The Puzzle

What do these events have in common?

A woman doesn’t show up to pick her child up from school in Ohio

A stolen Michigan license plate in Cresent Springs, Ky

A robbery of a Fla. pharmacy

A car accident in Mlbourne, Fl that ends in a police shooting

The Background

Michael (43) and Angela (37) Hild married in 2001. But in 2004 Angela Hild was filing for divorce. However after 6 months she dropped the divorce case. By 2007 Angela Hild was enrolled in college. And in college she talked and wrote about her life. And about the abuse she alleged to have recieved from her husband. In college she also met a young girl fresh out of high school. That girl allegedly had a problem, she said that she was being stalked. And it was Angela who told her that no one should be afraid and walked her to her car in the parking garage.

At some earlier point Michael Hild was being arrested in Michigan and was shot by police during the arrest. He lost his leg at that point. Police say he was known to sometimes hide weapon in the prosthetic leg. Michael Hild had spent time in prison on burglary charges, and in Feb. of 2008 he returned for a probation violation. He had been released in July of 2008.

By August 17 Angela Hild had filed for a temporary protection order against her husband.

August 21, the Angela Hild dropped her 5 year old son off at school in Dayton, Ohio. And she didn’t show up to pick him back up. Police say their investigation showed this was not a mother who would not show up to pick up her son. And that they had not had calls on her before. Her family feared the worst.

Days later Angela Hild’s car was found in the parking lot of a Dayton Ohio apartment building.

A license plate disappeared from a vehicle in Cresent Springs, Ky and that plate would show up later.

On Aug. 23 Hild’s vehicle was involved in an accident in Melbourne, Fla. and fled the scene. When police attempted to stop his vehicle, they say he got out and pointing a gun at the officers he fired. Hild was shot and killed by the officers. On Hild’s vehicle were the plates that were reported stolen in Cresent Springs, Ky. Police also say they have video of a man with a limp in a Fla. drug store and that drug store was later robbed. They are attempting to determine if Hild was involved.

One of Hild’s friends has told police that Hild called them and told them that he had dumped Angela’s body in Erlanger, Ky. Police have been searching but at this point have not located her remains.

On Monday Oct. 27, 2008 airport workers were trimming weeds and came across skeletal remains. There has not been a definite identification that the remains are Angela Hild as yet. The remains have been transferred to Frankfort, Ky. to the state examiner and attempts will be made to identify the remains.

The remains have been identified as Angela Hild.