A Request for Help

Police received a call on Sunday about 4 am. They say the person who called requested help and said they had been stabbed. When asked who had stabbed them, the caller responded “my Dad.”

When police responded to the address they found  Johni Brand, 45, and her two children with multiple stab injuries. Allegedly David Larprade, 54, had stabbed them then had cut himself. Police say all 4 had life threatening injuries.

All four were taken to the hospital. Police have plans to charge Larprade with attempted murder and domestic violence.

The case is still being investigated. No information has been released as to the condition of the victims or the children’s ages.

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The two girls involved are ages 14 and 17 years old. One is the stepdaughter of Laprade, the other was his daughter.

All were taken to hospitals and admitted in critical condition, but doctors now say that all are expected to survive. Police have not been able to interview them because of their conditions.



David Laprade has been arrested and a grand jury has issued indictments for three counts of attempted murder and three counts of domestic violence.



Thanks to Kimberly we have an update on the case. In Aug. of 2007 David Laprade pleaded guilty to three counts of attempted murder. The plea deal was arranged so that the young girls would not have to testify in court. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison.