No Longer a Normal Day

Thursday was just another week day like any other week day. Families got up and prepared to begin their day just like all the other weekdays that came before. Parents to work and kids to the 5th grade. Just routine. Maybe the kids liked school, maybe they didn’t. Maybe they liked their teacher, or maybe they didn’t. Just routine for 5th grade kids. They had no way of knowing that today would be no where near normal or routine.

Traditionally teachers don’t discuss any problems with their private life with their students, so the kids may or may not have known the teacher Christi Layne, 53, had separated from her husband. She filed for divorce on Jan. 25. Police had reportedly been involved in a domestic dispute around that time. Most likely they weren’t aware that she had also obtained a restraining order on Jan. 15. In the restraining order that was requested on Jan. 15 Christi Layne stated that her husband Michael Layne had threatened her and her son and that:

“He said I better enjoy myself because it will be soon,” she wrote in a restraining order request. “I am afraid that he will hurt me or my son when he is mad.”

Reports now indicate that at some point Christi Layne moved out of the home she shared with her husband and had a security system installed in the home she moved to.

Most likely neither the kids nor their teacher were aware of a stabbing that happened not far from the school about 9:12 am. Stephanie Loop, 22, was reportedly outside her home when a man came out of nowhere and began stabbing her. Her cousin was also there and indicates that the man was Michael Layne.

Not long after school began and shortly after the knife attack on Stephanie Loop word got out that there was a shooting at the school. Police were notified at 9:16 am. They report they were at the scene by 9:18 am. Parents began to gather near the school. Unable to get into the school because it was in lockdown for the children’s safety and it was a crime scene. The parents unable to get to the children and not knowing exactly what happened or whether their children were safe. Cell phones ringing and rumors flying. Most likely each parent was eager for any bit of news, but how do you know which rumor was true? Were the kids ok, what had they seen or heard, were they safe, had any of the kids been hurt, how are the kids, what is happening, are the kids ok?

Finally after what must have seemed like an eternity, the kids were escorted out of the school. Some were probably crying, some were probably in shock. But all were physically ok. Some had seen a man enter the school and approach the teacher. Some fled the room others headed for a nearby closet. They heard a gunshot. Some saw their teacher lying on the floor bleeding as they were escorted from the room by police officers.

Michael Layne was found at his home. During the three hour standoff at his home, several shots were heard. Layne fired several, police did shoot out a security system camera at the home. When attempts to make contact with Layne failed police did enter the home and found Michael Layne dead from what is believed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Much of this is still being investigated today, a lot of what was happening or why is still not known. Early media reports said that Stephanie Loop who was stabbed near her home was possibly the mother or sister to Christi Layne. Today’s reports say that Michael Layne considered Stephanie Loop his girlfriend. At least one report indicates that Stephanie Loop had been at Michael Layne’s home the night before and requested someone to come and get her. Stephanie Loop was taken to a hospital and her condition is is reported as critical but stable. Her exact relationship to Michael Layne is not known, but police have said she was not related to Christi Layne. It is unknown what the motivation for her stabbing was. There were witnesses to her stabbing.

Christi Layne was taken to the hospital and remains in critical condition. Early reports indicated that she had been shot. Some children reported hearing a shot. Today’s reports indicate that she had been stabbed and maybe shot.

I began watching media reports on this one soon after it had occurred. And what stuck in my mind was those parents standing in the cold not knowing. I know I am a parent that will not be satisfied that my child is ok until I actually set eyes on them. But for the child’s own safety the children couldn’t be brought out until police were satisfied there was no further danger to them. Standing and waiting, not sure…. it had to have been terribly difficult.

Much of the information about what happened is still unknown. If you follow media reports about a crime you will find that sometimes the information will change and evolve. Police usually can not and will not give out the results of their investigation until they are satisfied they have all the information they can get and can reasonably prove what they know. Media gets their info in pieces from what they see, what little they can get from police and from witnesses, relatives, neighbors and friends that they can get to talk to them. They will also check background records such as court records. So often media reports will seem to change and evolve as more info becomes known.

Trench has also blogged this at the Chronicles and you can find those posts here, here and here.

I will be blogging another case today that sharply contrasts with this case so stay tuned or check back later.


Reports indicate that Stephanie Loop has been released from the hospital.


How can it all go so wrong?

Arthur Jackson, 32, and Lisa Ford Jackson married in 2003. Lisa Jackson was the mother to 2 children from a previous relationship and neighbors indicate they seemed made a happy family. Three years ago the couple had a daughter together. Neighbors have indicated the two seemed to be good parents, they played with their children and seemed to get along well. According to at least one neighbor Jackson treated the older children as if they were his own and

“He was a very good dad to them. He played with them, bought them a basketball goal and hung it in the driveway. They played all the time.”

But a few months ago, things seemed to change. At least one neighbor indicates the family may have been struggling financially. About a month ago Arthur Jackson moved out of the home. That is when they began coming to police attention. Some neighbors have indicated that they did see Jackson at the home at times, and they thought the relationship was at least civil. But police have indicated that in Sept. they received a call from Arthur Jackson. He said that he believed the kids were at the home by themselves. Police responded to the home, but evidently found no problems and no report was written. About a week ago they received a call from Lisa Jackson. She indicated to police that her estranged husband was at her door and would not leave. Police responded, but when they arrived Jackson was gone. They reportedly talked with Lisa Jackson about filing a restraining order, but it is unknown if she had followed through.

On Fri. Arthur Jackson brought his daughter to a church daycare where one of his relatives worked. The child appeared bloody, but was uninjured. Jackson indicated that he had killed some people, and intended to kill more and left. Police were notified via a 911 call and the relative gave police names of relatives which police began checking for indications that Jackson might be there.

Jackson was located in his vehicle near one relatives home and a police standoff began.

A check at Lisa Jackson’s home revealed she had been shot and killed. Her two children from a previous relationship were also found in the home. They were aged 10 and 13, they had also been shot and killed.

At the standoff many things were happening. A nearby school was put on lockdown and children were unable to leave for a period of time. Eventually they were released to parents through a back door, according to some reports it was a process that lasted until about 7 pm when the last child was evacuated. Neighbors were also evacuated from their homes. Police had blocked Jackson with a vehicle and negotiators were talking with him by loudspeaker and cellphone for several hours.

Police indicated that Jackson did talk with negotiators. They said he was agitated at times and did put his gun to head some. But they also said he did talk about surrendering at times. After about 7 hours of negotiation Jackson rammed the police vehicle that was blocking his vehicle, he drove through a yard and escaped. A police chase ensued for about 10 miles. The chase ended when Jackson’s vehicle drove into a lake. When police pulled the vehicle from the lake, they found that Jackson had an gunshot wound to his head.

Some reports indicate that the 3 year old daughter has been placed in temporary foster care.     

How can it all go so wrong? I don’t know. All I know is that it can.

Many of the articles talk about what a nice guy Arthur Jackson was. And what a nice woman Lisa Jackson was. What nice kids they were. And what a happy couple and nice family they were.

But sometimes things don’t work out. And the why is really not as important as how it is handled when it doesn’t work out. It is important to recognize when a problem is developing and quickly respond to that. If there are threats made, if there are any stalking behaviors, any previous violence and especially if a police officer, social worker or domestic violence professional indicates that you might want to take out a protection order, take it seriously. No matter how nice a guy or woman they might be and no matter how good the relationship used to be.

Of course once you get to that step, you should also take measures to protect yourself and your family. Seek a shelter, move to a different address, stay with friends or relatives that they don’t know or don’t know their address.

He Couldn’t Take It

On Sunday Sharon Carter, 31, and her boyfriend Stephen Mark Picart attended the Sunday services at the church where her father was the pastor. After the services they drove away in her SUV, with her two children from a previous relationship in the back seat. Sharon Carter was reportedly driving.

Police believe that an argument developed while they were driving. And they believe that Picart pointed a gun at her head and fired. With no driver, the SUV out of control hit two parked vehicles before coming to a stop.  Police say Picart then fled the scene of the crime. Sharon Carter died at the scene.  

Sharon Carter’s sons are aged 4 yrs. and 14 yrs. First they saw their mother shot- then they were in the accident that came as a result of the shooting. The two children were physically unharmed and were placed into protective custody. Relatives saw the children at the police station and an uncle has told media the 4 yr. old had been crying and was showing how his mother was shot. The uncle said the 14 yr old boy wasn’t talking much. But he did tell his uncle 

‘Uncle, I cannot help that nightmare from playing back in my mind.’ ”

There was also another child involved in the crime- Sharon Carter was pregnant and relatives say it was Picart’s child.

Picard turned himself in to police on Monday and he has been charged with two counts of murder. One count for Sharon Carter and one count for the child she was carrying.

Relatives have told media that Sharon Carter was planning to leave Picard. Ms. Carter’s father told the media

“She was just through with him, I guess, and he couldn’t take it”     

When I writing this I kept thinking, what right did he have to do this? What made him think he had the right to take the life of the woman who was carrying his child? What right did he have to take away a mother of children, a daughter, a sister, a human being. To leave two children with those kind of memories of their mother? To endanger those two children that way?

He must have accepted that the relationship was over. And like a child who is tired of or frustrated with a toy, he chose to destroy her rather than to let her go. And in the process he caused pain not only to her, but to everyone connected to her. He may have thought he couldn’t stand the ending of the relationship, but what he will be going through now will be mucfh harder. He may not have realized it, but will soon learn that he not only caused pain to her and her family- he also caused pain to his own family. After he fled the scene, his location was not known for about a day. I read one report that said his family helped to talk him into turning himself in. That had to have been difficult and painful for them. And their pain like the family of Ms. Carter’s pain has just begun and will be with them a long time. If he is convicted of these murders, they will eventually adjust. But the loss of a mother or a child is something you never really get over.

A Tale of Two Families

Julian (34) and Rosetta Walker were the parents of two children ages 3 years and 18 months. And their marriage was ending, they had filed for divorce. Rosetta Walker, who had quit school 20 years ago when her oldest son was born had recently completed her diploma and was due to pick it up on Tues. Julian was reportedly was in a new relationship. But according to reports there were problems in that relationship also and it was ending or had ended. According to the reports, the recent girlfriend’s family had some problems with the relationship of their 19 year old daughter and a 34 year old man due to the age difference.

Monday about 4:30 am the new girlfriend’s stepfather Terrence Lott was shot and killed. Police have named Julian Walker as a suspect in that murder.

About an hour later and several miles away, Rosetta Walker was at home with three of her four children. The youngest two children were ages 3 years and another 18 months. And police say they were witnesses to the shooting murder of their mother. Relatives say the three year old has told some relatives

“Daddy killed Mommy.”

Julian Walker hasn’t been seen since 5:26 that morning. Both victims families are asking that he turn himself in. According to reports, even his father is asking him to turn himself in. Walker was last seen in a GMC Sierra pickup, tan in color. The vehicle has Georgia plates with the license number ADG-7118. He is considered to be armed and dangerous. at Link)

 I have seen little said about Terrence Lott at this time. With the loss of their loved one, that is not so suprising as some families need to be private at that time. I can understand a family being concerned about a young daughter who had not been an adult very long, beginning a relationship with an ex-con who is still married to another and much older than she. And I cannot help but think of the teen. She meets a man at work and begins a relationship. She has no way of knowing how this is going to end. Yet now that she knows, her memories of her stepfather will be forever tainted with the knowlege that she was the connection between her stepfather and his murderer. Not her fault- but will she ever believe that?

And the family. I cannot help but think of those young children. 18 months and a 3 year old. In the wee hours of a silent morning, the sound of a shotgun blast inside. Enough to frighten an adult, even more frightening to a child who doesn’t understand. The last sight of their mother with the results of that shotgun blast, they would not understand the magnitude of what happened but still would sense there was reason to fear. They had a mother- a mother who loved and cared for them. Now they not only do not have a mother, for all practical purposes they have no father available to them. At their age the memory of the way their mother died may fade. But along with that memory of their mother’s death, they will also lose the memory of their mother’s smile or how she looked when she kissed them goodnight. Mrs. Walker had older children from a previous relationship that she also loved and cared for. They won’t be able to forget. They will remember every time they have a success or failure in life, because almost all of us will pick up the phone to call Mom when those happen.

Julian Walker is still on the loose. Keep an eye out will ya?


Thanks to Peach we have an update.

Police tracked Julian Walker to Illinois. When they approached him, Walker shot at an officer with the shotgun but hit his patrol car. Walker then fled on foot into a wooded area. Officers heard a shot and saw a puff of smoke. Later they found him dead from a gunshot wound.     

The Family

Tameka Rodriguez, 35,  and her boyfriend Mark Q. “Mustafa” Galloway, 39,  had reportedly had problems in Philadelphia. When they split up, Tameka Rodriguez moved to a different city to stay with her mother.

Police say

“He arrived in Lancaster (Saturday),” “She wasn’t hiding from him. They were interacting, but things went bad at some point.”

Galloway has a history of criminal charges against him that seems familiar to me. Such charges are often seen in domestic violence situations (though I don’t know if that is what the situation was.) Charges of

assault, terroristic threats, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment and carrying a gun without a license, stretching back to 1986.

There is no indication of who the victim or victims were in those charges.

Saturday night, Galloway went to Rodriguez’s home and the two went out to dinner. A cab driver who picked the pair up on Sunday morning says that Rodriguez was sobbing when he picked them up. He dropped them off at her mother’s home and says that as he was driving away, he heard yelling.

Two hours later shots were fired. Police say they found two people down outside the home. Three more were found nearby.

Police say Tameka Rodriguez was struck multiple times. So was her mother Betty Hogue, 54. Police say that her daughter Juanita Rodriguez-Rose, 19, was holding her 2 year old son when she was hit. The same bullet that struck the mother also hit the child in the leg. Neighbors have said she was also pregnant. The daughter’s boyfriend Luis Martinez-Lopez, 29, was also hit with a gunshot. Police have said it was unclear how many shots were fired as some shots hit more than one person.

According to the police chief

“When you shoot somebody more than once, obviously you mean business,” Lancaster city police Chief Sam Gatchell said Sunday night. “And this guy wasn’t aiming at their legs.”

Tameka Rodriguez and her mother Betty Hogue are reported to be in critical condition. Juanita Rodriguez-Rose and her boyfriend Luis Martinez-Lopez and the child are reported in stable condition.

Mark Galloway fled the scene. Police say one of the first calls they received was from Mark Galloway himself. He later turned himself in to police about 7 am. He was charged with 4 counts of attempted homicide, 5 counts of aggravated assault and weapons charges. Police say he admitted to the shootings and he did ask how Tamika was doing.

There is nothing definite about any abuse history in this relationship. But in others where there is a history, often that first call will come. There will often be a sort of pathetic tone in the voice, an apology that seems sincere. Often promises are made- they will change, it will never happen again. There may even be a promise that they will get help.

Then the excuses. Blaming the fact they were drunk, tired, upset about another situation- or worse that you made them angry. Asking, sometimes even begging. They may talk about how badly they are doing without you.

It is hard to say no. They are someone you love, they seem to be hurting- just as badly as you hurt. They seem sincere.

So you might decide to try. Maybe just to see them sometimes, maybe only phone calls- for a while. There will be added pressure to continue the relationship. They will be extra sweet. You may even feel a bit powerful, as if you have the power in the relationship. So if you go back, you have the control through threats to leave again.

Any power you feel is an illusion. Put yourself in the place of the aggressor. You hit someone. Yes, you may have to say some words to get them back. But you know that if they hit you, you would never take them back. So if you return, they feel powerful. They hit, you returned.

And they learned. They learned that if the words were right, you would forgive. They will find a way to shift the blame, at least in their minds- to the fact that the whole problem was yours. After all, you came back.

Some will decide to return anyway. But if you decide to return at least consider one thing. While you have that power and before you return you have the best chance. Insist they enroll in an abuse treatment program, complete it and practice it before you begin seeing them again. After the program, ask to see their completion certificate. Then give it some time before you return so you can see if they are really using the techniques they learn. If they are sincere in wanting to reconcile, if they really care about you- they will do it.

But you also have to be aware that any treatment program will only be as successful as the participants willingness to participate and practice it. And no treatment program is perfect. There are no guarantees.

The Engagement

Holves Labissiere, 25, had reportedly stalked his ex-girlfriend in the past. And she did file charges on him, he was convicted, and he did serve several months for the crime. She also applied for and was granted a restraining order that was effective until the year 2025.

He was released recently. And he was evidently not happy. And apparently he blamed the girlfriend for his incarceration.

Allegedly he broke into the girlfriend’s apartment and abducted her. He allegedly took her to an unused apartment with boarded up windows. He allegedly shackled and handcuffed her and held her for two days in the apartment.

He reportedly told her that he wanted her to know what it felt like to be locked up. And he told her he loved her. And that if she loved him, she would marry him.

According to the report she was in fear of her life, and the lives of her family. She agreed to marry him.

After she agreed to marry him, he took her to the courthouse and tried to get a marriage license. Due to the waiting period they were unable to obtain the license and were given an application instead.

Two days after her abduction her unsuspecting mother sent her a text message. But all she got in return was a simple text saying “I’m okay.” That message to the mother is what led to her daughter’s recovery. Police did find the shackles and handcuffs in the apartment.

Holves Labissiere has been charged with rape, kidnapping, burglary and other charges.

Normally I try to find several articles on a crime in order to ensure a more balanced view of the DV crime. But despite several searches I only found one article.

This is the part that always confuses me about DV. He apparently wanted her to ‘pay’ for having him locked up. Yet he was bound to marry her, even if it was under duress.

There seems to be no understanding that though you can force a person to take certain actions, you cannot force the person to love.

You can force a person to stay in a relationship- through force and intimidation- but if they do not remain in the relationship voluntarily then they can never be trusted to remain in the relationship or to be happy in the relationship. And if one person in the relationship is not happy, then most likely no one in the relationship will be happy.

If anyone finds more information about this crime I would be happy to add it.

The Question is Why?

Gerardo Roque and his girlfriend lived and worked together on a horse farm. Together they had two children. First came their little daughter Maria Socorro Danforth, 2, then their little son Carlos Diego Danforth, 1.

At some point Roque began working elsewhere and recently the relationship came to an end with the girlfriend reportedly asking him to move out. Arrangements were made for him to see their children, but it is said that Roque was distraught over the ending of the relationship.

April 3 rd Roque picked the children up from their daycare about 2:30 pm as the couple had arranged. About 3 pm he called his ex-girlfriend and told her that she had better meet him, that he was intending to hurt their children. He told her he was on the farm and told her where.

She was their mother and she left to find them. Police say when she arrived where she was to meet them she saw Roque’s truck parked along the road and followed a little path into the woods.

Police say she found litte Carlos and Maria there. They were hanging from a tree alongside their father. She called police at 3:11 pm.  They responded to the area she directed them to, and said they found the site in the  woods by following her screams.

Both police and rescue personnel attempted CPR but were unable to resuscitate the children.


I don’t know why. According to family he did not have a history of mental health problems. He was a happy go lucky Dad. Reportedly he was distraught over the breakup, and wanted to remain close to his children.

Instead he caused those very children pain in the process of taking their lives. He caused pain to their siblings in the loss of their brother and sister. He caused pain to his own family, not only for the taking of his own life- but also for what he did to the children, the children were their relatives also. He caused pain to the children’s other relatives. He caused pain to the community who now have to deal with the memory of what was done to their friends and neighbors. And most of all he caused pain to their mother- the person he was reportedly distraught over.

Many times there is an underlying mental health problem, sometimes there are financial problems or other problems which may play into it, sometimes there is even a confused altrustic reasoning of not abandoning the children. But many times it is a desire to hurt the one who hurt them by leaving or separating.

You see it sometimes in custody cases. The children become the means to an end- and a means to hurt the other. The children who carry their names, who they have always loved, who may look like them or act like them suddenly just become not their children but instead a means to hurt the one they love.

What was the reason for the death of these children? I have no idea. The only person who could answer that question died with them.

Their deaths leave a hole in the fabric of the lives of their Mother, their siblings, their families, their neighbors and their community as well as to society. They will never grow up so that we can find out what good things they have accomplished.

A big thank you to Desiree for the lead on this one. I apologize for the delay in posting it.


A Mother’s Words

It’s a familiar story

A girl meets a guy and a relationship developed in the winter of 2000. They lived together off and on during that period. Most likely there was the usual give and take, but by the summer of 2004 the relationship was ending.

Instead of moving out and moving on, the two continued to live together. By 2005, there was the first known violent episode- shoving and closing a door on an ankle.

Over the course of the relationship, as usual the couple learn more about each other. She learned that he was living in the US illegally, and that he may have fled the United Kingdom to evade some type of trouble there. She learned that he could be charming, but wasn’t always truthful. And that he did have some involvement with drugs, a problem with alcohol and possibly theft. And she learned that he also used the names “Robert Richardson” and “Nathan Rowan” sometimes. And most likely she learned that some people liked him, but that some people didn’t like or trust him. Things that if learned at the beginning, may have stopped any relationship. But learned one tidbit at a time after the relationship had already begun- that lessens the impact.

The two continue to share a residence off and on, the next known incident was in Jan. 2007. According to the girl she comes home one day and he is drunk. An argument allegedly developed and items were thrown at her, she was tackled to the ground and punched.  She did not call police.

She did move out of the residence and she allegedly did try to tell him the relationship was over and she did not want to see him again.

Then the phone calls began. The guy leaves messages about how he cannot live without her and threatening to harm himself. But she didn’t call him back.

Then the calls turn more sinister, with the threats aimed  toward the girl and toward her sister and her sister’s pets. At that point two sisters take it court. They asked for and were granted temporary protection orders on March 6.

At first she did not want to file charges against him, but she soon changed her mind and decided to pursue criminal charges. By this time her sister was also receiving phone calls, threats and the phone calls and threats to the girl continue.

However nothing could be done on the protection order, because police had been unable to locate the guy to serve the protection order on him.

The girl took what actions she could to protect herself. She moved out.  She worked at home part of the time. She emailed her coworkers and advised them of the situation and asked them to keep an eye out for the boyfriend, stressing that he was not a danger to them- but he was a danger to her. She even made copies of the protection order and asked her coworkers to serve him with the order if he showed up at work.

Her name was Rebecca Griego. She was 26 years old.  And eventually she did have to return to work. And she was at work on April 2, 2007 when her ex-boyfriend Jonathan Rowan showed up.

First he shot her, then he shot himself.

Timeline of victim and attacker                                  
British loner kills ex-girlfriend at US university            UW victim did want to press charges against ex-boyfriend                                                                         
UW killer was a man of many tales, friends say          Man who killed UW woman had aliases, passports
Killer eluded police with fake names 

Of course there is much more to the story than what I have written here. Information about Rebecca Griego, the kind of person she was and her accomplishments. And there is more information on  the man who was known as Jonathan Rown, what was known about him and what wasn’t known. But reduced to the domestic violence issues, it is a familiar story. A reality that many people still live in.                        

Many think that domestic violence is a daily pattern of behavior. It can be, but doesn’t have to be. Sometimes it happens, then days weeks months or even years go by. Then it happens again. Often it seems minor- throwing something, a push and shove, a slap- no permanent damage, it may take time but will often be dismissed. There is usually a reason- they were upset about something else, they were tired, they were under the influence….. they were angry.  That explains it, right???

An apology and some charm, time goes by and nothing more happens- you guess it wasn’t so bad. Then it happens again. Soon it happens more frequently and the episodes get worse. But by then you are in the ‘habit’. You love, you excuse, you even lie about it. It is just something peculiar to them. They are nice people. It’s not so bad……really. Most of the time they are good to you. But it keeps getting worse.        

The farther you go- the harder it will be to get away. The farther you go, the more they learn about how to reel you back in. And it reinforces the fact that if they try hard enough, they can most likely get you back. And the more frustrated they are if it doesn’t work.

I was going to write about workplace safety and domestic violence, but this time- Seattle gets it. There are more articles out there on this case than I have ever seen about domestic violence. They are good articles, with a lot of info and tips on domestic violence, stalking, and workplace safety. So instead of writing it up, I am going to give the articles and just say that if you see anything in this situation that reminds you of your own situation or of the situation of someone you know, that I do recommend that you check them out.          

A piece of paper alone can’t stop abuse
How Do You Stop a Stalker From Killing You?
           Check background of potential partner                        Many get away from abusive partners, say experts     Protection order can’t stop person hellbent on doing harm                                                                                  No guarantee of safety from stalker                            Advocates for domestic violence victims: Stand up to battery          

I believe there are things a person can do to increase their own safety in stalking and/domestic violence situations. First- recognition of the stalking behavior. Second- honestly acknowledging the risk and dangers it poses. Third- becoming proactive in your own safety- reach out for help- with law enforcement, domestic violence agencies, family and friends. Fourth- recognize that at times you will have to become your own advocate…. press charges, attend court hearings, obtain evidence wherever possible, relate what you know in a calm and accurate manner.  And there may be times when you will have to insist on recognition of the danger you are facing. Last and probably most important- you have to remember that although the actions you are taking may get the perpetrator in ‘trouble’, it is actually their own actions that are causing their problems. You are only responding to their actions.  When your life is at risk, you can no longer provide them with excuses.                                                                            

And then these articles are more to do with how we as a society can work to promote safety. For instance, do you know what your company’s policy is on domestic violence and the relationship to work? Does it promote the victims safety as well as the other employees? How do you handle it when you learn that someone you know has been accused of domestic violence? Or has been a victim of domestic violence?

CNN shooting highlights safety in public workplaces   Domestic violence can be reduced                             Advocates for domestic violence victims: Stand up to battery          

This one was sent to me by an anonymous person and I want to thank them for thinking of how it relates this blog and for the kind words they had to say. Not only the domestic violence case, but the articles that have followed it provide valuable information about the issues. I apologize for the delay in posting it due to my physical limitations, but I also want them to know that without their assistance I probably would have missed it.