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This is off topic for this blog, but I feel it is important. Spring is here and the time is here to get out and take in some events with your children. Crime Scene Blog has come across a disturbing website that mainly targets the Washington area- but could apply to any area.

Some things are illegal. Some things aren’t- but they should be enough to make you be cautious. And it is often suprising to  see how easily some will openly talk about illegal activities. Pedofiles do. They call themselves Girl Lovers (GL) or Boy Lovers (BL) and often they will talk openly on the net about what they fantasize about, and where they go, and to some extent what they do.

CSB has posted about one of those sites and about what he found there. If you are a parent or a grandparent of young children, you should really check out that post. Before you take those kids out to Easter Egg Hunts, fairs and festivals or other events.

Where the Pedofiles Are

To play Where’s Jack


She had talked about being stalked

Mona Rose Llanes, 49, and her husband Nelson Llanes, 57,  had been married for more than 20 years. The parents of 4 grown children, a decision was made to separate.  Nelson Llanes moved in with one of the children. The two began divorce proceedings, but it was not yet final.

Mona Rose Llanes had moved on with her life, and  reportedly may have begun dating someone she worked with. She was a nutrionist for Headstart and coworkers have said she had a passion for her work. Mrs. Llanes had reportedly told some she felt like her husband was stalking her, but she did not call police.

She had worked on Monday, and reportedly had gone to a tanning salon after work. She told an employee there that she was preparing to go to a wedding.

Nelson Llanes was a landscaper and reportedly he wasn’t taking the separation well. Allegedly a dispute had developed over his wife’s beginning to date.

On Monday one of the children went to the home about 7:10 pm. She found her mother in one of the bedrooms, beaten and lifeless. Despite attempts at rescusitation, Mona Rose Llanes was later pronounced dead.

Police have said the attack was very violent. They have said the scene was  very bloody and that Mona Rose Llanes had been beaten to death with a heavy object.

Police began their investigation as the other children gathered at the home. It was noted that Nelson Llang’s did not come to the home. Some neighbors have said there was talk of domestic violence in the home.

About 1 am a police officer noted a car parked behind a bar with a hose attached to the exhaust pipe which ran to a window of the vehicle. The man inside was unconcious.  The officer managed the rescue and it was determined that the man in the car was Nelson Llanes. He was taken to the hospital.

Police say they have not been able to talk to Nelson Llanes as yet, they do not know if the suicide attempt was a result of grief over his wife’s death or the result of guilt over something he had done. He has been charged with 2 nd degree murder.

There is no way to predict who will fall victim to an incident of domestic violence. But there are warning signs.

There are hot button issues like separation, acrimonious divorce, child support, custody disputes, new relationships with others, money and property divison issues and all the other issues that can come between a couple. But quite often they are settled without violence.

But other issues  can be indicators. Previous violence in the home (either against the person or the property), mental health problems, a history of violent or criminal behaviors and stalking behaviors. Personally I see stalking behavior as a major indicator. For an already angry person it doesn’t take much to make them more angry. Even an attempt to evade the stalking can make them angrier.

Stalking is often an attempt to gain the person’s attention and maintain control. Any attention, including negative attention. Yet the stalking behaviors are the ones most likely to be ignored or at least not acted on.

The FBI has done a study on stalking and has pointed out the prevalence and dangers of stalking in domestic relationships. It is an interesting study and has tips on what should be done if stalking becomes a problem.

Carnival of the True Crime Blogs LXIX


Today is the day for the Carnival of the True Crime Blogs. I am late and I’m so sorry. Have you ever had one of those days when you just didn’t feel like doing anything? That is what my day has been like.

But J.D. Chandler at Slabtown Chronicle has been busy. He tells how he worked the 69 th Carnival of the True Crime Blogs into his busy schedule, In Installments.

So while I am trying to come up with the energy to do something, anything at all- you can go read the Carnival.

Graphic is by Harding at T.O. Crime

And as always- try to come up the energy to commit a random act of kindness each and every day. It really doesn’t take that much time or energy. 🙂

At the Children’s Slumber Party

Jwonda Thurston, 21, was a mother- a sister and a girlfriend.

As a mother she had 3 children and was about 3 months pregnant with her fourth.

As a sister and an aunt, neighbors say she was seen frequently at her sister’s apartment and that she often babysat for her neices and nephews so that her sister could go out. On Friday she was at her sister’s to help with a slumber party for her daughter. There were 6 children at the home.

As a girlfriend- her boyfriend Reginald Lane, 25, was with her at her sister’s apartment when allegedly an argument began between them. Some reports indicate the dispute may have been because Jwonda Thurston had intended to go out that night.

As the argument progressed, the sister left the apartment and flagged down passing police officers and told them about the argument between her sister and the boyfriend who had a gun and said he was beating her.

Officers got backup and split up, sending officers to both the front and back doors of the apartment. The officers in front knocked on the door and then police say Jwonda Thurston came out the back door. Police  identified themselves. Police say that as she attempted to flee, the boyfriend allegedly fired one shot into her head. Police believe that Lane may have heard them at the front door and may have been intending to escape by going through the back door.

Reginald Lane then reportedly retreated into the apartment and locked himself in the bathroom. Police managed to get the children out of the home. None of the children were physically harmed.

A SWAT team was called and was able to establish communication with the boyfriend, he eventually surrendered without further incident.

Jwonda Thurston was taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead.

Reginald Lane was arrested and has been charged with first degree murder, felony murder, intentional homicide of an unborn child, home invasion, and 3 counts of kidnapping. According to reports Lane has confessed to the shooting. He is being held without bail.

“No More Sunsets”

If you read here much you will know that I believe that drug usage leads to the destruction of families and can contribute to violence in relationships. And that is besides what it does to the persons who take them.

Shawn Bridges knew the cost. Who is Shawn Bridges? He was a father, a truck driver, a man with a message, and an addict. He admitted that he had made unwise choices in his life, and he determined to go public with that in the hopes that the ones who came after him would listen.

Shawn Bridges set out to document the damage his drug addiction had cost him. You see…..Shawn Bridges was dying.

His film resulted in a 29 minute documentary about his addiction to meth last year called “No More Sunsets.” He died on Monday March 26, 2007. He was 35. But he died with the knowlege that he had accomplished something in his life, and he died with the hope that others would learn from him.

Thank you for speaking out Shawn Bridges, thank you for your honesty and your effort. Rest in Peace Shawn Bridges, your job is done now. (picture of Shawn Bridges at link) 

Rossetti Productions produced the film. For a sample of the film

Partnership for a Drug-Free America

A My Space for Shawn Bridges operated by his brother

Now it is up to the rest of us.

The Domestic Dispute Call

Police received a call on Sunday regarding a domestic dispute between a couple at the laundromat. Something about the dispute had evidently alarmed a person witnessing the dispute. The witness was able to give 911 the license number to the vehicle the couple was in.

Police identified the address to the vehicle and Officer Marcus Stiles and officer Lonnie Wells  responded to the address in separate cruisers to check on the couple.

At the address the officers were met with gunfire. Officer Lonnie Wells was found dead by one of those cruisers. Officer Marcus Stiles was found nearby alive, but with a gunshot to his head.

Police say the suspect 51-year-old Gary Douglas fled the scene in one of their cruisers.

More than 5 departments responded to the call of the downed officers. A chase began with officers chasing the stolen cruiser. During the chase officers rammed the cruiser at least three times in an attempt to get it stopped. The chase ended at a roadblock with more gunfire and the crash of the cruiser. The suspect, Gary Douglas died at the scene. A shotgun was found under his body. At the time of the articles it was still not clear whether he was shot by the officers at the scene or the officers at the roadblock.

Officer Lonnie Wells died at the scene. Officer Marcus Stiles was pronounced brain dead on Sunday.

It all began as a domestic problem. Yet it reaches out and touches the community in many ways- both directly and indirectly.

Domestic violence is often characterized as a ‘couple’s problem.’ Domestic violence may result from a dispute between a couple, but the results of domestic violence are a community’s problem.

From the witness to the orginal dispute who tried to get help, the woman involved in the dispute, to the police officers- the community impact is huge.

I am not going to try to convey that in my words- the words of the community are best heard on their own. I will say that the officers were brothers, fathers, husbands, sons, uncles, school resource officers, police officers, community members, friends and so much more.                        

I have seen nothing about the welfare of the woman who was also in the dispute.

A Fresh Start

Armenta White, 35, worked in a sandwich shop in Kentucky. A mother of a 7 year old boy, she had found a new boyfriend. She met Darryl Sensely about 4 months ago and he moved in with her soon after.

She didn’t tell many that she was moving. Maybe she wasn’t sure whether it would be permanent. Family says that she never gave up her apartment in Kentucky and she left most of her furniture there.

According to the landlord, they arrived in Michigan on Monday. And he says that the boyfriend seemed eager for a fresh start. Darryl Sensely, 43, asked about jobs and furniture stores. The landlord also says that a soon after their arrival Armenta White mentioned that she was considering buying a bus ticket and returning to Kentucky.

Friday morning about 4 am, 911 received a call. The caller told them he had strangled his girlfriend.

Police say when they arrived they found Armenta White lying face down, her son beside her and the TV on. Sensely wasn’t present, but they did a search of the area and found him.

Darryl Sensely has been arrested and charged with 1 st degree murder. He is being held in jail without bond.

She knew him 4 months. With domestic violence it is hard to tell if or when it might become fatal. Some people never get an incident which would warn them it might become fatal. Some get only one warning incident. For some it becomes chronic, and only time will tell if or when it might become fatal.

For anyone who may have received a warning incident in their relationship, please listen to your instincts. If you felt scared- you need to get out. Consider yourself lucky that you got the warning.

With a Police Officer

Donna Stevens, 22, and her ex-boyfriend Bobby Englebright, 24, alledgedly were in a dispute on Friday that resulted in Bobby Englebright being arrested for charges of aggravated assault, false imprisonment and battery.

Donna Stevens requested a police escort to go back to the residence with her to pick up the child at Englebright’s brother’s home.

Officer Daniel C. Martinez, 33,  accompanied her to the home of Richard Englebright to pick up the child. Allegedly when they knocked on the door, Richard Englebright answered and asked them to wait a minute. He then returned to the door with a weapon.

Officer Daniel C. Martinez was allegedly shot in the head and was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Donna Stevens reportedly was running from the home when she was shot in the back, shoulder and elbow. She is listed in serious condition.

Richard Englebright allegedly fled the scene. Police located the car and was preparing to stop it, when they say the car stopped in the road. As the officer prepared to go the vehicle, he reportedly heard a shot. Richard Englebright had allegedly shot himself in the head and died at the scene.

The child has been placed in the care of the maternal grandmother.

Officer Daniel C. Martinez was a police officer. But he was also a husband and father of five children.

Domestic violence incidents can be very dangerous for a police officer. Not only because of the person accused of the abuse, but also because in such a volatile, emotion filled situation it can be hard to determine how other family members- or even the victim will react in the situation.

Officers are very often caught in the middle, or could even end up with both sides attempting to take action on them.

Ex-boyfriend was arrested and taken to jail for alleged abuse. By now he knows what his brother is accused of doing- and his brother’s fate. It is hard to determine what his reaction will be. Will he accept his part in what happened? Or will he react as so many do… to blame others for the events they began.

Donna Stevens is currently in the hospital. There is a chance she will recover, and at some point her ex-boyfriend will get out of jail. I hope she seriously considers the situation and takes precautions for her own safety and the safety of the child.


The condition of Donna Stevens has been upgraded from serious to fair. More details on the allegations of  violence of the boyfriend, and on the shooting.

For the child

Victoria Rojas, 40, was the mother of three children. Two were adults and she also had a 9 year old girl. At some point she met and married 39 year old  Marco Berrios.

Family has said that Berrios had been abusive in the past. And they say they had even gotten into fights with him over his treatment of their mother. But police say that wasn’t all.

Police have said that Berrios had been sexually abusing a young relative over the last 4 years. And that day Victoria Rojas had confronted him about the alleged abuse.

Police have also said Berrios has admitted to the abuse. And that he also admitted to strangling Victoria Rojas on Monday and then setting the house on fire. He then left the scene.

The 9 year old girl was sleeping in the room next to her mother’s, became aware of the fire and tried to awaken her mother. Unable to rouse her she left the home and called 911.

A police officer who responded to the home was able to rouse the couple who lived in the other side of the duplex and helped them and their infant child to escape.

Victoria Rojas’s remains were burned so badly that her identification was made through dental records. An autopsy showed evidence of strangulation.

Berrios was found several hours later. He has been arrested and charged with murder, attempted murder, child sexual abuse, and arson of an inhabited structure. He is currently being held in the psychiatric wing of the jail.

Berrios was on probation. He had been convicted of battery for a fight with Victoria Rojas’ ex-husband and father of the children. He was released last month, was still on probation and required to take anger management classes.

He Snapped?

Mark Benoit, 42, contacted 911 on Thursday morning and allegedly told the dispatcher

“Something bad happened here,” “My wife and daughter are dead. … I just wanna kill myself. … They’re gonna throw the book at me when they get here.”

Police responding to the call found a lot of blood. And they found Cynthia Benoit dead near the front door and the couple’s 9 year old daughter Sarah dead in a  bedroom. Autopsies show that both died of strangulation, neither had visible wounds. Police say that Benoit did have various cuts and had lost a lot of blood. Those injuries were allegedly self inflicted. Police say they also found two notes. One note telling what he had done, and one note with complaints about his wife and his marriage.

Benoit has told police that he snapped when his Prozac ran out. And he has told them more. He allegedly told that they never had food and were always hungry. He reportedly said they were better off.

He also allegedly told them that he killed 9 year old Sarah because he planned to commit suicide and he did not want to leave her alone to be cared for by strangers.

According to the media, the Benoit family had lived in a different apartment 3 months earlier. But they were evicted for non-payment of rent. According to reports, there was evidence of the family left in the apartment after they left. The landlord allegedly said the pock marks on the door were from shots from a gun that Benoit owned. There was also a note from Sarah, reportedly to her father which was titled

‘‘A Chart about Love,’’

Reportedly there were messages scrawled on the walls. One read

‘‘Sarah, Daddy loves you very much,’’

and another

‘‘Dear DaD, you will always be in my heart,’’

Police allegedly escorted the family from that residence on Dec. 9 th. The family is believed to have been homeless for a period of time, then an agency found them the apartment they were in at the time of the 911 call. The couple had an 18 year old son still in high school. When they moved, the son moved in with a friend to complete his high school year.

According to some reports, Benoit was unemployed. He was a Navy Vetran. He reportedly was prone to seizures and had a bad back due to a failed surgery for which he took pain medicine.

Benoit was taken to a hospital for treatment, then he was arrested and is being held without bail. 

Before I began writing this, there was an article in The Enterprise at SouthofBoston with allegations about an affair Mark Benoit may have had with another woman, and about a restraining order she may have taken out on him. That article has since been removed.

However, The Boston Herald does mention that in 1993 he was charged with violating a restraining order with another woman. The charges were later dropped.


More details about what Mark Benoit says about the murders.

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