But I’m convinced there is one word that trumps all the others – fear.

Husband dead but wife’s fear lives on is a good article and describes what the long term effects of domestic violence can be for some women as well as helping to explain that age old question “Why don’t they leave?”

Brian Vallée has evidently written a new book The War on Women: Elly Armour, Jane Hursham, and Criminal Domestic Violence in Canadian Homes. I haven’t read either book so I don’t give a reccomendation. But from the articles Vallée compares the war on women to various other wars such as

the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, the War on Crime, the Gulf War, the war in Afghanistan, and the war in Iraq

and notes the differences. In the foreword of the book Stephen Lewis has proposed

urging the creation of a fully funded United Nations international agency for women that would provide “a tremendous force for advocacy and intervention” and would “inevitably move toward the recognition that domestic violence is its own holocaust….We’re not just fighting for women’s human rights; we’re fighting for women’s lives.”

Excerpt from The War on Women

“She’s Just Missing”

Relatives say that Stacy Peterson, 23, was just 17 when she met Drew Peterson, 53, at the hotel she was working at. He was reportedly 47 years old at the time. He helped her to get a job with a police department and the two began dating. At least one relative has said that he told Stacy that he had never been married before. In the subsequent 6 years, Stacy and Drew Peterson have married, had two children (ages 2 and 4) and she began college in a pre-nursing program. Stacy had also adopted Drew Peterson’s children from a previous relationship.

Relatives also say that she was a sweet and caring person, and that she kept in contact with her family. And that she was a loving mother. Relatives have also said that in recent years she seemed to be unhappy in her marriage and complained that her husband was controlling. The relative also said that Stacy told her that her husband frequently asked her if she was seeing another man.

“She was very stressed in her relationship with Drew,” “She was on anti-depressants, and she couldn’t even sleep at night. When I saw her this last time [in October], she was having a very hard time coping with her life. She just looked lost and confused.”

”She just wanted people to know she was unhappy, and she didn’t like how she was being treated,” ”In case she disappeared — if something bad happened to her.”

Drew Peterson apparently had been married before. Apparently he had been married three times before. Apparently he was still married to Kathleen Savio when he met and began dating Stacy. And Kathleen’s relatives say that during the marriage Kathleen had received letters telling her that Drew Peterson was cheating on her. But when she confronted him about it, he allegedly beat her. One relative has stated they had to take her to the hospital after one beating in the late ’90’s. But they say she was afraid to leave him. In 2002 Kathleen Savio filed for a protection order against Drew Peterson and in 2003, she filed for divorce after learning that Stacy was pregnant with Drew Peterson’s baby.

That divorce was final but the property settlement was still in the process when Kathleen Savio was found dead in her bathtub. The death was investigated by state police, because Drew Peterson was a police officer in that jurisdiction and the state police did the investigation in order to avoid any conflict of interest. Kathleen Savio’s death was ruled an accident, but her relatives have reportedly wondered how a healthy 40 year old woman could drown in a bathtub.

Drew Peterson says that Stacy Peterson had changed after her sister’s death from cancer last year.

“Ever since then, Stacy has been different,” “There’s been mood issues. She’s been under the care of a psychiatrist.”

He talked to media about Stacy’s disappearance and has said that

“I find that very unusual,” “She’s a very good mom. For the last year or so, she’s been very short-tempered, snapping on everyone, but still a good mom.”

“I believe she’s with someone else, but I believe she’s safe.”

“She’s just missing,”

Last Sunday morning Stacy Peterson had plans to help a relative paint. But relatives say she never arrived. Peterson says she did leave their home then he received a call from her about 9 pm on Sunday and didn’t know where she was calling from. He has said he doesn’t believe there is any foul play and that she left home voluntarily. He has also reportedly said she took extra clothing with her. The Peterson’s had been married for 4 years and Peterson has said that he thought their marriage was good, but admitted that she may not have thought so. According to one report Peterson has told police that he found the car that Stacy was driving at a local airport. The camera at the airport is a web cam and does not record. And the airport has no tower and does not keep records of any flights.

After trying to reach her all day on Sunday when she didn’t show up to paint, relatives reported her missing about 4 am on Monday. They are concerned and say they do not believe that she would leave her children.

Police say that they have not found any evidence of foul play, and that Peterson has been cooperative in the investigation of his wife’s disappearance. However they are searching for some indication of what happened to Stacy Peterson and a search warrant has been executed on the home that Drew Peterson and Stacy Peterson shared as well as two vehicles. The latest reports indicate that some items were taken into evidence. Cadaver dogs were also used at the residence and a pond was searched. They have not called Peterson a suspect of any crime. The DA has announced that he is pulling the files on the death of Kathleen Savio in order to review it with fresh eyes. The current DA was not in office at the time of Kathleen Savio’s death.

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suntimes.com                   suntimes.com       suntimes.com               suburbanchicagonews.com

According to family Stacy Peterson was in fear for her life before she disappeared. They also say that she had asked Drew Peterson for a divorce. The Peterson’s were in marriage counseling. According to Stacy’s family Peterson

“was a very jealous, very controlling person,” “He followed her. He tracked her with GPS on her cell phone, called her constantly.”

And the family says that Stacy kept a diary in which she documented their arguements. Family is offering a reward for information leading to Stacy’s wherebouts.

Media indicates that Drew Peterson is licensed to fly planes, but the airport manager says that there are no records to indicate that he had used that airport.

chicagotribune.com              suntimes.com


According to the sister, Stacy Peterson had made plans with a friend of the sister to paint a house, and the sister wasn’t aware of it but they planned for her to help paint also. On Sun. about 10:15 am the friend spoke with Stacy and they put off the painting until the sister woke up.

Stacy’s sister went visiting and wasn’t aware of the plans. She was expecting a call from Stacy and when Stacy didn’t call her she tried to Stacy at about 1:30 pm. No answer on her cell phone so the sister called the Peterson home and spoke with one of the older children. The child said that Stacy had gone to visit their Grandpa, but according to the sister she never arrived there.

Later that night, the sister went to the home and knocked on the door. The older child answered the door and the two talked for a bit. He told her that he was home alone with the younger children. And he told her that his parents had argued earlier in the day. At about 11 pm the sister called Drew Peterson and Peterson told her that her sister left him and he had been out looking for her all day.

On the Record with Greta Van Susteren (video)

Stacy Ann Peterson website


Drew Peterson has denied that his marriage to Stacy Peterson is abusive. The family of Kathleen Savio has described some of the abuse she suffered with Peterson. And Stacy Peterson’s family has talked about Peterson’s controlling ways. Stacy Peterson exchanged some emails recently with a friend who had once dated her sister. And in those emails, Stacy Peterson herself described her marriage. The email was dated Oct. 17:

“i have been arguing quite a bit w/my husband,”

“as i mature with age i am finding that the relationship i am in is controlling, manipulative and some what abusive,”  “. . . tomorrow is our 4 year anniversary and I am not as excited as the years that have past.

“. . . if you could keep me in your prayers i could use some wisdom, protection, and strength.”

Family is still conducting searches, but so far have found no sign of Stacy Peterson.

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This article discusses the missing persons in Chicago, and names some of them and their fates. Nailah Franklin, Alma Mendez, and Lisa Stebic have been missing, some of the have been found dead. But no one has yet to be charged in their murders or disappearances.

The article also discusses that though some may be stranger involved:

More often than not, however, it turns out the missing woman was killed by someone with whom she had a personal relationship.


How do police find the missing?


Reward has increased to $25,000. Texas Equasearch is going to join the search. Craig Stebic, another husband with a missing wife has publicly sent his support to Drew Peterson. One article has a breakdown of the events immediately preceding and imediately after the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, by the sister. More info about the marriage and death of Kathleen Savio.

cbs2chicago.com          wbbm780.com         chicagotribune.com      cbsnews.com

Family photo gallery including more pictures of Stacy, her husband, her children and two of her sisters.



An interview with Drew Peterson written for the Chicago Tribune has been posted at officer.com


I have just spoken with someone who has been at the scene in Chicago. The family has been passing out flyers and people have been helping by printing them on their computers. Tim from Equasearch is now entering the search and has made a new layout for the flyers. Family is in need of help in getting the new flyers with the correct infomation printed. The layout can be obtained at Kinko’s and the flyers can be dropped off at:

Westbrook Christian Church

1175 Lilly Cashe Lane

Bollingbrook, IL

Tim from Equasearch will be searching tomorrow. Volunteers for the searchs and admin purposes are needed. If you live in the area and can help it will be greatly appreciated! Volunteers will also be meeting at the church.

They say that sometimes just a little bit of information can solve a crime. If you have a little bit of information, please make contact with the police department or Tim from Equasearch. And remember there is a reward for information that leads to the location of Stacy Ann Peterson. I believe the reward is up to $25,ooo now.


Yesterday about 40 people took the time out of their lives to help a family look for Stacy Peterson. And I hear the family are very appreciative of those who did. But more are needed. The more volunteers, the bigger the area they can cover and the more throughly they can cover it. So if you live in Chicago, please. Take the time. Show up at the church and say I want to help. They need volunteers for admin as well as for searching. They need food and water for the volunteers. And they need boats, horses and ATVs. Please help.


Website for Kathleen ‘Kitty’ Savio 

There are questions about a fund raising request located on the above site.