The Irate Ex

A 911 came in on Tues. AM and reported that Elena Anderson’s “irate ex-boyfriend” was in her apartment.

Elena Anderson, 27, had a previous relationship with Deandre Crawford, 28. They shared an 18month old son. But the relationship ended and both moved on to new relationships.

Elena Anderson had a boyfriend, and they too had a child, this time a little girl just born Dec. 24. In addition Elena Anderson had two other children from a previous relationship and those children live with their father. Elena Anderson’s current boyfriend moved in with her just 3 months ago. Elena Anderson grew up in the 4 unit apartment building she lived in, and three of the four units were occupied by her relatives.

Reports indicate that Crawford and Anderson had recently had problems over the custody of their little boy. News reports indicate that on Tues. Crawford got a ride to Anderson’s apartment. Police believe that Elena Anderson let Crawford into the apartment as there was no forced entry.

A second call came in reporting a shooting at the apartment. Police have said that Elena Anderson and her current boyfriend both made calls.

It is believed that Elena Anderson and Crawford were arguing when the current boyfriend walked in on it. Crawford chased the current boyfriend into a bedroom firing 5 shots. The current boyfriend was struck in the face and chest. It is believed that Crawford then went back to the living room and fired at Elena Anderson striking her in the chest. Reportedly Crawford then fled the home.

When police arrived they found Elena Anderson and her current boyfriend shot. Elena Anderson was able to tell them that

“My oldest baby’s daddy, Deandre Crawford, shot me in the chest,”

According to the prosecutor, Crawford walked about a block from the apartment and was allegedly picked up by his current girlfriend.

Elena Anderson and the current boyfriend were both taken to the hospital where Elena Anderson later was pronounced dead. The current boyfriend has been reported in critical condition and is reported to be paralyzed from the waist down. The children were in the apartment in a bedroom at the time of the shooting, but were reported to be unharmed.

Police were able to locate Crawford and take him into custody, He has been charged with one count each of murder in the first degree and attempted murder. Bail was denied at his arraignment hearing.

“Custody Issues.” Somehow I always find that term ironic in domestic deaths. If convicted he won’t get custody of his son now, he won’t even get additional time with him. As a matter of fact, if the child is in need of his assistance- he won’t be available for him. Many times the term “custody issues” is used to describe disputes over child support. And the shooting may settle that. He won’t have to pay child support to Elena Anderson now, he won’t be paying anyone support. His child will be growing up motherless, and essentially fatherless. Dependent on other family and/or possibly the state for his support.

Two children in the home, reported as being ages 18 months and just over one month old. Most likely they heard the raised voices, most likely the sounds of shooting scared them. They are too young to know that their lives have changed. Too young to know that they will never see the woman they knew as Mom again, to young to even remember what it felt like to have a mother. Two other children will remember. Most likely they will both remember the last time they saw her, talked to her. But now she is forever gone for them also.

Crawford reportedly worked in a hospital escorting patients and he was also attending college. He was majoring in Criminal Justice.

Everyone is Entitled to an Attorney

Andrew L. Boisvert, 37, and Margaret “Meg” Ninos, 47, used to be a couple. Though their marriage did not last, they did share a daughter in common. Both were in helping professions, with Ninos a nurse and Boisvert a paramedic. But after a few years they divorced about 3 years ago. Boisvert has since remarried and Ninos had a boyfriend. According to at least one report they two had a disagreement about custody issues and had planned to meet on Wed. to discuss the issue.

Investigators say that at one point Margaret Ninos had a restraining order on Boisvert. But her boyfriend who she had reportedly been dating for a year says

“I didn’t know that. I wish I had known that,” said Ninos’ boyfriend, Paul Tibets, of Medfield. “She never put (Boisvert) in a bad light. That’s the type of person she is. He had a very bad temper. They said he could be volatile at times. There were numerous incidents between the two of them where he abused her.”

Wednesday night police say they got a call from Boisvert. And they say the 7 year old daughter was in the vicinity when he called. When police arrived at the home they found the body of Margaret Ninos. They report she had suffered fatal head wounds and have said it was an extemely violent attack. Police haven’t said if the child was home at the time of her mother’s death.

Boisvert was interviewed Wed. night and into Thurs. AM. But he was released. Boisvert was seen Thurs. evening but hasn’t been seen since. Police have since named him as a suspect in the death of Margaret Ninos. Police say

“We were gathering pretty strong evidence. How he became aware of that, how much he perceived what we had, might have affected the way he proceeded,”

It is reported that Boisvert may be driving a black 1998 Jeep Wrangler. The Wrangler had a Mass. license plate 781-KLO. Now the odd thing about the Wrangler is that it reportedly belongs to an attorney who had previously represented Boisvert in a bankruptcy hearing. Police also report the attorney and Boisvert have a “personal” relationship.

Police have said that Boisvert may be armed with at least one weapon and they say they believe he could be dangerous. They are asking that if you see him, that you should report to police but not to approach him. A warrant has been issued for Boisvert’s arrest. Boisvert is described as 5’5″, 180 lbs. Brown hair and brown eyes. Police say he may have a cut on his head and may be wearing glasses.

Police say the child is in a safe place. Family members have said the child was not at home when her mother died. They report she has been told her Mother is dead, but not how she died or that her father is thought to be involved. Reportedly after police arrived her father sent her to a neighbors home to stay during the investigation. (picture at link) (picture at link) (friends and family talk about memories)   

Everyone is entitled to an attorney. But not every attorney will supply a vehicle.


Andrew L. Boisvert has been found. A rest stop employee in NC first located the vehicle he was driving. Then Andrew Boisvert was found after he apparently committed suicide. Authorities say he did leave a suicide note in which he stated that he was wanted for murder but said it wasn’t an admission.

The DA has given more details into what was known about the death of Margaret (Meg) Ninos. A witness reportedly saw Boisvert near the home of Meg Ninos earlier in the day, but wearing different clothing than he was wearing later. It is believed that after beating Meg Ninos to death that Boisvert cleaned up, and then went to the bus stop to pick his daughter up. He took her to a movie, then stopped at a convience store. It was after that that he called police. Durning a search of his truck, police found bloody clothing.

Police believe that financial and other “family issues” led up to the murder.  

Special Request from the CCB

I have a special request from fellow CCB member Crime Scene Blog. He has written about an endangered missing child Mary Elizabeth Nunes. I would like to join CSB and the CCB in asking that my readers please click over, read the story and memorize the pictures related to this abduction. No matter what country you might be living in, you may have information related to this and not even be aware of it.

Missing: Mary Elizabeth Nunes

Parental Instinct

As a parent most of us have instincts to protect our children. And when families split, sometimes that protective instinct can be aroused when another adult moves into an intimate position in the household and in the children’s lives.

Willie Tarpley Jr., 46,  and his wife Jacqueline Tarpley had just split up recently. They are the parents of two children ages 3 and 14 months. According to what family has told media, the two had been married for more than 20 years but they had been planning to split up for a while.

Jacqueline Tarpley had found a new boyfriend Lee Alexander, 25.

Willie Tarpley reportedly found his wife’s boyfriend on the sex offender database. And he rushed over to his wife’s home.

When he arrived he is alleged to have picked up a katana (I am also seeing the term samauri used) sword from a collection of weapons in the garage of the home where he used to live.

He then entered the home and allegedly told Jacqueline Tarpley not to not to defend Alexander. He is then alleged to have held the sword against Alexander’s throat and threatening to cut his head off if he didn’t leave. Alexander agreed to leave the home and went out and got into his car. But in backing out of the driveway, Alexander struck the car belonging to Willie Tarpley.

Allegedly Tarpley walked up to Alexander’s car and plunged the sword through the window of Alexander’s car. Alexander opened the car door and attempted to run but collapsed a short ways away. Lee Alexander died from his wounds.

Tarpley allegedly told a neighbor that he used the sword to emphasize a point and that he was not aware that he had stabbed Alexander.

About the previous convictions:

According to all reports Lee Alexander was still in his teens in 2000 when he was convicted of a lewd act on a child under the age of 16. He was sentenced to 3 months of community supervision time, but no prison time.

Both Willie Tarpley and Jacqueline Tarpley had previous convictions also. Allegedly Willie Tarpley pleaded guilty to charges of domestic violence and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in 2006. 

And allegedly both Jacqueline and Willie Tarpley pleaded guilty to the  sexual torture of a 21 year old woman in 1987. Both were sentenced to 20 years and both were released from prison early and in 2001 they were released from probation. However, both are registered sex offenders.  

It is both parents responsibility to protect a child. But it is also a parents job to do it responsibly. I actually recommend doing checks on anyone who comes in contact with children. But if you find something negative- handle it responsibly and legally. If for instance it is the sitter or the sitter’s family- you change sitters and have your children checked.

For the date of a spouse that is a bit more difficult. First if they are on the sex offender list- check to see if they are violating any terms by being around your child. Take your child to the doctor and have them checked. If they aren’t violating any conditions or if the problem is a violent criminal history then speak with the spouse, see if they will remedy it and if not then take the information to an attorney.

Another thing to address, is occasionally someone will find that their spouse is doing something illegal or harmful to their children. Don’t confront them directly. For your safety and theirs, take it to authorities and let them confront the spouse. Stay in a safe place until that is done.

National Sex Offender Database

His Son

Investigators have told the media they believe that Brenda Hewey Barnum, 34, left her husband Jacob R. Smith, 34, more than a year ago (some reports say several months) and moved in with Mark Bamford, 44, and his wife and four children. They believe that her son Matthew Smith, 11 (though some reports say 10), moved in at a later date. It is believed he may have been living with his father during part of that time.

Prosecutors have said that they have heard that Smith had been having some mental and physical health problems recently, but that they are still investigating that issue. Neighbors have said they had heard that Brenda Hewey Barnum was planning to take out a protection order against her husband.

Fri. afternoon it is believed that Jacob Smith showed up and wanted to see his son. He was refused and reportedly left. Then it is believed that he returned and forced his way into the home. He reportedly shot Brenda Hewey Barnum, and Mark Bamford’s family fled from the home. At some point Smith allegedly shot Mark Bamford and took his own son hostage.

Police responded to the report of a domestic dispute with shots fired. They found 7 people in the garage of the home. Police entered the home which was still occupied by the shooter and removed the victims who had been shot. One victim was found in the doorway of the home, one inside the home. Mark Bamford and Brenda Hewey Barnum were taken to the hospital, neighbors later heard that Brenda Hewey Barnum had died.

A standoff then occurred with police negotiators unsuccessfully attempting to talk Smith out of the home. About 4 hours later, the couple’s son Matthew Smith walked out of the home at 9:25 pm. He had also been shot. When police entered the home they found Jacob Smith dead from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police say they fired no shots in the incident.

Mark Bamford and Matthew Smith are both reported as being in critical condition.

Family is now talking about what led up to the shooting. Family says that Smith was abusive to both Brenda Hewey Barnum and to their son Matthew

“He’s done a lot of things, but whenever they went to court, he always got out of it”

Brenda Hewey Barnum had left Smith several years ago and had moved in with the Bamford’s last fall. Last week Matthew had told his mother that his father had bought a gun. The same day as the shooting she called her father and told him that she had won custody of Matthew.  

Matthew had been stabbed as well as being shot. He is listed as critical but stable condition. Family says they have been told he may survive. Mark Bamford is listed in stable condition.                               

Thanks to Jules, we have more information.

Brenda Hewey-Barnum and Jake Smith split up in 1996 when Matthew was 8 months old. During that time Hewey-Barnum filed 2 domestic violence petitions against Smith.

In a 1998 murder trial of a boyfriend being tried for killing his wife, she testified as to drug usage by herself and the defendant.

She remarried in 1999, and in a court hearing she alleged that Smith threatened to kill her and made harrassing phone calls.

Smith filed a petition during 1999 requesting that Hewey Barnum be given supervised visitation 

“because of her ongoing problem with alcohol and/or illegal drugs.”

In 2001 Hewey Barnum again filed a petition with the court alleging conversations with her son which indicated that Smith might have plans to kill her.

The article does not mention the purpose or disposition of the above court hearings and petitions.                      

Autopsy results show that Brenda Hewey Barnum died of a gunshot wound to the chest.                           

More details about the events that occurred that day.