DV from around the US

I thought it would be interesting to see what various agencies are saying and doing about DV. Though I have listed a state for each, they may only represent a county or a community in that state.

Jefferson hospital to provide protection from abuse orders Penn

Support for domestic abuse victims cut Wisc

Ministry helps women who have been victims of domestic abuse Il

Domestic violence can happen to anybody Wisc

Domestic abuse led to 1 in 4 murders here NY

Tribe hosts domestic violence seminar NV

Drop in murders, battle against domestic killings linked, sheriff says SC

Domestic violence reports up after the holidays Fl

Jason Kidd Alleges Domestic Abuse NJ (it’s really about the controversey about female to male DV)

Hope Crisis Center works for victim advocacy Ne

If you see other interesting articles on DV, post the url in the comments and I would be happy to add them.


Adultery could mean life, court finds Mi

I added that one mainly because of the fact that adultery or the fear of adultery is so often the motive in DV crime.