Carnival of the True Crime Blogs LXXXI

This week I have the distinct honor to host the 81 st Carnival of the True Crime Blogs.

First up we have True Crime Blog UK. TCB UK is featuring Haunting the Highlands: The Murder of Alistair Wilson. The story of a man home with his family, then a knock at the door. The knock changes the lives of the family forever. Truly a haunting mystery- but for the family and friends it is more than a mystery.

Next we have Trench reporting from MyCrimeSpace. This week he is featuring Another VF stalker. On MyCrimeSpace Trench blogs about crimes involving social network sites. This week’s entry is about  a man who met children online, groomed them, and convinced them to meet with him at his home. It sounds like a MySpace story doesn’t it? But there are other social networking sites other than MySpace. The site that was used to meet the children was Vampire Freaks.

Then we have Lost in Lima Ohio. LiLO is featuring “kissing, touching each other while naked and exposing private parts” . All I can really say about this one is how would you treat your 13 year old daughter’s boyfriend?

Children are out of school for the summer and at times it can be hard to keep track of them. When a Child Goes Missing has a post about what you should check first when you notice that one of the children cannot be accounted for. Check out Summer Hiding Places.

Teachers Behaving Badly covers something everyone has contact with at some point. Teachers. You had them when you went to school and if you have kids, you entrust your children to them. But I don’t remember teachers like these. Check out the post School Spirit.

At In Cold Blog they have a post up that discusses mob mentality and makes a comparison of a 1993 rape and murder of two teen girls, with the “honor” murder of a young woman by another mob. Check out Nothing Honorable: The Stoning Death of Du’a Khalil

That’s it for this week edition of the carnival. I hope you enjoy it. And remember to commit a random act of kindness each and every day.


No Other Choice

Robert and Kimberly Wolfe reportedly filed for divorce in July 2006. And according to police, the year since has been contentious. Kimberly Wolfe, 33, filed for three protection orders (July and Dec. 2006), one of which was dismissed. Robert Wolfe reportedly filed for protection orders against Kimberly Wolfe in July 2006 and April of 2007. Reportedly both of those were dismissed. According to at least one article, there were also two misdemeanor domestic violence charges against Wolfe (at least one of which may have been for breaking the protection order.) The divorce became final May 16.

Last Friday Kimberly Wolfe was at home with her boyfriend and her teen daughter. After the household had gone to bed, Kimberly Wolfe and the boyfriend Timothy Sizemore were allegedly awakened with a bat around 1-1:30 am.

According to reports, they were hit repeatedly. Kimberly Wolfe was able to get to her gun and fired a shot. But the bat continued to hit. So she fired another shot. When the bat strikes continued, she shot for the third time- this time the intruder dropped.

Police say it appears that Robert Wolfe entered the home through a broken window. In the home they found a bag of knives. Police theorize that Wolfe may have planned to torture his wife before killing her. Two of Kimberly Wolfe’s shots had apparently missed and struck a bedroom wall.

Robert Sizemore reportedly suffered a broken elbow and hand. He also appeared to have been struck on the face and ribs. Kimberly Wolfe is reported to have bruising but no broken bones. Police believe that Robert Sizemore may have received more injuries because he may have been on the side of the bed closest to the door. Robert Wolfe was reported to have no pulse at the scene.

Police have investigated the scene. They report their findings as the home appeared to have been broken into, and the assault. They have said it had the appearance of self-defense. The police will present the case to the district attorney and the DA will make the final decision as to whether to file charges. Kimberly Wolfe has not been charged with any crime.

The police chief has said

“I don’t know if it was the right thing,” Edwards said. “It’s probably why she’s still alive. I don’t think she had any other options.”

“No other options.” Basically that can be the difference between a finding of self-defense and murder. If there is an option of leaving the presence of the abuser, then that is an option.

Recently I spoke about two women who were being released from prison after years of incarceration, after they were convicted of killing their husbands- both of whom were allegedly abusive. My plea was for people who were in abusive relationships to leave before it came to that. Someone chided me for that.

Leaving is an option. A scary, difficult option but it is an option. So if there is an opportunity to escape (for example after the abuser goes to sleep) take the option of leaving.

If there is a fear of the abuser attempting to take revenge for leaving- find a domestic violence shelter. File charges for any abuse and obtain a protection/restraining order. Then if the order is broken and contact is made, make a report and follow through on the restraining order. You may need to take other actions like finding somewhere unknown to the abuser to live. You may need or want to protect your address by keeping it a secret. Keep in contact with your local domestic violence agency. They will have other information to help you protect yourself and your family and may have some resources to help you in establishing a new life.

Carnival of the True Crime Blogs LXXX

This weeks edition of the Carnival of the True Crime Blogs can be found at The Cellar.


I am a smoker. There I said it, I have admitted to it. I have tried to quit, but never successfully. So I know how difficult it is. When I have been trying to quit, there were certain times and certain situations that would make it more difficult (pretty much impossible) for me. One of those is going to a bar.

Meg Lundeen was also a smoker. And she was quitting. But on Fri. she and her husband Randy P. Aaser had gone out to a couple of bars with some co-workers to celebrate her thirteth birthday. While there she spoke with a co-worker and said she wanted to buy cigarettes, but her husband would be mad at her.

About 2:00 am and before they arrived home Meg Lundeen called a co-worker and asked to come over. She told the co-worker that she and her husband had been arguing. But she never arrived.

A neighbor heard their door slam sometime between 2:30 and 2:45 am. Then heard moaning sounds. Out in the yard the neighbor found Meg Lundeen.

Police were called and Meg Lundeen was taken to the hospital. Doctors there say her tongue was severed near the back and her windpipe was also cut. Surgeons were able to reattach the tongue and repair the windpipe.
But they say she may or may not be able to talk or taste again. And it will take months of speech therapy. She is reported to be in critical condition.

Police say that if the neighbor hadn’t found Meg Lundeen she likely would have bled to death. It just so happened that the neighbor who found her, used to be an EMT. Police found the knife that was possibly used in the kitchen.

About 3 am Aaser called a friend. He allegedly told the friend he was in a neighbors yard. And that Meg Lundeen had pulled a knife on him during the argument. He said he managed to take the knife away from her and he cut her neck. Police have been unable to interview Meg Lundeen because she is unable to speak.

Police arrested Aaser about 3:20 am. According to police, at the police station Aaser cried and said he didn’t mean to hurt his wife over something as stupid as an argument over cigarettes.

Aaser has been charged with 2 nd degree attempted murder.

The police spokesman has said

“People need to be aware that domestic assault is an issue that affects our community. It affects every community,”

I have to say that I agree with the police spokesman.

I am not proud of being a smoker. And I am not proud that I have been unable to quit. Smoking is a dirty, distasteful addiction. I agree that it is a hazard to your health. My advice to everyone is to not start, because once you start it is extremely difficult to quit.

But as hazardous as smoking might be, it is not nearly as hazardous as a knife.

There Once Was a Family

A father and a mother with a little girl named Jasimine. Then little twin sons were born. But all was not well. An in-law says that he once saw the mother with a black eye.

“She said (Analco) was the one who punched her I told her to go to the police. She didn’t say nothing. He told her he was going to kill her”

At some point the couple split up, and the mother moved in with her sister and a male friend of her sister’s. Neighbors say it was a rental home and they did not know the residents well. Police say they had had little contact with the household.

It was a quiet night in a quiet neighborhood Saturday night. About 10:30 pm there were noises, but many neighbors thought it was firecrackers. Someone did call police.

Police got a call at 10:36 pm. Police aren’t saying much about what they found when they arrived. They have announced they found 6 bodies in the home, 3 female adults and one male adult and two babies. In a car near the home they found a two year old little girl, with a gunshot wound to her chest.  

Police haven’t announced the identity of any of the dead or wounded. But a couple of family members have talked about what they know.

Vanessa Iverson’s mother said she didn’t live at the house, but she was visiting there Saturday night. Vanessa was 19. Her mother described her as a mediator, the type of person who when there was an argument would always try to get the persons to stop arguing. She didn’t live in the home, she had just gone there to visit a friend who lived there. Her brother said he had talked with her about 9 pm and everything seemed fine.

A cousin of the father of the children says one of the persons in the house was Ambrocio Analco. He had been to the cousin’s home on Saturday and had the children with him. He left about 9 pm to take the children home. The cousin has said of Analco:

“He loves his kids, he wouldn’t do anything to hurt them,” he said. “He wasn’t drinking. He didn’t do anything. He was just there to see his kids. I’m upset, but I’m angry, too. What kind of person would do that?”

It is believed the mother of the children was Nicole McAffee, she and the children lived in the home with her sister and her sister’s friend.

The sister is believed to be one of the victims, friends have identified her as Ashley Huerta.

The twin babies, at this time it is not known for sure how old they were, but are thought to have been about 2-3 months old.

Little Jasimine was 2 years old. Police found her in the car with a gunshot wound to her chest. She was left wounded, in pain and alone. She was taken to a hospital then transferred to at least one more hospital (some reports say two hospitals) where she was admitted in critical condition. Police have announced today that her condition has been upgraded to serious.

The sister’s male friend who lived in the household was not injured. His brother named him as Gaspar Huerta (I have also seen it spelled Caspar Huerta.) He is thought to have heard the gunfire and escaped through a window of the second story of the home.

Police aren’t saying much about what they believe happened in the home. But they say it was a complex scene and they are still investigating. They are attempting to determine what happened and how the victims were connected. A district attorney has announced that it was a “domestic situation.” But neither the police or the district attorney are saying whether they believed it was a murder suicide or whether anyone was under arrest,

“nor are they seeking anyone, but nothing can be ruled out. There are still unanswered questions.”

Some family members have said the bodies were found scattered throughout the home.

One Saturday there were 5 adults, a 2 year old and two little babies gathered at one home. By night’s end there were only one adult and one little girl still alive. The little girl lost her mother, her father, and her two baby brothers. Some family lost their two daughters (the sisters.) Another family lost a son (cousin) and another family lost their young daughter/sister.

Police are being careful. They don’t want to accuse anyone of murder, if it isn’t justified. But families are out there knowing the worst thing they could imagine has happened to their family, and they don’t understand what happened.

Eventually they will get some details, some idea of what happened. But some things cannot be determined by a police investigation. One question they will never be able to answer is why, why their child/children.

One of the neighbors said something that really stood out to me:

“It’s tragic. It’s getting worse all the time,” he said. “If we want to, we can put a stop to this.”

I don’t know how, but I do know we must put a stop to this.

Additional info including what is believed to be one of the victims My Space accounts can be found at CrimeBlog.US


The 911 tapes have been released and some of the conversation has been transcribed in the media articles below. Gaspar Huerta was the one to make the 911 call and told the dispatcher that someone was in the home killing everyone and that he saw it.

The dead have been identified as

— Amborosio Analco, 23, of Delavan.

— Nicole Marie McAffee, 19, of 309 S. Second St., Delavan.

— Ashley Lynn Huerta, 21, of 309 S. Second St., Delavan. — Vanessa L. Iverson, 19, of W7772 Wisconsin Parkway, No. 21, Delavan.

— Argenis Analco and Isaiah Christian Analco, who would have been 7 months old Tuesday. They were the twin sons of Nicole McAffee and Amborosio Analco.

There are some indications from police that this may have been a murder/suicide, but still nothing conclusive.

Little Jasimine has been upgraded to good condition.

According to Huerta relatives, Analco was jealous and threatened to kill her if she cheated on him. And also according to them, he had found a letter to her from one of her old boyfriends who is now in prison.

According to reports, the murder weapon was found at the scene.                         

Corrections: The twins  Argenis Analco and Isiah Christian Analco were only 6 months old, they would have been 7 months old on Tues.

Jasimine Analco is being reported as only being 20 months.


According to the Huerta, the only living witness, Analco shot Ashley Huerta twice in the back. And that he was shooting everyone in the house, leaving Nicole McAffee for last. Allegedly after he had shot the others, Nicole McAffee had picked Jasimine up and begged him not to shoot her too. But according to media Analco reloaded and shot her too. It is unknown how she ended up outside in a car.

Nicole McAffee’s father has said he didn’t know things were so bad between Analco and his daugther. Like many, his daughter did not tell him. According to what friends have told him, Analco was stealing her mail and he found the letter from the ex-boyfriend on Sat.

Police say all of the evidence is not in, but they have confirmed they believe that Analco was the shooter.

There are different theories and pattterns for different types of family murders with multiple victims. One of those is called ‘family annihilation.’ Experts have said this fits the pattern for family annihilation.

1. Usually male

2. Depression is usually involved and a sense of ownership of the partner.

3. Social isolation

4. A desire for revenge for the one who hurt them.

5. The last act is usually suicide.

Computer Use

Joseph E. Pegan, 33, and his ex- girlfriend had reportedly broken up last fall. In March, she was accessing her computer email program and noticed that a male friend’s email address was different- it had changed by one letter.

The ex-girlfriend may have had reason to be alert for this. She alleges she had had a conversation with Pegan in which he admitted to using computer software to track some ex-girlfriend’s. She went to police.

Police say they traced the email addresses. The original email address for the male friend traced overseas where he was serving in the military. But they say the altered email address traced back to a police station- where Pegan was on duty when the account was created and several times when the account was accessed. Police say he also accessed the email from his home.

Allegedly Pegan admitted to police

accessing his ex-girlfriend’s e-mail account and even deleting or blocking some addresses, the affidavit said. He added other addresses, like the altered one, and continued corresponding with her under this assumed identity. He got the woman to install the monitoring software on her computer by sending it from the e-mail address similar to her friend’s as an attachment labeled “for our soldiers.exe,”

One of the things that Pegan was able to do was to record the ex-girlfriend’s keystrokes, allowing him to monitor her online chats as well as her email.  Allegedly Pegan used the computer software on the girlfriend’s computer from Nov. 15 to April 15.

Pegan has been charged with 2 felony counts of computer tampering and 2 misdemeanor counts of computer trespass. He has been suspended with pay since May 14.                     

Yes, tracking your computer usage can be done, even if the ex doesn’t live in your home. There is something called  key logger software that was designed for use in office settings and has been adapted for home use, often used to monitor children online. While it is great for monitoring teens, it is an invasion of privacy to use it to monitor someone else’s computer without their knowledge.  If you are having a problem with an ex, it is a good idea to check you computer over or have a technician check it out if the ex is even semi-literate in computers. Using a good anti-virus and antispyware program may also help.  And remember the computer rule- don’t click on an attachment unless you know what it is and who it is from.

Your online email accounts can also be hacked. Most people use something simple and easy to remember for passwords. If you allow it to be kept on the ‘cookies’ anyone in the household can access your email (anyone who uses your computer can at least figure out the number of characters in your password.) If your passwords are too simple, or are known by others they can access your accounts by knowing your email name and guessing until they find your password. You may want to change and strengthen your computer passwords. You can find info online about how to make a stronger, safer password. Change your passwords often.

Persons in your household with access to your computer can also use the ‘history’ function to see what websites you have been accessing. The Wings Program gives suggestions for how to clear your website history from your computer.

If you need to use your computer for something important that you do not want known at home (like accessing a DV site) it is recommended that you use a friend’s computer or a public computer that can be found at cafe’s or public libraries.

I don’t pretend to know what all can be determined by someone who accesses a computer. But I do know that clearing everything you do on the computer is almost impossible. The safest way is if you don’t want it seen, don’t put it on a computer that you think may be monitored. If you suspect that someone has accessed your computer without authorization, contact a technician to have it checked and contact police if it has been tampered with. It is illegal and in some cases is related to stalking (in my opinion it is stalking, but I’m not sure how the legal community defines it.)

For more information about computer usage and DV the has some tips on computer usage as well as other forms of communication (cell phones, home phones, etc. Did you know that a police scanner can be used to monitor some cell phones?)


The fire department was called to a home due to a fire on Monday. Inside the home they found the body of Natalina Rader, 56, and her death was ruled a homicide. Missing from the home was her husband Kenneth Rader, 56. Police announced that her husband may be in danger and that he might be traveling to Ohio. He was last seen on Monday a few hours before the fire.

Several things came out after the fire. Neighbors have told media that Rader had been acting depressed and was selling or giving away his possessions and his dogs. He allegedly had told one neighbor that his wife had left him for another man and that he was moving back to Ohio. Neighbors reportedly said they had not seen Natalina in weeks. Her brother said he had been trying to reach his sister by phone for several weeks and that every time he called, Kenneth answered and said she was asleep or lying down.

Wednesday police in Columbus, Ohio arrested Kenneth Rader after he turned himself in. According to reports he was aware that authorities were looking for him. Allegedly he told them that he

“caught his wife with another man, killed her and then set their home on fire in an apparent attempt to cover up the crime.

Family has said the couple were married for almost 11 years and they do not believe she was having an affair. Neighbors say they seldom saw Natalina Rader outside the home, but they frequently saw Rader taking walks or walking his dogs.

According to reports, Natalina Rader was killed almost a month prior to the fire. He reportedly had lived in the home up until the fire.

Rader has been charged with murder and arson. Police say he has showed remorse.  

How do you live for almost a month in the same home with the wife you murdered? (shudder)

Carnival of the True Crime Blogs LVXXIV

For the 79 th edition of the Carnival of the True Crime blogs, click on over to Crime Scene Blog. Stephen at CSB has let us know that he has also started a new blog. It is called For the Missing. From time to time some cases here will involve a missing person. Sometimes they get media attention and sometimes they don’t.

Stephen will be blogging about missing persons on that site and will help to get the information about the missing person listed on the internet for more people to see. Several of the sites on the blogroll are about missing adults or children. Stephen (like many of the others) will take any information that a missing person’s family would like to give, on their missing person.  

It’s not the alcohol, it’s the attitude

Media reports that Derrick Begaye and his girlfriend had gone to a party. And at some point, Begaye decided he wanted to leave and told the girlfriend so. She reportedly refused.

Allegedly Begaye dragged her to his car and allegedly proceeded to beat her. According to at least one report, he said she was embarrassing him. He got into the car and drove, stopped and began beating her again. He then started driving again.

Down the road was a police traffic checkpoint. According to police Begaye approached the checkpoint traveling approximately 70 miles an hour. He drove over the cones in the road and almost hit officers, but they were able to jump behind a concrete barrier. Another vehicle stopped at the checkpoint forced Begaye to stop.

Police say Begaye had blood on his body and his clothing. When they checked his car they found a woman crouching in the passenger floorboard of the vehicle. She was also bloody and appeared to have been beaten.

Police said the woman told them:

“She said when he drinks, he gets like that”

Police arrested Begaye. He has been charged with kidnapping, aggravated domestic battery, reckless driving, open container of alcohol, possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and no insurance.                     

First, drinking is a choice. If he had done this in the past then he knew that he would most likely lose control after drinking- he still chose to drink.

He also had other options. Now I just know that someone is going to come here and say that she was flirting or exhibiting some other behavior that they will say justifies her beating. I don’t care what her behavior was. No One deserves to be beaten. If her behavior was illegal, he should have called police (there is no indication in the articles as to any illegal or other behavior, except that she didn’t want to leave the party.) If he didn’t like her behavior, he had other options. He could have left without her, leaving her to find her own way home. Or he could have broken up with her on the spot. He didn’t. He chose to beat her.

Some are going to say that she disrespected him in front of his friends. Choosing not to get into a car with a drunk driver is not disrespect- it is intelligence. Choosing not to leave an area where there are other people around, with someone who she believes has a history of violence when they are drinking is not disrespect, it is intelligence.

Whatever her reasons were for deciding not to leave when he wanted to go, they were her right to make. If he didn’t like her decision- he had other options.

He was drinking. Alcohol does not cause the violence. Alcohol lower inhibitions and lessens control over behavior. What that basically means is the attitude and potential for violence  was already there, but he had lost his ability to stop himself or control the severity. Most likely even if he stopped drinking, the violence would still happen at some point.

That checkpoint may have stopped more than a kidnapping and drunk driver- he may have continued once he got her wherever they were going. Then he would be facing more serious charges.

A big thanks to Trench for the lead on this one.

The Hostage Situation

Police say that years ago James Rouse took his wife Donna Lynn Rouse hostage. The situation was resolved, life went on, years go by and another town later.

Monday night James Rouse took his estranged wife hostage. Police got their call just before 8pm. Family members made contact with James Rouse by phone during the night. So did police. Nothing persuaded Rouse to come out.

Police say that Donna Rouse had opportunities during the night to escape, but she did not do so. Police became aware that James Rouse was a diabetic and there was no insulin in the apartment. They had hopes that he would pass out or become too incapacitated to continue the standoff. Morning came with the standoff still in place.

About 8am police shut off the utilities to the apartment. Tear gas and flashbangs were thrown into the apartment. About 8:30 am reporters have reported they heard two shots.

When police entered the home they found James Rouse dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound. Donna Rouse was alive, she was taken to a hospital where she later died.                     

Many times an abuse victim will say they know their spouse and they would never go “that far.” Yet you have to consider that though they know their spouse probably better than anyone, they do not know the spouse in this situation. Because every situation will differ to some extent.

Police have said that Donna Rouse had opportunities to escape during the night. And I cannot help but wonder if perhaps she thought she knew how far he would. If perhaps she may have thought this situation might be able to be resolved, the way the last one was- with both of them able to walk out. Or maybe she feared that if she escaped he would harm himself, but that if she stayed she might convince him to give himself up safely. But this was a different situation. Both situations very similiar, but with very different outcomes.

You do not know what is in someone’s head, what thoughts they may have or what they might do in a rage. And by the time you find out, it may be too late.

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