Most Wanted

Have you ever been to check out the US Most Wanted? The FBI and The US Marshall’s both maintain most wanted lists. Called the worst of the worst,  domestic violence shows up there.

For instance Daniel William Heirs, Jr. Heirs was a police officer. And according to the US Marshall’s site he used his position as a police officer to befriend the mother of a young child. And he then molested her daughter. Then he got caught. And charged with crimes. He fled. After he fled, his wife was found with a bullet in her head. Heirs is a suspect in her 2005 death. AMW

Andre Neverson was convicted of shooting the uncle of a girlfriend and served all of 5 years in prison, he was deported from the US. But he came back. And within 2 years police found the body of his sister Patricia Neverson. Police believe Neverson did it, and they believe it was over money.

Three days later, police found the body of Neverson’s financee Donna Davis. Police believe she was trying to break off the relationship with Neverson. She was last seen in Neverson’s vehicle and police believe Neverson kidnapped then shot her.

But Neverson apparently wasn’t done. Four months later he is accused of breaking into an ex-girlfriend’s home with a gun and insisting on seeing his daughter. Neverson may be out of the country now. Unless he entered illegally again. AMW

Robert William Fisher was married with two young children. He is accused of killing his wife and both children, then of blowing up the home they lived in to try to coverup the crime. AMW

 Not a government agency, but one of the most successful civilian crime watchers, America’s Most Wanted keeps their own list of wanted. They call theirs the “Dirty Dozen.”

Manuel Benitez aka Mark Everett was past his child actor stage when he became the boyfriend of Stephanie Spears. She went to college, and he sold drugs and they had a child together. Police believe the relationship was ending when Everett waited until Stephanie went to sleep. Police believe that Everett then grabbed his son and started to leave when Stephanie woke up. Police also say that Everett then grabbed a dumb bell and beat Stephanie to death. Everett then took off with the child.

Greisy Valencia. Mother of a girl who was 11 years old at the time she was found wandering the streets. Police say the child had been abused and that the abuse was inflicted by her mother- Greisy Valencia.

Domestic violence murders can be and frequently are among the worst of the worst. I don’t go to the US Marshall’s site or the FBI site near as much as I should. But I think I will make more of an effort to get over there now. At the respective sites they have more details on the crimes that each of the wanted have been accused of, the rewards available and they have pictures of the wanted persons. I encourage everyone to check them out. You never know when you might be standing next to one of them in a store.

What stands out to me the most is many of them don’t look like criminals. They look like people I might be familiar with. And at least some of them don’t sound like they would be criminals. But you cannot use the way they look, the jobs they hold, or their ability to sweet-talk to judge capability for crime.

Instead you have to look at their honesty, the way they handle problems, their use of manipulation, and their use of control in a relationship.

If the above did what they are accused of doing, then they have not only taken lives and caused tragedies. They have caused pain to families. And not just their victim’s families. They have also caused pain to their own families. What is frightening is each of them are now at large. On the run it is true. But at large and going on with their lives. And what is frightening is that human nature being what it is, it is entirely possible that somewhere some girl or some woman thinks they have met the nicest, sweetest guy. And it is entirely possible that they won’t know his background.

Her Misery

Robert Arroyo, 51, said his wife Courtney Nichole Arroyo, 28, had mental issues so he reportedly took her to a hospital that treats mental problems. When she refused to stay he reportedly left her there. He left and returned home, it hasn’t been reported where she went. Then Courtney Arroyo had a brief stay in jail for minor traffic violations.

Courtney Arroyo was released from jail on Tues. and her husband was there to pick her up. The Arroyo’s left the jail together but they never arrived home. Hours later Robert Arroyo walked into another police station. He rang the buzzer and when the dispatcher asked what he needed, he told the dispatcher he had killed his wife. An officer came out to talk with him and Arroyo told him his wife’s body was in the back of his vehicle.

According to media reports Arroyo has told police they had marital problems. And that on the way home from the jail Courtney Arroyo had asked Arroyo to stop by her ex-boyfriend’s home so that she could tell him goodbye. Some reports say he headed that way, but then instead he stopped alongside the road and strangled Courtney. An autopsy has confirmed she was strangled.

According to reports Arroyo killed her in one county. But then drove to a different county looking for someone to confess to. He then drove to the third county and walked into the police station. Authorities have said he drove around more than an hour before going to the police station.

According to media the couple had met about 14 months ago. They began living together less than a year ago- and had married three months ago. Reportedly Arroyo told police that his wife was not getting the mental health treatment that she needed, and that he killed her to

    “to put her out of her misery,”

According to police he also told them

“He said once he did it, he knew he had done wrong,”   

Spouses with mental health problems are often hard to deal with at times. And getting treatment for them can be difficult especially if they do not agree to the treatment. Yet the spouse does have options. They can leave, they can refuse to remain together unless the other spouse agrees to treatment, or they can go for a divorce.

This couple had known each other for a period of months, lived together less than that and were only married 3 months ago. Surely during the time they lived together he must have realized that she had problems. And still made the decision to marry. Maybe it was too much to cope with, but separation and divorce is always option. Murder should never be an option. Walking away from an ill person may sound cruel. But walking away is better than murder.

Arroyo has said that afterwards he knew he had done wrong. But of course by then it was too late for her- and for him. Murder is an action that no matter how much you may regret it, it can’t be taken back or fixed.

He wanted to protect her

His name was “Buck”. Rodney “Buck” Young. Rodney was 18 years old. He was a football player at his high school. This would have been his last year of school, but he was a few credits short so he didn’t graduate. He told his coach that after he finished school he was considering joining the military. Without any elaboration, the coach said it was known that Buck didn’t have an “ideal” homelife. But despite that friends have said he was always smiling and kind.

Monday night at home with his mother and stepfather an argument began. Reports indicate that his stepfather was beating on his mother with a shower curtain rod. Buck tried to stop it. He confronted his stepfather Kevin Jerome Williams, 40, then after arguing he left the home.

Police say when Buck returned a short time later, Williams was waiting for him with a shotgun. Williams fired and the shot hit Buck in the thigh. A friend who was with Buck helped him to his car and they went to the friend’s home to call police.

The friend and his mother tried to control the bleeding. An ambulance arrived and took Buck to the hospital. But a short time later he was dead.

Police went to William’s home about 11:15 PM but he had fled. Police made contact with him and he agreed to turn himself in.

Kevin Jerome Williams was charged with murder for the shooting. He has also been charged with  criminal domestic violence and possession of a firearm during a violent crime. He will have a bond hearing next week.

Rodney “Buck” Young is scheduled for an autopsy.

I have not seen any information about the condition of his mother.                                      

 She was his mother. He didn’t want to see her hurt.

What struck me the most about this besides the fact that no child wants to see their parent harmed and the bravery he showed by confronting an older authority figure, was the fact that after arguing with his stepfather- he left the house. Now I don’t know why he went outside. But I do know that during periods of anger, leaving the vicinity of the other and giving yourself time to cool is often recommended as a way to help a person to keep control of themselves. Now I don’t know if that is why he left the home. But he did walk away. At 18 years old, an age known for it’s impetuousness, he showed more control over himself and his temper than a 40 year old man.