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This is only indirectly about violence. This is more about absent father's. Traditionally, when a couple separates, the mother most often will have the children from the marriage. Father's are usually assigned partial custody or visitation. But it is up to them whether they utilize that visitation or not. At times, the custodial parent may block the court ordered visitation. Sometimes they have reason to. Sometimes it is due more to their anger than the fitness of the other parent.

Jermaine Dixson is 21, and he is desperately looking for his father. Life has been tough for Jermaine. In 1996, he lost his 6 year old sister Cierra to AIDS. His mother Dolores Dixon, died a few months later of the same disease, it is believed that she contracted the disease from Cierra's father. His mother did not know she had AIDS until Cierra was born. Jermaine feels that his mother just gave up fighting the disease after Cierra died. Cierra had a different father than he and his sister did.

After his mother's death, Jermaine and his sister, Jessica Dixon, went to live with his mother's best friend Kathy Brinson. Recently, Jessica Dixon was killed in a random murder. She is to be buried Sat. Jermaine would like his father to be there. He believes his father should know what happened to his daughter. And he is running out of blood relatives.

Jermaine doesn't know a lot about his father. His father never signed his or his sister's birth certificates. He thinks his father's name is something like "Hollins LaFloyd.'' He knows his father was in prison, they received letters from him while he was there. Jermaine believes that LaFloyd married, and that at some point LaFloyd was arrested for kidnapping their son. That was around 1994.

''He said he didn't think we loved him because we didn't write to him in jail,'' Dixon said. "But we were kids. We didn't know how to do those things.''

Jermaine wants his father to know about him and his sister. He is desperate to make some contact.

He says that his parents met in a grocery store. And that soon after Jessica was born. Jermaine followed 2 years later. Then his father left their lives, and later  his mother met the man who gave her AIDS.

Jermaine has searched on the internet. A reporter has also checked under the name Hollins LaFloyd and many variations. They have looked in local, state or federal criminal justice databases and other public records and have been unable to locate him.

Jermaine would like his father beside  him at his sister's funeral.

How far will they go?

Brenda White, 30, and her husband were in the process of filing for divorce. According to court documents, on Fri. they had an argument in the parking lot in front of  his place of employment.

The husband got out of the vehicle, and walked into his place of employment. Evidently she wasn't done arguing. She rammed her vehicle into the building. Police say she was trying to murder her husband.

White has been charged with first-degree felony attempted murder and second-degree felony criminal mischief. The husband suffered a dislocated ankle and other injuries.,1249,635203485,00.html

Now I have some really bad news. I am not an expert, but since the "accident" was intentional, likely her insurance won't pay to repair her vehicle.


 Kenneth Countie has been in the news a lot lately. Sadly it isn’t because he was being lauded for great accomplishments.

 Kenneth Countie, 24, lived with his mom until Jan. His mom describes them as “best friends”. Even after he moved out, she says they saw each other or talked on the phone every day. He is described as being a quiet man, a simple, dedicated worker who struggled with even basic paperwork. A roommate describes him as easygoing, responsible and lonely. He is also reported to have been learning disabled, with a mental age of 12. He joined the Army, but received a medical discharge. He sounds like the kind of man that a mother would worry about as he began to make his own way in the world. And indeed there are reports that he attempted to take his own life in Feb.

Then around Valentine’s Day of this year he met someone through a personal ad. They had their first date on Valentine’s Day. Four days later, he told his mother that he was going to the girlfriend’s farm to visit with her. And he never returned.

Eventually his mother reported him missing around Mar 23. Now this is difficult. As an adult, people have a right to walk away from their lives, to start anew somewhere else. No matter how close the family, no matter how loving and concerned, an adult can choose to just leave. Because of this, this puts law enforcement into a quandary when they get a missing persons report on an adult. So unless there is an indication of “wrong doing”, there are limits on what they can do in an adult missing person case.

The mother, Carolynn Lodge did not let that stop her. She knew something was wrong. She kept insisting something was wrong. Around Mar. 17, there was a sighting of Countie. A video was taken at a local Walmart which was recorded by their security cameras.

In the video, LaBarre was shown pushing Countie in a wheelchair. She was stacking yellow fuel cartridges in his lap. She touched Countie’s shoulder and he reportedly jumped. It has been said that his face had a greenish cast. That he was observed with  “a gash across his nose, swollen hands, and cuts and bruises on his face and arms.”

On Mar. 24, a hysterical LaBarre reported Countie missing. And she played a tape for police. On the audio tape, a woman who is thought to be LaBarre identifies herself as a justice of the peace, talking to a person who is believed to be Kenneth Countie, and

She asks him if he raped several young children. In a barely audible voice, he says yes.

“Talk right!” she yells at him.

Near the end of the tape, police hear what sounds like Countie vomiting and an indication that he has lost consciousness.

“You didn’t faint,” LaBarre says. “Stop faking that you fainted.”

Countie’s family filed a lawsuit against LaBarre. Eventually an arrest warrant was filed for LaBarre, and a search warrant for her property. Reportedly a charred mattress was found near her door. With a plastic bag near it. Reportedly LaBarre was covered in soot and ashes. Reportedly LaBarre said “He’s in that bag.” Several bone fragments were found in the bag.

Police have reportedly found several burn piles around LaBarre’s property. They may have found other bone fragments. They have found bits of clothing in the burn pits. There is a possibility there may be other victims. When questioned about a bone fragment found in a fire pit, she said it might belong to a pedophile, then she tried to take it back.

When LaBarre was arrested, she had cut and colored her hair, was found with marijuana, had a large amount of cash, and gave a different name to police officers. She was arrested for being a fugitive from justice and for drug possession, however the drug possession charges have been dropped. She is facing a first degree murder charge.

Why did I include this one here? Well, there is the connection that they were dating. And because it interests me.

It has been a difficult struggle for the family and Kenneth Countie may have been located. But this is not a joyous occasion. They are past the point of fear of the unknown, and now into the grief of the loss. And the struggle is not over. Besides learning to live without Kenneth, there is still a legal struggle to go through.

Female serial killers are rare. Not unknown, but unusual. If it is found that she murdered other persons, she could very well be determined to be a serial killer.

Missing persons are also an interest of mine. The problems when an adult goes missing are well known. Unless there is a witness to some “wrong doing” police are often reluctant to involve themselves in a person’s disappearance, unless they can prove that it was involuntary or unless they see some indications of violence. No matter how well meaning the family, family doesn’t always know what an adult can be involved in, or why they might choose to run.

LaBarre also interests me. She reportedly was not married to the LaBarre whose name she uses. Yet she had a relationship with him, and she inherited his property and assets when he died. There are allegations about that relationship. LaBarre has a history of “tumultuous” relationships with men who worked on her farm. She reportedly has described herself as a lawyer, a multimillionaire with medical training and an angel who talks to God, plans to plead innocent when the cases reaches Superior Court. And the word “pedophile” keeps coming up.

All of this is leading me to a theory. I am not qualified to make this conclusion, I will admit. So it is just my personal “theory”. Only time will tell if it will be born out.

From my reading, a young child who is abused will sometimes try to distance themselves from what is happening to their body. This is an attempt to cope with what they cannot prevent. They will pretend in their minds that they are somewhere else, or a different person. Over a period of time, this can lead to what is known as dissociative disorder. More commonly called “split personality”. In other words, different aspects of the persons personality become different identities of their own. Those different personalities may “come out” at different times, and the person has no control over who is out at any particular time. The various personalities may or may not be aware of the other personalities that inhabit the same body. The different personalities may be an adult or child of either sex. Could this be what is going on here? LaBarre has certainly described herself in various ways. And she seems to have a “thing” a possible fear, or strong abhorrance about pedophiles. And various neighbors have described several instances of “erratic” behavior and some instances of confrontation and possible violence.

I don’t know. Like I said, I am not qualified. Just curious.

At least one family knows their child has been a victim. Possibly other families will be learning of the loss of their loved one. Would an illness make LaBarre exempt from prosecution? Possibly but not necessarily. But I think that mental illness is going to be a factor in this case.


Another mother Donna Boston is coming forward, who has not heard from her son, Michael Deloge, 38. She last saw her son in the company of LeBarre in 2004.


Donna Boston is seems to be especially concerned about ther son Michael DeLoge. She alleges that he had molested two minors in the past. She was aware of it, but as the girls never told, it was never prosecuted. Thus he was not on any sex offender lists. She also alleges that Michael was molested at a young age.

Media has been searching, but they have not been able to locate anyone who has ever heard LaBarre say that she herself was ever molested.

Timeline for Kenneth Countie

LaBarre family says that police are taking another look at the autopsy results for Wilfred LaBarre to see if any foul play was involved. Prosecutor is not confirming those details. Prosecutors are waiting for the case to go before the Grand Jury. Forensics experts in three states are studying the evidence found at the farm.


In 1998 there was an allegation that Sheile LaBarre stabbed a then boyfriend in the head with a pair of scissors. She was arrested in Sept. 1988, and charged with a felony count of 2 nd degree assault. Police have described the incident as a lover’s quarrel. During the arraignment, the judge determined she would be eligible for bail if he recieved a psychological report that determined she “is not a danger to herself or others if bailed.”  Later the judge indicated that the psychological report was recieved and he did offer bail at that time. LaBarre did get out on bail, and the charges were later dropped.


A 5 page article about Sheila LaBarre and her history and her reputation in the area. Some of the details are old information, but some seem new to me.

In burn piles on the farm, police found three different sets of bone fragments, some of which were later identified as human. Neighbors and townspeople recap some previous experiences with LaBarre.

The case is expected to be presented to the Grand Jury this week.

An index to the coverage that one paper has done on the Sheila LaBarre case.


Defense attorney is speaking. No Grand Jury indictment as yet. He thinks that may be because they are attempting to find other crimes to charge her with. He says that they will not find any evidence to connect LaBarre with any crimes against her common law husband or Michael Deloge, other than Deloge’s belongings were still there, but he says that is not evidence of any crime- that Deloge may be in a homeless shelter somewhere. Authorities are still studying the blood, tissue, teeth, bones and charred unknowns found at the farm.


Wayne Ennis has contacted news media with allegations of his own against Sheila LaBarre.

The arraignment, Oct. 4 and not guilty plea.                       

Soup doesn’t cure everything

Narcisco Bismark Murillo and his girlfriend lived together with her 4 year old son. And Murillo was angry. He was arguing with his girlfriend about going out without telling him. During the argument evidently things got out of control.

Murillo picked up a bowl of steaming soup and threw it at the girlfriend, causing burns to the right side of her face. Very probably it wasn't intentional. But some of that hot, steaming soup also struck the 4 year old leaving burns on the side of his face and his left arm.

Too many times, the real victims of domestic violence are the children. Whether it is directly as in this case or indirectly, just by observation- kids in the household are involved. It affects the way they perceive the world around them and their place in that world.

They grow up expecting that they will be involved in violence, and they learn to cope by a number of ways. Sometimes they learn to shrink away, try to hide themselves from the world by being too quiet, being unnoticable. Sometimes they will begin to act out, and try to be the one to strike the first blow- to hurt before they get hurt.

In this case, there is an indication in the article that there was no attempt to get the boy medical assistance. But there wasn't an explanation for that. But many times this is the reaction. If medical treatment for an injury is sought, then there is a good chance there will be an investigation. So sometimes the response is to let the child suffer.

I’ll bet he calls it ‘love’

Kevin David Underwood, 44 and  Lee Ann Fearson, 35, were dating. And just before 10 pm on Thurs. they had an unexpected visitor.

Police have theorized that the 55 year old man had someone drop him off at the home. Reportedly he went into the home and confronted the couple. The unnamed suspect supposedly then stabbed Underwood. Fearson ran to a neighbors home, and the suspect followed and began attacking her. The neighbors then called 911. The suspect is Fearson's ex-boyfriend.

The suspect was found and arrested a short time later on suspicion of murder.

Underwood died. Fearson was hospitalized with multiple stab wounds but she will live.

How many times have we seen the results of a person who will not let go? Wives girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends, it doesn't seem to matter. If one partner can't let go, then is a good chance of some type of violence.

I can understand feeling betrayal when the relationship breaks up. And I can understand anger. But how can you kill or attempt to kill someone you say you cannot live without? And if by some chance they live, do they really think that they are going to get back together? Or that the perpetrator will be out of jail to conduct a relationship?

And going after the new boyfriend/girlfriend? Presuming that the old relationship partner wasn't being forced into the new relationship, then why blame it on the new boyfriend/girlfriend? Sure they may fan the flames a little. But they are not the one who committed the betrayal!

Of course, I don't understand murder in any form, but especially in these circumstances.

Suddenly those Mother-in-law jokes aren’t quite as funny

Thomas Liebner arrived at his home and discovered his wife, 53-year-old wife, Robyn Liebner, and his 16-year-old daughter, Jenna Liebner, dead on Wed. evening.

Someone had contacted deputies, but it is not clear who had made that call. The investigation is continuing, and Cooper is due in court today for the arraignment, so possibly more will come out later today.

Police have said it was a brutal assault, but are not releasing many details of the crime. Initial reports said the victims were stabbed, but now they say they are waiting for the autopsy.

No motive has been released for the crime.

Police found Jason Duane Cooper, 24, in the area and have arrested him. They say they are sure they have the right suspect. Cooper is the victim's son in law.

I cannot imagine walking into my home and finding what this man found. The pain and horror of finding his wife, his young daughter, both bloodied and dead. The son in law either there or close by.

I cannot imagine what the daughter is feeling right now, with her mother and sister dead and her husband accused of the murder.

There has been no indication in the paper about the wife. No mention that she is ok or if she has been notified. As she is the connecting link in this situation, I find that a little odd.


Cooper pled not guilty. Prosecutors say he could be eligible for special circumstances for the death penalty due to the manner in which he entered the home, the multiple victims, and due to the motive. However, they are not releasing info on the motive at this time. Cooper was arrested at the home after he called 911. Cooper lived less than 5 miles away from the home.


Information about the victim's. Robin and her daughter were close. Jenna was being home schooled, and was attending some classes part time, and she was taking some college prep classes.

Cooper's wife was not at the scene when the murder's occurred. Still no information about a motive.



He heard a splash

Charles Edward Tyson, 20, and the child's 17-year-old mother, Shameka Mosley went for a drive with their baby Thurs. Seems sweet doesn't it? Except that Tyson and Mosley weren't supposed to be together.

In Dec. Mosley had applied for and received a restraining order against Tyson, due to domestic violence.

Allegedly, during the drive Tyson began to accuse Mosley of cheating on him. At some point Mosely, who was driving, stopped the car. Tyson threw the 9 month old baby out of the window. The baby allegedly "landed face down in the dirt".

Allegedly Tyson then jumped out of the car, and grabbed the baby. He proceeded to slam the baby in a swinging motion on the hood of the vehicle, and got into the drivers seat and started to speed away.

Allegedly, he then stopped the vehicle and threw the baby into a nearby canal. Reportedly "Tyson stated he was aware the infant landed in the canal because he heard a splash,"

Authorities found the baby and attempted to revive him, but he died a short time later at the hospital.

The baby was named for his father Charles Edward Tyson Jr.

Charles E. Tyson SR. has been charged with first degree murder in the death of his 9 month old son. He also has charges of aggravated child abuse, child endangerment and violating a restraining order.

Many people are not aware of the correlation of domestic violence and child abuse. Domestic violence is usually thought of as a "problem" between a "couple". However, domestic violence is much more than that. It is about a desire for control, a desire to have their own way, and an inability to control their anger. There have been studies done that show an increased incidence of child abuse in relationships where there is domestic violence. A study I posted in an earlier post, showed something like 50 % of domestic violence relationships had problems with child abuse also.

This girl was very young. Likely she wasn't aware of the fact that the abuse that she received, could be aimed at her son. Very possibly she wouldn't have believed it if she had been told. Tragically it was aimed at her son.

It is too late to save the baby. But I hope that in the near future that the Mother will enter some type of counseling, not only to help her with her grief, but also to learn ways to prevent entering another abusive relationship.


 The mother explains: They had taken "CJ" to the hospital for diarrhea. On the return home, Tyson began arguing with Mosely accusing her of being unfaithful. Tyson threatened to kill the baby, and held him out the window. Mosely came to a stop, and Tyson threw the baby. Mosely got out and ran to the baby, and she and Tyson struggled. Tyson then picked the baby up and slammed him on the hood of the car face first, leaving a dent. Mosely says the baby was alive and crying then. Tyson then jumped in the car, leaving Mosely beside the road. After throwing CJ in the canal, Tyson drove back to where Mosely was and told her "You better go get your baby before the alligators get him.'' He then drove Mosely to the canal, and her screams woke a person who lived nearby- they called 911. They report hearing Mosely scream "You killed my baby.''


I don't know how Heather Evink, 18, and grandmother, Sheila Evink, 40, came to be homeless. All I really know about that is that there are reports they have been homeless and drifting for about two years.

A citizens complaint led police to them, and they found a 6 week old baby girl and a 14 month old boy living in their "home", a Ford Bronco which was parked at a day labor camp. Police have said that the Bronco was full of the families possessions and the family appeared to have been living in the vehicle.

Heather Evink is the mother of those children. They say the 6 week old baby was emaciated. They say that she weighed 6 lbs 2 oz at birth, and that she weighed 4 lbs when she was taken to the hospital by authorities.

The mother has released information to the media that the little girl has had bleeding on the brain and is on life support. That if she lives, she will most likely be a vegetable and that she has signed papers allowing the life support to be removed. 

The grandmother, Shelia Evink, has stated to media that it isn't how it appears. She states that the baby quit eating that morning and they were planning to take her to the emergency room that night. She alleges that they had a can of Enfamil which had been opened and that that showed they had been trying to feed the baby.

Heather has stated that she didn't realize that the baby was so small until a couple of days earlier, she states she was working all of the time, she says she doesn't know why the baby had bleeding on her brain, but she suggests that the 14 month old may have gotten a little wild and hit his sister in the head. She says that none of this is like it seems, and none of it was intentional.

Allegedly Heather left the father of the children because he was a "crackhead" and that the father wasn't even aware that she was pregnant with the baby girl when she left.

 Both Heather and Sheila Evink have been charged with serious bodily injury to a child and endangering a child. They have been given a bond of $45,000 for the Heather and $20,350 for Sheila, the additional for Sheila was due to an unspecified warrant against her.

Heather has told the media that they are unable to come up with the bond, and Heather has this to say about the bail. "Maybe you could ask some churches," Heather said. "Maybe they can help us out."

 I don't know these people, I do not know their history, and I do not claim to know what led up to this. There is an old saying that you must walk a mile in someone's shoes to understand them. I have not taken that journey, thank God. 

Today there is a 6 week old baby girl, hospitalized, either on life support or being removed from life support. A 14 month old boy, in protective custody. An 18 year old, a mother of two- losing them, one to authorities- one to either authorities or death. And a grandmother who claims that the child only failed to eat for one day, thus she would have had to have lost that 2 lbs or more in one day.

The mother says she was working all the time. I wonder who was caring for the children?

Loose lips, sink ships

Melissa Henderson was found dead in her bed on June 17th, 2005. She was thought to have died from natural causes.

So how did she come to end up here? Family and friends have questioned her death. One MSM says it is due to the husband’s statements. But forensics had a lot to do with it also.

At her funeral, family members saw what was thought to be bruises around her neck. They contacted police who came and took pictures. Her husband, Bill Henderson, went on TV and described them as a “perfect couple” and talked of his grief at his loss. He blamed her death on her new diet.  At some points he called his wife it. The story he told police during interviews, changed somewhat, and differed from what he told MSM.

By Aug. of 2005, the death was ruled a homicide. DNA found on Melissa’s body at the time of her death was still pending. Bill Henderson announced to MSM that he was a suspect. And investigators had found out something else.

During their investigation, police found out that Melissa had been having an affair. And that Bill had borrowed a car the night before her murder in order to follow her. So much for the “perfect couple”. This helped make him a “person of interest” in the investigation.

Investigators say a broken fingernail was found in the bed. They say that is a sign of a struggle. Bill reportedly had marks on his arms, which were photographed a couple of days after the murder. It is believed they may have been fingernail abrasions.

After the murder, Bill Henderson and their two young girls moved in with Melissa Henderson’s parents, at least for a time. They have stated that the had already lost Melissa, and were just trying to hang on to what they had left.

Melissa’s body was recently exhumed for reexamination. Reportedly other evidence was found during that examination.  It was determined that Melissa died from asphyxiation due to strangulation.

Bill Henderson has now been arrested and charged with the murder of his wife Melissa Henderson.

You hear of people getting on the internet looking for ways to commit the perfect murder. Looking for ways to kill without getting caught, or looking for ways to bury a body without getting caught. There is no indication that happened here, but it has in other cases. But I am a big fan of forensics.

Now it is no longer good enough to come up with a passable story to explain a death. With forensics, they can frequently determine exactly what happened at a crime scene. And forensics are advancing every day. Murderers may go for a time, without being caught. But for majority, they will catch up with them. Maybe not the day of the murder, maybe not even the next month. But eventually, they catch up. The suspect will be caught, charged and go to prison. Even the so called “cold cases” are now being actively pursued, and successfully prosecuted.

The two little girls that Melissa had? They have spent the last year trying to learn to live without her. They are now aware of their father being charged in her death. Can you imagine the grief they are feeling again? The fear and confusion they must be going through, not to mention the loyalty to their father? For they haven’t just lost their mother. Effectively, they have lost their father also.

I have to say, I really admire Melissa’s parents. They were most likely aware of the suspicion. But they have publicly kept quiet. They recognized what was important, was those two girls. They did what they had to do to stay in the lives of those girls. I don’t know how they did it.


William Henderson was found guilty of the murder of his wife. He was sentenced to 65 years in prison. The judge said that it appeared that Henderson had stalked Melissa and had planned the murder in advance. And that following the murder he had told lies and appeared to have no remorse.

During the trial one of Henderson’s daughter testified about a phone call she received from her father. During the phone call Henderson confessed  to the murder.

Does this one qualify to be here?

Does this one qualify to be here? I don’t know, let me tell you the story and you decide.

Sonia Rios and Earl Bourdeau, 63, met in the Philippines in the 1960’s. Bourdeau was a retired US Marine. They married and she came to the states where Bourdeau helped her to open a hair salon. Bourdeau owned a taxi service in the Philipine’s.

Bourdeau’s brother states that Bourdeau had called him one day and asked that he travel to the Philipine’s with him. Bordeau said that his wife was insisting that he go there about the business. He said that something wasn’t right. Bourdeau’s brother says that while on that trip, on Aug. 15, 1987 there was a home invasion in the middle of the night at one of Sonia’s relatives homes where Bourdeau was staying, and Bourdeau was shot in the face. No one else in the home was injured. Sonia had not accompanied him to the Philippines. The brother says that Bourdeau was intending to divorce his wife sometime after he returned to the states.

Reportedly Sonia did not attend the funeral. It was held in the Philippines and that is where Mr. Bourdeau was buried. His family tried to get him buried in the states, but the brother says that Sonia insisted that is where Mr. Bordeau wanted to be buried.

A “former friend” has allegedly said that Sonia became upset at some of the requirements she had to go through to collect on Mr. Bourdeau’s insurance. The former friend also said that he was not aware that Mr. Bourdeau had family, that his wife told friends he had no family and that is why he was buried in the Philippines.

Someone was arrested for the murder, but was released due to a lack of evidence.

Bourdeau’s brother stated that he has had his suspicions about the murder for years. He says that in 1989, he went to the FBI with his suspicions, but they didn’t investigate. He says that later, someone shot his dog, and he was later shot at and missed.

At some point Sonia Rios Bourdeau met and married Law ‘Larry’ Risken, 43. Risken was a retired US Navy commander, who was working as a special education teacher. Mr. Risken appears to have been popular with the kids he taught.

April 18, Risken took a spring trip to the Philippines to visit his wife’s relatives. Sonia did not accompany him there. While there, he had taken his wife’s granddaughter to the hospital for a check up. Outside the building, someone walked up to Risken and shot him twice. A bullet passed through him, and struck one of Sonia’s relatives. It has been reported that Risken intended to seek a divorce after he returned to the states.

Risken’s family also tried to get his remains returned to the US for burial. But Risken was also buried in the Phillipine’s. Risken’s sister has made a report to the FBI. Reportedly Risken had also planned to seek a divorce when he returned to the US.

Investigators in the Philippines as well as the FBI are looking into the circumstances of the deaths of both men. Sonia Rios Bordeau Risken has denied any involvement in their deaths, and has declined to talk with media.

Two husbands, both married to Sonia, both planning a divorce, both take a trip to her relatives, both end up being shot, both buried in the Philippines against the rest of the families wishes. I am not going to say that Rios is involved, but that is an awful lot of coincidence.


Sonia Risken was apparently killed in a mysterious slaying in California on Friday.

9 days previously she had been attacked by a mysterious gunman at the business she owned. Shots were fired at her, but they missed. Before he fled, the gunman apparently told her

“I’ll be back!”

When she was found in her home on Friday, she had apparently been dead for 12-24 hours. She had been shot in the head.

Coincidently the murder happened one year after the death of her second husband Law Risken. His family says they are frustrated that they did not get the opportunity to seek justice before she died.

Sonia Risken was not present at the time either of her husbands died. But both husbands were killed in the Phillipines while visiting her family.                   

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