If he couldn’t have her

Mosetta Peters, 21, was a single mother of a 3 year old daughter. She had been involved in a relationship with Revelle Loving, 20, but that had ended and she moved on.

Police say there was a history of stalking and abuse in the relationship with Loving. In Aug. of 2005 Loving faced charges of assault against Peters. But a systems change coordinator for the Coalition of Battered Women has said that charge was set aside by a “continuance for dismissal” meaning that the charge would be held for a year and see what happened before ruling.

Later in Aug. 2005 Loving was again charged with assault against Peters. The system coordinator says that should have ended the continuance. But it didn’t. “I believe it was inappropriate. The continuance should have been revoked right there,” “She did everything right. She had gotten away from somebody who was abusive, but it didn’t help. … There wasn’t a recognition (by authorities) that she was in more danger.” The second assault charge was still pending.

There are also reports that Peters contacted various police departments on three other complaints accusing Loving of assaulting her. And at one point he allegedly “trashed” her apartment. Allegedly he had made repeated threats against her, and recently threatened that if he could not have her, no one could.

Nevertheless, Peters attempted to move on. She began a relationship with 18-year-old JaNaurri Allen. And allegedly there were problems of a fight between Allen and Loving and at one point Allen’s car was vandalized.

Jan. 16 Mosetta Peters and JaNaurri Allen were at her apartment and allegedly fled to a relatives apartment. It was in the parking lot of that apartment building that police say witnesses saw a man with a gun running to or shooting at the couple’s car and at least one person saw a man shooting into the car. Police say they recovered shell casings from a rife and a handgun from the scene. Allegedly the gunman also shot at one of the witnesses. Both Mosetta Peters and JaNaurri Allen were shot and died from their wounds.

Police have taken Loving into custody and say they are looking for at least two other persons in connection with the shootings. Police did take two other people into custody, but they have since been released.

Revelle Loving has been initially charged with 2 nd degree murder. But the county attorney plans to take the case to the Grand Jury in hopes of upgrading the charges.

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She tried. She left an abusive relationship. She filed charges and she followed through on the charges. And when that did not help she continued to ask for assistance. And somehow the system broke down.

Going to court is confusing. It is hard to know what to tell the court, sometimes it can be hard to get the court to hear what is involved. And it is hard to know what agencies and services can be utilized to help.

Going to a shelter is the best option. But not everyone will follow through on that. But even if not planning on a stay at a shelter, the domestic violence agencies can help in other ways. They can often provide advocacy with the court. They can help in presenting the situation to the needed services. They can help with a safety plan, to increase the chances of successfully and safely leaving the relationship. So even if not planning to use a shelter, make contact with that agency- and keep in contact.          


Loving charged with two counts of 2 nd degree murder. No other arrests have been made.