Off Duty

Jennifer Jacobs, 30, had a lot to be proud of. She had been a police officer and then went on to become a state trooper. And like others who wear the uniform, likely she was very proud of the uniform, the accomplishment, and what it represented. Fellow co-workers have said “She was always helpful, energetic; no task was to menial for her. She was just one of those employees. She was a pleasure to work with.” And they said she loved her job.

But more than the job, she had another role to be proud of.  She was the mother of three children. Two children from a previous relationship, one child from her most recent marriage.

Ferral Scott Jacobs, 36, was the father of her three year old child, but their marriage had ended recently. Neighbors who knew both liked both of them. One said “They were nice neighbors. I wouldn’t ask for anybody to be any better. I’m telling the truth,” and another said “Mr. Jacobs was a fine man as far as I know. I liked him.”

Jennifer Jacobs died Thursday night. She was not killed in a traffic stop, not a hostage standoff situation and not apprehending a felon. She was off duty and being a mother.

Jennifer Nelson had gone to the home of her ex-husband to pick up her children when a dispute developed. Allegedly Scott Nelson used a handgun to shoot her and then pulled the trigger on himself. Police officers say the dispute was over the divorce and custody issues of the youngest child.

Law enforcement was alerted to the shooting by a 911 call. When they arrived they found Jennifer Jacobs dead, Scott Jacobs injured. Scott Jacobs was taken to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The children are now with relatives.                                                  

Law enforcement is traditionally a male occupation, though the number of females choosing law enforcement as a career is increasing. But to succeed in law enforcement, to even pass the courses- you have to be smart and capable of being tough. She succeeded and did it well enough to gain the approval of her fellow officers. She chose and was succeeding at a career that is frequently acknowledged as being dangerous.

Yet you don’t expect to need to be tough at home, with family or even with ex-family members. She was off duty and taking care of her responsibilities as a mother.

Custody and child support issues get heated, usually on both sides. In general if in a relationship with someone controlling or prone to violence, often those issues can best be discussed over the telephone.

Domestic violence can and does show up in nice families, with nice people, smart and tough people.


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