He stopped by the Day Care.

Richard Reynolds, 40, and his wife Rhonda Reynolds, 37, were married with 2 children and Rhonday Reynolds had another child from a previous relationship.

Neighbors have said that in the summer when windows were open, they did hear the couple arguing.

One neighbor has said that on Christmas Eve police came to the home, removed guns from the home, brought Reynolds out of the home in handcuffs and took him away. However, media says they have checked the police log and there is no record of an arrest on that log.   

At some point Rhonda Reynolds did get a protection order and did move out of the home.

On Friday, Rhonda Reynolds oldest child went to school as usual. A neighbor at her new home has said that he saw a man leaving the home with a crying child under each arm.

According to police sometime after the oldest child left for school Reynolds shot his wife. After he left the home he took the two youngest children to their daycare. He then turned himself into police.

When police arrived at the home, they found Rhonda Reynolds injured but still alive. She was transferred to the hospital where she was admitted in critical condition. However, she did not make it. She passed away early on Saturday morning.

Richard Reynolds was initially arrests on charges of aggravated attempted murder.

At last report the children were in the temporary custody of children’s services.

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There are hints that the younger children may have seen what happened. Whether they did or not, the gunshot would have frightened them. Then if they saw their mother bleeding and helpless would have frightened them more.

Then with his wife injured and bleeding, he did not call for an ambulance. Instead he takes the children and leaves the home. He stops off at the daycare. Then he finally goes to the police station.

I would be interested in more information about what the neighbors say happened on Christmas Eve. If they put him in handcuffs, it makes it sound as though an arrest was made, but media has said there was no report of an arrest in the police log. But removing guns from the home makes it sound as though that may have been the day the protective order was served. Hopefully more info will come out about that.


Rhonda Wakefield-Reynolds had filed for a temporary restraining order against Richard Reynolds on Jan. 2. Reynolds filed for a temporary restraining order against Wakefield-Reynolds the same day.

The day of the shooting Reynolds left a note for his two sons which allegedly told them he was doing it for their protection. In the restraining order against Wakefield-Reynolds, allegedly Reynolds made complaints that someone was touching the two boys inappropriately, and that Wakefield-Reynolds was on drugs. Allegedly a blood test taken by her revealed no drugs.

Reynolds’ ex-wife says that she had a restraining order on Reynolds for 8 years and that he went jail for assaulting her.

Allegedly Reynolds has confessed. He did not enter a plea at the recent hearing.

The two children had been in foster care for a period and at a custody hearing on Jan. 11 they were returned to her, after the results of the drug test. Maine officials are refusing to comment on reports that the judge in that hearing required Rhonda Reynolds to tell Reynolds in court where she was going to be living with the two children despite the restraining order.

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