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Tina Rene Evans, 42, and her boyfriend John Dean Bevan, 47, resided in a home with Evans’ three children ages 17, 15, and 8.

Reportedly the couple were arguing on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. And the 17 year old has said the couple split up during the argument. After the 17 year old left for work on Wednesday morning, police received a call from Bevan.

Allegedly during the call Bevan told police that he had stabbed his girlfriend. Police who responded to the home found Tina Evans in the bed, still in her pajammas with stab wounds to her chest. Police say there were no signs of struggle in the room. They are attempting to determine if she was awake when she was stabbed.

They also found Bevan at the home with reportedly “minor superficial” wounds to his chest and wrists which are believed to be self inflicted. A knife was also found at the scene.

Bevan was taken to the hospital and police say when he is released he will be booked on suspicion of murder.

During the dispute, the 15 year old and the 8 year old children were reported to have been in the basement of the home with one or more of the children’s friends. They are now with relatives, and reportedly were not aware of what happened until police arrived at the home. They were then given into the care of relatives. The children have been offered counseling services.




There are things to be thankful for here. The kids were not physically harmed, and they were not forced to witness the stabbing. They were also not forced to find their mother’s body and be the ones to call police.

Still, what a shock it must have been. At 8 am after a night when they had friends over, likely they were still asleep or had not been awake long when the police arrived. And then to awaken and find out that while they slept, their mother was killed such a short distance away. The oldest, leaving for a routine day at work, then getting the call that will change his world.

Kids this age sometimes take on unearned guilt feelings when a parent dies violently. They may know in their minds that even if they had seen what happened they could not have prevented it, but often they wish they had had a chance to try.

There were also other children in the home that morning. Children who knew both Evans and Bevan. Children who had spoken with them, probably had talked and laughed with them. They are going to be very bewildered at finding out that this could happen while they were in the home. How will this affect them and their relationships with their own parents, how fearful will they be if their parents should have a disagreement in the future?

Personally, I cannot imagine being the police officer who had to tell these kids what happened that morning.


The 911 call:  “I killed her.” “You killed who? “My girlfriend.” “How you do it?” “Stabbed.” “When you do that?” “A couple of hours ago.” Are you still there?” “Yeah, I tried to stab myself.” “Are you there now?” “Yeah.” “And you sure she’s dead?” “Yeah.”

The 8 year old told police that he heard his mother scream and went to check on her. But when he did not get a response after going to her door, he went back to sleep.


More from the 911 call. http://www.sltrib.com/utah/ci_4273835

Bevan is expected to be discharged from the hospital soon. Police say when he is discharged he will be charged with 1 st degree felony murder, domestic violence in the presence of a child, and child abuse. He is not accused of physically harming the children, but of inflicting emotional trauma.


From police show to police investigation

One employer is reported to have gotten a call from an employee Wednesday morning. Allegedly the employee Kevin Howard, 48, talked to his employer about harming his girlfriend. Some reports say that he had told him he had done something bad. The employer contacted police.

Police who responded to the home about 10:30 am on Wednesday morning, found Kevin Howard attempting to flee. They were able to get him in custody when he wrecked the vehicle he was driving.

At the home, police found 47 year old Jude Carabba dead in a hallway. Police say she had multiple stab wounds.

Kevin Howard has been charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

Neighbors have reported they heard the couple arguing recently. And one article reports the couple were breaking up.

It has also been reported that Jude Carabba was an actress and had worked as an extra in such shows as ‘NYPD Blue’.





One of the hardest things for a parent to do is to bury a child. This will be the third child  that Mary and Dr. Otto Carabba Jr. will bury.

In 1989 they lost their 18 year old son Richard in Vietnam. And in 1987 they lost their other son Otto III to a rare form of cancer.


Police say there was no recorded history of domestic violence. But the father has said that recently his daughter had said that his daughter was afraid of Howard and that “About four weeks ago, she told me he had threatened her with a knife.

According to Jude’s mother “She was a sparkler, and she was probably one of the friendliest people you would ever know.” Besides NYPD Carabba had also been in other shows such as the movie Casino, and TV programs “Law and Order”, and “The Soprano’s”.


Allegedly the couple had broken up a month ago, but Carabba returned to the home on Tuesday. Allegedly the argument was over money and led to Carabba being stabbed “all over the body, mainly the torso.

Jude Carabba was the mother of one child a 20 year old son, who just graduated from Army basic training.

It is unknown why Carabba went back to the apartment, though it is speculated that she may have gone back to retrieve some belongings as Kevin Howard was planning to move from the apartment this week.

Friends report that they had warned her to leave Howard, and that while together Howard had called her excessively at work, spent her money and yelled at her for getting a ride home from work with a male co-worker.

Jude Carabba worked under the stage name of Jude Michelle and recently gotten some new acting bits, as well as she had recently recorded an album which she hoped to market as she liked to sing blues and jazz.


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A vehicle can be a weapon

Police state that James Joseph Platte Jr., 29, assaulted his girlfriend on Sunday. Then he forced her to get in her car, and with him driving they took off. Police also state that Platte intentionally rammed a tree with the vehicle, allegedly in an attempt at a murder suicide.

After the wreck some witnesses state they heard Platte threaten his girlfriend before he fled on foot prior to emergency services arriving. The girlfriend was taken to the hospital. One article says she was treated and released and the other says that she is in critical condition.  

Police then acting on a tip Tues. morning located Platte and placed him under arrest. He could be charged with attempted murder and kidnapping.

Platte does have a prior criminal record of driving on a suspended license, assault, drug possession, larceny, and safe burglary.




Attempted murder charges were dropped against James Joseph Platte Jr. Law enforcement says that is pending some DNA testing as Platte has denied that he was driving the vehicle at the time of the crash. Platte was convicted of drug possession and sentenced to 15 years. As of 07/07 Platte was also charged with aggravated assault for an alleged assault on a cellmate in the jail.

record-eagle.com    record-eagle.com   record-eagle.com

He was a little boy

His name was Marcus, Marcus Fiesel and he was 3 years old. His was a life of labels. He was a “special needs” child. He was reported to have autism. He was reported to have ADHD. He was reported to be neglected. He was a foster child. He was reported to be a “handful”. But in reality, he was a little boy- just a little boy maybe with some problems but like any other children- he had a life ahead of him. And in his short life, he made the newspapers at least twice and his name is now known by many. But he is not here to enjoy his new found fame.

In Jan. of this year Marcus fell out of a 2 nd story window in his home. In April he was found wandering without supervision. And in April authorities removed him from that home due to adverse conditions in the home.

In the foster care system, he was placed in the home of David and Liz Carroll. This all came to the public’s attention again on Aug. 15, when the foster mother reportedly passed out in the park with Marcus and three other young children in her care. Help was quickly at her side. An ambulance was called and she was taken to the hospital, park employees and police officers took charge of her kids. Her husband was called to come to the park to pick them up. Then her husband said that Marcus was with Liz at the park, and he was missing.

Hundreds turned out to search for him. Police used dogs to try to track his movements in the park. But no trace of Marcus was found. And that was part of the puzzle, no trace was found. No one remembered a woman with 4 children in her care. No one remembered a child alone. Dogs found no trace of Marcus’ scent. The park was searched multiple times, even the area around the park was searched. After the search was formally called off, when it was felt that the area have been fully searched, people continued to go to the park to search on their own. There was no trace of Marcus.

After the search was called off, the investigation was continuing. The foster family’s movements that day were tracked, their family, friends and associates were talked to. A search was done at the foster home. The foster mother held a press conference where she begged for anyone who may have seen her in the park with 4 kids to come forward. She talked about the problems that her family had had since Marcus came up missing and the way she felt the community was treating her family negatively. And she also asked for whoever was holding Marcus to please drop him off at a hospital, newspaper office or police station. And said that they had been told that David Carroll had failed a polygraph.

The investigation turned up several things. Liz admittedly had a heart condition. David had been charged with domestic violence in June, but the charges were later dropped. It has been reported that David had bipolar disorder. And there was another adult living in the home. Reportedly David’s girlfriend lived in the home with him and his wife. (she denys living in the home but admits to staying there some). Reportedly David did not work, and the families sole income was children. They had Marcus and another foster child and they babysat for other children. They also had 4 biological children. At least one person has said that David was tired of the children.  

Marcus was found last night. A witness (some say it was the girlfriend Amy Baker) led law enforcement to his body. Allegedly the Carroll were going to a family reunion on Aug. 4 th. But instead of taking Marcus, they restrained him in a closet and left him there. And when they returned on Aug. 6, they found him dead. Reportedly David Carroll had taken his body to an isolated spot where there was the remains of an chimney from a house that had long disintegrated. And there he incinerated his body.

David and Liz Carroll have each been charged with involuntary manslaughter and two counts of child endangerment. David Carroll has also been charged with abuse of a corpse. Prosecutor’s say that more charges could be filed later. 







Family who attended the reunion have talked with media and say that Marcus’ name wasn’t mentioned there. Friends who saw the couple after the disappearance say that there was no clue from the couple’s actions. Everyone agrees, they never thought that David and Liz Carroll were capable of this. And that everyone includes the agency who placed the Marcus with the family. They say there was a lot the family didn’t report to them, and they say they were conned.

Though David and Liz Carroll have been arrested, this is far from over. The investigation is continuing. Police and prosecutors believe that more people may have known what happened. The contract agency who placed Marcus in the home is also being investigated, and all other placements they made with other children are being reviewed.

I often think of the impact that a crime in the home has on a community. And the impact here is huge. Many people became emotionally invested when the search for Marcus was being conducted. People who go to that park will remember. People who drive by the park will remember. Law enforcement and the people who searched so hard. The prosecutor at one point in the press conference sounded tearful. The foster care system procedures are being questioned. The contract agency is now being investigated. Family and friends of David and Liz Carroll and of Amy Baker are finding it difficult to believe of the people they thought they knew. Of the people they did not believe were capable of this.

One little boy. It is too late for him. But it is not too late for others in the foster care system not only in this state, but in other states. Marcus was not the first. But please, make him the last. Review the foster care systems. Fix what is broken. Make sure that children who are removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect are not victimized again, by the very system who says they are protecting them.

As the investigation continues, the emphasis will shift to blame, who did it, who knew, and who will be charged. Emphasis will go to the trials, the sentencing. Just don’t forget that Marcus was a child, a child with a potential for some type of life. A child who deserved love, care and attention. Who deserved protection from himself and others.

Scared Monkeys has been blogging about the search for Marcus and the arrests of David and Liz Carroll. You can find those posts here and here and here(the now infamous Liz left a comment on the post at the second link):

Anthropologists are studying the ashes to determine if they are actually the remains of Marcus.


Video of the foster mother’s press conference, before Marcus was found.


Prosecutors speak at a press conference, additional charges of inducing panic and false alarm against the Carroll’s, and a charge of perjury against Liz Carroll for allegedly making false statements to the Grand Jury. Prosecutor’s are expecting that they will be filing murder charges, but filed the voluntary manslaughter charge in order to be able to hold the Carroll’s.

More details about the murder. Allegedly Marcus was bound with a blanket with his hands behind his back. The blanket was secured with packing tape. He was then put into the closet. Allegedly this wasn’t the first time he had been bound with the blanket, though it was the first time he was put into the closet.

Allegedly several trips were made to the burn site, to continue the burning and then at some point the remains were gathered up and taken to the river and dumped.



There is much more in the video clips than there is in the written articles.

More details about the allegations of domestic violence and the treatment of the children in the home, came out in the custody hearing for the 4 biological children today.

Also allegations that Liz and David Carroll “have consistently failed to accurately report the number of persons living in their home (to the Clermont County Department of Job and Family Services), thus falsely receiving thousands of dollars from the government.”

A poem by L. Wilson for Marcus over at From Whispers To Roars 


What the Carroll’s were paid to provide care for Marcus? $1000 per month.



David and Liz Carroll have been indicted on 7 felony charges in Clermont Co. the county in which it is believe that Marcus lost his life. The indictments are for murder, involuntary manslaughter, kidnapping, felonious assault, and three counts of endangering children. David Carroll is also charged with gross abuse of a corpse.


Documents were given to the press about how the Carroll’s presented themselves to Lifeway. Amy Baker was one of the references they used.


Donna Trevino, mother of Marcus Fiesel has filed a lawsuit against David and Liz Carroll, Butler Co. Commissioners, Butler Co. Children’s services, Lifeway for Youth, and Amy Baker.



Pointing fingers and what can be done for prevention.


The right to sue.


18 fragile bone fragments are what have been found of what are believed to be Marcus Fiesel’s remains. Coroner O’Dell Owens says the fragments were small enough to fit in the palm of one hand. Coroner Owens says the fragments were from the wrist and orbital bones and there was enough growth plate there to determine they were from a child 3-5 years in age. Some clothing fragments and button material were also found and soil samples indicated that gasoline had been used in the burning, which matched witness statements.

Authorities are still searching the river area for any additional remains.



Coroner Owens mentioned that we should keep all of the children in mind and he discussed the case of Milton Baker, a little 7 year old boy who was allegedly beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend. Milton Baker was beaten and hospitalized shortly before the search for Marcus Fiesel was begun. He was being treated for severe head injuries and multiple fractures and it was never thought he would survive. He did later die in the hospital. Fred Johnson, 35, has been charged with the murder.


Two little boys, different homes, different circumstances, different lives. Their commonality is that both of their lives were lost due to an action or inaction of an adult who was supposed to be responsible for their care.


One step being taken is that the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts is compiling a database of the names of foster parents so that if they are arrested in Hamilton County their names will be tagged and a notification can be made.


That is a good first step toward the protection of children in Hamilton Co. The irony is that Marcus was placed by Butler Co. and resided in Clermont Co. The article doesn’t indicate if the foster parent names they are collecting are only residents of Hamilton Co., placements made by Hamilton Co. (as an example- in foster care placements made by Hamilton Co. the foster care parents may actually reside in another county as Marcus did) or whether foster care parents who are taking foster children from other counties are being included.


Amy Baker will be in court on Monday for a custody hearing to try to regain her children. Children’s protective services state that the Carroll’s and Baker subjected their children to domestic violence. It is reported that Baker is now jobless and homeless.

wcpo.com                          news.enquirer.com

A former Butler County ombudsman speaks out about the Butler County Children’s Protective Services Board. According to her, during her employment she made a number of suggestions for changes to the board, and to her knowledge none of them were ever implemented.

A Reverend representing the board made the statement “Marcus Fiesel will not be the last child to die in Butler County.”

wcpo.com                         news.enquirer.com

The Reverend’s statement at first raised my anger. But he does have a point. No matter how careful the checks on persons applying to be foster parent, some things do not change. People do lie for their own benefit. So even a careful check of the person’s background may fail to reveal certain things about the person, because the agency doesn’t know to look (reportedly the medical submitted by the Carroll’s did not reveal that David Carroll had bipolar disorder). And no matter how clean the record, people do sometimes change or react badly over stressers in their life. There have been many lives lost in domestic situations from persons who were thought to be good parents, good husbands, all round good persons.

However, there are many things an agency can do. Through research on the background of the applicants  along with a prompt response to complaints, a prompt response to calls for respite for the foster parents, and a good system of checks and balances (which should be ongoing) for the foster home would help. Unannounced visits to the foster home. Better communication with the courts and other agencies who might come into contact with the foster parents.


The custody hearing for Amy Baker’s children has been continued until next month. Reportedly the children are now being cared for by a court appointed legal guardian. Reportedly the hearing was continued because her husband Brian is wants a separate attorney for the case. The case has been continued until next month.



Information on the birth mother, Marcus and his siblings were removed from her twice. In court hearings over the last removal the attorney for the birth mother told the court that Trevino did want her other children back, but that she did not want Marcus.


Liz Carroll’s murder trial is set for Jan. 22 in Clermont Co. and she has another hearing due in Hamilton County for the charges she is facing there.

David Carroll’s trial is also in Clermont Co. in February, he is also being tried in Hamilton Co. for the other charges.



I seemed to have missed this before. It seems that prior to the gag order, a defense attorney made an allegation that Amy Baker may have had a major role  with the murder.



David and Liz Carroll were not present at the hearings in Hamilton Co. on the charges of inducing panic, making false reports and perjury. But their attorneys were. They are petitioning the court requesting a change of venue and other motions.

Hearings on those motions will be held on Oct. 30 and 31 for David Carroll and Nov. 1 and 2 for Liz Carroll.


I just hope the judge will keep in mind that the publicity on the case began when the Carroll’s requested help finding a child they knew wasn’t missing, and most of the media attention didn’t really begin until after Liz Carroll’s press conference. In other words, they requested the attention from the community. Now allow the community to follow through.  


Prosecutors have said that Marcus was bound with the blanket before, but did not elaborate. Now they are saying “It became fairly routine for them to tie up Marcus with tape and a blanket and leave him in a closet while they did their daily chores,” “They also inflicted severe discipline on him.”

The bones that remained were so small and had been burned, Brown County Coroner has stated that it is questionable whether they will be able to obtain any DNA from them. Hamilton County is doing the testing and the report is expected sometime this week. However, Hamilton County Coroner has stated that DNA should not be a determining factor in the case, as there is a witness. And that some factors in her account have been proven, such as that gasoline was used in burning his body.


Donna Trevino is going back to court to obtain custody of her other two biological children. The magistrate has ruled the hearing will be open to the public.



Dated Oct. 5   According to Amy Baker’s father,  the way that Amy Baker met the Carroll’s was when Clermont County approved Liz Carroll as the day care provider for Amy Baker’s children. Reportedly Brown Cty. also later approved the couple.


Dated Oct. 13  The “star witness” Amy Baker was arrested in Brown Cty the last week of Sept. Allegedly she was drinking with a teen at the Brown Cty Fair. She was arrested and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.


What I find especially interesting about those two articles, is that the first article is dated Oct. 5 and doesn’t mention the arrest at the Brown Cty fair which ended on the previous Sat. Sept. 30. Amy Baker’s father had said in the article that Amy was not doing well, I wonder if that was part of it.


Liz Carroll has been ruled competent to stand trial in both Clermont Co. and Hamilton Co. Courts.

news.enquirer.com                          news.cincinnati.com


The transcript to Liz Carroll’s Grand Jury testimony. In it she first tells the original story, then she appears to basically admits to the present allegations. She also made some allegations against Amy Baker.

wcpo.com (this is a .pdf document)

Though Carroll does appear to have made allegations about Baker, I do have to caution. Carroll did give two versions of what happened to the court, and both could not be true. So that should be considered when reading about the other allegations that she made.


Liz Carroll’s attorney again asking for a change of venue. He is alleging that the media coverage of the Grand Jury testimony have made it impossible for Carroll to get a fair trial in Clermont County.

There is an interesting story about how the testimony came to be released to the media.

The Carroll’s are alleged to have wrapped Marcus Fiesel in a blanket and left him alone for a day and a half or two days while they went out of state. That is alleged to have occurred in Clermont County. David Carrolll is alleged to have taken the child’s body to Brown County and burned his body to ashes. Then Liz Carroll is alleged to have gone to a park in Hamilton and starting the chain of events that resulted in Marcus Fiesel being reported missing.

Because part of the alleged illegal actions happened in Clermont County and part in Hamilton County and part in Brown County, the trial was split with some charges being tried in Hamilton Co. and some charges being filed in Clermont Co.

As part of a defense strategy, the defense counsel in Hamilton Co. made a motion to the court to have Liz Carroll’s Grand Jury testimony thrown out. As a result, the Grand Jury testimony was entered into the public record.

Now the Clermont Co. defense is saying that the release of the Grand Jury testimony has prejudiced his client’s case and that she cannot get a fair trial in Clermont Co. Prosecution attorneys of course refute that. There is a gag order on the case in Clermont Co. but not in Hamilton Co.


Personally, I came across this case following Liz Carroll’s public plea for information to find Marcus. Not because of the Grand Jury testimony. And I don’t live in either Hamilton Co. or Clermont Co. After it came to my attention I have followed the case and read many of the articles on it.

But I would hope that even after reading it, I would be able to still follow a trial, and make a judgement as to guilt or innocence based on what I heard in the trial testimony, since I tend to forget details a short while after I read them. Nor do I believe that I or anyone else would be likely to ignore evidence presented at trial, whether it was presented by the prosectution or the defense. And I don’t believe that I am the only person with that capability.

But I don’t live in Hamilton or Clermont County. So maybe they will bring the trial to my county. Maybe I could sit on jury. I could be fair!

Defense attorneys are supposed to work in their clients best interests. As the Hamilton County attorney put forth the motion which resulted in the Grand Jury testimony being placed in the public record, then maybe they should be looking at him as to whether he was working in his client’s best interest.

But his choice of a defense strategy and the Carroll’s decision to go with public statements over the disappearance of Marcus Fiesel should not prejudice the public’s right to a fair hearing and trial of the accused before a jury of their peers-  the same peers whose assistance they requested when they were allegedly attempting to cover up his murder.


Both Clermont County and Hamilton County have ruled to allow the Grand Jury testimony. Hamilton County is also allowing the press conference in which Liz Carroll pleaded for help in finding Marcus to be entered into evidence.

wcpo.com    middletownjournal.com   news.enquirer.com


Extensive coverage on the case, several of the TV stations have devoted special sections of their site to the trials of Liz Carroll and David Carroll and the search for justice for Marcus Fiesel’s death. In those sections will be extensive trial coverage.

Local 12 Live streaming video coverage, as well as community discussion.

WCPO Live streaming video coverage, as well as blogging the trial.

Channel 5 Live streaming video coverage as well as blogging the trial.

The crime was horrific, the trial will be difficult. May God be with the jurors as they listen to the evidence and testimony and bring justice for Marcus.

One of our own Bloggers who did extensive blogging on the Ricky Holland case will also be blogging the trial in The End of the Story


State of Ohio vs. Liz Carroll The witnesses were heard, the evidence viewed. And a verdict has been reached.

On the charge of murder, the verdict is guilty. On the charge of manslaughter, the verdict is guilty. On the charge of kidnapping, the verdict is guilty. On the charge of felonious assault, guilty. On the three charges of endangering children, guilty. Sentencing to be held tomorrow.

wcpo.com                     wlwt.com          local12.com         


During the sentencing phase more information came out about the defendant and allegations as to the  treatment of the children in the home. Liz Carroll spoke and denied all charges. The judge noted her lack of remorse for Marcus during the proceedings.

Sentencing: murder 15- life                                          manslaughter 10 years to be served concurrently    kidnapping 10 years to be served consecutively           felonious assault 8 years to be served consecutively                                                                     child endangerment 2 counts 8 years, one count is 5 years- to be served consecutively                   

concurrent means the time is to be served at the same time as other charges, consecutively means that the time is to be added on and to be served after the time for the other charges has been exhausted. Total 54 years to life.                    

wlwt.com          wcpo.com


David Carroll entered a plea of guilty. The judge requested a statement about the events from him and in that statement he stated that he was present when Marcus was bound in the blanket. He also alleged that Amy Baker is more involved than what is known. He also alleged that Amy Baker threatened him and his family if they called the police and said that Amy Baker is the one who came up with the story about the disappearance and they went along.

The prosecutor pointed out that according to both Liz Carroll’s and Amy Baker’s statements, David Carroll is the only  one of the three who showed any concern for Marcus after they left.

The judge sentenced 15 years to life for the murder and 1 year for the gross abuse of a corpse.

wlwt.com                                                           wcpo.com 

local12.com                              news.comunitypress.com



Nathan Patrick, 26, is alleged to have broken into his girlfriend’s apartment, then calling her and making threats to kill her and himself.

Police are looking for him. They say he is wanted for charges of burglary, harrassment, stalking, and violation of a protection order.

Reportedly Reeves was already on probation for another case with the same victim.

Reeves is described as 6′” and 170 lbs. with brown hair and blue eyes. Anyone who knows information on him is asked to contact police.


I found an interesting article the other day about a study the FBI did on stalking in 2002. Stalking Study They define stalking 

Many different definitions of stalking exist in the literature with most defining the practice as including a pattern of harassing or menacing behaviors linked with a threat. (4) The first national study defined stalking as “… a course of conduct directed at a specific person that involves repeated visual or physical proximity; nonconsensual communication; verbal, written, or implied threats; or a combination thereof that would cause fear in a reasonable person (with repeated meaning on two or more occasions).”

The article lists a lot of behavior to expect with stalking and makes the point that for a stalker, attention is the goal. If they cannot get good attention, they will accept negative attention. The article is about stalkers in general, but does touch on stalking as related to domestic violence issues.

Finally, the third group of stalkers, those having a simple obsession, included approximately 47.5 percent of those studied, 80 percent of whom were male. Generally, they were socially immature and unable to develop lasting relationships. The study found that such stalkers possibly exhibited traits that could include extreme jealousy, insecurity, paranoia, and feelings of helplessness and powerlessness. These stalkers frequently were in relationships with their objects when those associations deteriorated or terminated, generally had an emotional attachment to their victims, and were unable to let the relationship end. If they could not restore those ties, they may have sought retribution or attempted to ensure that no one replaced them in their objects’ affections. Simple obsessional stalkers also were more likely to harm their victims or their victims’ properties. They also were willing to do whatever was necessary to achieve their goals. Substance abuse also was common. Ninety-seven percent of this group made threats, while 30 percent actually carried them out. Such stalking instances may be more short-lived than those in the other two categories.

But here is what I found most interesting:

Recent research in Colorado suggested that law enforcement officers may not recognize the link between domestic violence and stalking and the extent to which stalking may precede such episodes of abuse. This research found that 1 in 6, or 16.5 percent, of domestic violence crime reports contained evidence that the suspect had stalked the victim prior to the present occurrence of domestic violence. Officers typically used charges of harassment or violations of restraining orders, even though evidence existed in the case files to support requesting stalking charges.

Interestingly enough, Nathan Patrick is wanted for stalking among other charges. And he is from Colorado. So maybe they have made changes.

But that is something to keep in mind, if you are ever in a situation where you believe you are being stalked. If law enforcement doesn’t talk about stalking charges, maybe it would be a good idea to ask, whether you live in Colorado or another state.


It’s an excellent article and easy reading. I have also posted the study in the Domestic Violence links to the left.

Courts and Domestic Violence

I found an interesting article out of Kansas discussing the way domestic violence cases are treated.

Kansas is one of the states that has a law that says if an officer sees evidence of domestic violence they are required to make an arrest. But what happens after that point advocates say can differ from county to county. Prosecutors say that several factors can influence whether a case will go to court. Some of those influences are the back and forth nature of the relationships, the ‘potential’ for intimidation of the victim, and a law that requires police to make arrests whether the case is strong enough to prosecute or not.

Records show that in 2005 in Douglas County there were more than 300 arrests made for domestic battery. Only 146 of those cases made it to court. Of those 146 cases about 1/3 ended up being dismissed. One prosecutor said that there must be something wrong with that number, as he has already filed almost that many in the first 6 mos. of this year.

At least one advocate indicated that she felt that some areas were still treating DV as a relationship issue that needed to be dealt with privately and more of an interpersonal issue than crime. At least one prosecutor has admitted that they may not be adept at handling these types of cases yet, and that part of the problem may be that the traditional courts are not set up to deal with these types of issues but that some areas have set up domestic violence courts.  And at least one prosecutor made this statement:  “There are cases where we will see that it is in the best interests of the state and the victim to not proceed with the case — that there have been enough remedial measures put into place that we feel it isn’t appropriate to go forward,” he said. “If you look at property crime or other person crimes, you’re not dealing with an ongoing relationship of people. … If the continued prosecution of the matter has the effect of destroying a good or a viable relationship that somebody made mistakes during, that’s contrary to our goals.”


Although this article is out of Kansas, I am not really pointing at any one state or county. Many states and counties in the country have the problems and issues.

Many places have attempted to resolve the problems by setting up special courts to deal with domestic violence cases. Domestic violence courts are able to work with the victims closer, and often are better at involving the domestic violence agencies. And by specializing they become more acclimated to the special needs and issues in a domestic violence case. But not all areas have the means for a special court. I believe some areas may solve that by providing an advocate to go to court with the victims. But in some areas that is left up to the domestic violence agencies- and they don’t always give referrals to the domestic violence agencies or stress the need for it.

Still in my opinion, if a prosecutor is going to make a judgement on whether or not to prosecute a case or a judge is going to sit in judgement on a case- whether it is domestic violence or my other pet peeve- sexual abuse- you would think they would make the effort to educate themselves about the issues involved. They are specialized crimes, and they do have special issues that need to be addressed…. in court as well as in the community and with law enforcement

It is an excellent article and I encourage everyone to read it.

Hidden in the baby wipes

Police say that Solomon Stinson’s neighbors heard arguing about 2 am on Monday. Then they heard two shots and more voices. Looking out their window they saw a man in the street.

Police say that they found 29 year old Solomon Stinson dead from a gunshot wound. They believe that he was in his garage or driveway when he was shot, then ran towards the street where he collapsed. Police have said that Solomon’s wife and 2 year old and 8 year old children were in the house sleeping at the time of the shooting. The wife allegedly indicated to police that Stinson was not at home when she went to bed.

Police say they have now found the murder weapon. According to the police report that was read in court “[The gun] was located in a plastic bag with disposable baby wipes in a drawer under the bed,” “The gun that they found under the bed has been ballistically tied into shots that killed this man.” 

Police arrested Noni Stinson, 28, for the murder. She has had her first court appearance and bond was denied, as she is considered to be a flight risk.

Police say they will hold a news conference Monday to discuss the charges.




Why do people think that police won’t go so far as to search a child’s items? I hope that baby never learns that it’s mother hid the gun used to kill his/her father was hidden in one of it’s care items.

A long hard path

Police say that Richard Thompson, 42, seemed calm when he called in to 911 about 6:30 am on Aug. 18. They say he spoke in a monotone when he told them that he and his wife had gotten into a fight. He also allegedly told them that his wife was cheating on him and that she had said she was going to leave him. And reportedly he also said that he had choked her and that she was dead. He also told them that he had tried to revive her, but couldn’t bring her back. While talking on the phone with dispatchers, allegedly a woman pulled up to pick up Wendy Thompson, 40, and take her to work. Thompson allegedly took time out from his conversation with dispatchers to tell the woman that his wife wouldn’t be going to work that day. Reportedly Thompson also told dispatchers that he and his wife had been together since the eighth grade and they had two sons together ages 18 and 21.

The coroner has said that Wendy Thompson was most likely dead for at least 5 hours before the 911 call. That she probably died between 9 pm on the 17 th and 1 am on the 18 th. They have reported she was strangled with hands and a belt. Reportedly Thompson told police that he and his wife had had consenual sex before her death, but police indicated in court documents that they may have evidence of rape. And Thompson told police that he called his brother and confessed to him before calling 911. But police are not saying what else he did in that 5 hours.

Reportedly court records show that in 2002 Thompson pled guilty to domestic violence against Wendy Thompson and spent 30 days in jail. The family has said that she had been dominated by her husband for years. But they say that she loved him and wanted to work it out with him. And they believe that in some weird way he loved her too.

Thompson has been charged with domestic violence and murder, and the investigation is continuing.




Doctors will tell you that holding on to bitterness and anger will harm you physically. Psychiatrists will tell you that it will harm your mental health. And the Bible says that you must learn to forgive. And this family says they want to forgive. But right now they have many emotions to go through. Shock, anger, grief, loss, and probably some confusion.

After all, the man who killed Wendy Thompson wasn’t a stranger. He was the man their sister was married to. The man their sister forgave. The father of their nephews. And a man who had been a part of their family for years.

From what I read I believe this family will forgive him eventually. But it can be a long hard road to forgiveness, and a lot of emotions to go through first.

A normal routine

A 31 year old unnamed woman went to pick up her child from the babysitter’s Wed. Now a single parent, she had been estranged from her husband for several months.

Allegedly on the same street, Treavor Lee Smith, husband to the woman and father of the child sat and waited. Allegedly when the wife arrived, Smith, 40, rammed her car hitting her on the drivers side door. Then he has been accused of chasing her, choking her, and viciously beating her with his fists.

A passing police officer was flagged down by a bystander. When he arrived, reportedly there was a crowd. As he approached, a man “covered in blood” walked by him. He ordered the man to stop but he failed to do so, and the officer drew his weapon and ordered the man to get on the ground. The man complied.

The un-named woman was taken to the hospital with a suspected head injury. Her condition was upgraded today from critical to stable.

Treavor Smith has been arrested on the charge of attempted murder and is being held without bond. The investigation is continuing and police say additional charges are possible.



We often don’t think of the vulnerability of a relationship gone violent. No one knows their routine better than the other partner. They know where they work, where they park, where they shop, where their friend’s and families live, where the children go to school or the sitter, and any other place they are likely to go- and the routes they will take to get there.

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