She was scared

Sonia Long was soon to be a single mother. During the marriage to her husband Anthony D. Long, 32, he reportedly disappeared from the home for periods of time and the marriage was allegedly “strained.” Mrs. Long had filed for divorce. Two months ago she had a child with another man. Her birthday was on Wed., she was 32 years old and she was living in a domestic violence shelter.

Last week she had filed for a restraining order against her estranged husband. According to the restraining order, the problems with Long had intensified since she had become pregnant and included abuse and threats. According to her information in the restraining order Long had told her he 

“would make life hell.”

She feared for her life, as well as the lives of her children and her friend the father of her new baby. She had reason to be afraid. According to the information she included in the application for a restraining order, Long had told her 6 year old child something that scared her. Later the child reportedly told her mother

“Mommy I think Daddy is gonna kill (us)”

Mrs. Long did what she should do under those circumstances. She filed for the restraining order, and she moved into the shelter.

She did not have her children’s birth certificates with her so on Thurs. she went back to her home to get them and she took the baby’s father with her.

 Police say that Anthony Long killed her in that home, and also stabbed the baby’s father. He is expected to recover.

Anthony Long was arrested and charged with murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and rape. He is being held with no bond. 

If you are in an abusive relationship and fear that at some point you might have to leave the home unexpectedly it is recommended that you obtain an extra set of birth certificate documents and social security cards (or leave the ones you have) and leave them with a trusted friend or relative. If you have to leave you may have to apply for public assistance, enroll children in school, or have other uses for the documents. If you or the children are on daily medications you may also wish to leave a day’s worth of meds with the trusted person. That way if you do have to leave in a hurry you have the essentials to get you through until you can obtain more meds. Other items you may want to consider consider copying is your drivers license and auto insurance papers, any other important papers and a copy of your car and house keys. You can also add a set of clothes for each person in the household.

Once you leave the home it is important not to return to the home until the situation is more settled. It may be a time that you think he will be at work or some other routine or scheduled activity, but during this time you cannot count on the spouse sticking to their routines. Even if they do not live at the home, they may be watching the home or the street the home is on, waiting for an opportunity.

Sometimes there is a feeling of safety in numbers, and a person may feel that they could return if they took someone with them. If a person is angry enough to harm you, they likely will harm the other person also. So try not to return to the home. If it is absolutely necessary to return, make contact with police and see if you can get an escort to the home. Some areas will do that, some will not. Check to see what your area’s policy is.

A Brave Man

Sometime between 3 and 4 am on Sunday there was the sound of a couple fighting. A nearby neighbor yelled for the man to stop. Allegedly Raymundo Marquez-Vella, 20, then came at the neighbor. A man stepped forward and reportedly  confronted Marquez-Vella. Police say that confrontation led to Merle Graham being stabbed to death. The neighbor who had yelled at Marquez-Vella to stop says that she did not know Norman, but he stepped up to help her just the same.

After the stabbing Marquez-Vella fled the scene. Police have described him as

Hispanic male, 5’11”, 180 pounds with black hair and brown eyes

They also say he is considered armed and dangerous. A warrant has been issued for his arrest on the charge of murder.    (picture at link)

On of Merle Graham’s nieces spoke up about the kind of man he is and how much the family will miss him. And she also said something that really stands out for me:

“But it speaks so much about how domestic violence is a serious and real issue and that it affects everyone, each and everyone of us”

It is true. DV does affect the community. Sometimes it is direct like this, sometimes it is in the pain and grief it leaves behind. But it is indeed more than a couple’s problem, it is a community problem.

Another thing that struck me was the difference in the two men. One allegedly was beating on a woman, all police have said about it is that it was a “domestic problem” so I am presuming it was a girlfriend or relative- someone close to him. He also allegedly threatened the neighbor woman simply because she spoke out to try to stop him.

The other man stepped forward to aid a woman, a woman who was a stranger to him. Guess which one I consider to be a man?

Beating a wife or a girlfriend to make them comply with the husband or boyfriend’s wishes does not show manliness. Accosting strangers because they attempt to stop a wrong does not show manliness. All it shows is that the man is a bully. It actually shows more cowardice than a man who runs from battle. Choosing to physically assault someone just because they are weaker, is merely an attempt to make themselves appear stronger. Any bully can do it, it doesn’t take a man.

The neighbor who yelled about the abuse and the man who stepped forward to defend her shows the kind of bravery that a bully wishes they had. They risked harm to themselves to try to prevent injury to another, and did so at risk to themselves. Merle Graham died attempting to protect a woman. Now that is a brave man.

For more info about Merle Graham

A big thanks to D.P. for sending me the link on this one


Police have released information that Raymundo Marquez-Vella may be associated with two vehicles. One a green Pontiac Van with the Oregon license plate number VUD-718. The other is a green 1995 Mitsubishi Montero with the license plate number UJQ-231. Police are not saying how he might be related to those vehicles, but they say they do believe he is traveling in them. A reward is being offered for information about Marquez-Vella’s whereabouts.  

Wanted: “Pearls and all”

Martin Fitzgerald is badly wanted. Police say Fitzgerald has been a busy guy lately. There is a warrant out for him on a Savings and Loan robbery on June 12. And he is believed to have dressed as a woman in the robbery of a Walgreen’s on July 29.

But those are not the only reason’s he is wanted.

On Saturday about 1:10 am, a woman jumped out of a window of an apartment. I have seen her age listed variously as 19 and 24. She was on fire. Inside the burned apartment, firefighters found the body of Deshon Tucker, 40. Ms. Tucker had been the girlfriend of Martin Fitzgerald.

Police have said that Fitzgerald allegedly walked into the apartment on Sat. and poured gasoline on Ms. Tucker and lit it. The neice caught on fire and jumped from a window. He allegedly bolted the door as he left. Ms. Tucker died, her niece was burned over 70% of her body.

Martin Fitzgerald is at large. Police have described him as a black male, age 43, 5’5″ and 160 lbs. Police say he has been known to disguise himself as a woman

“Pearls and all”

He is reported as driving a 1996 dark blue Chevy Corsica 4 door with license plate 650-LUC. And of course he is considered dangerous.

I haven’t found a picture of Fitzgerald. But you could see his vehicle driving on the street or parked nearby. He could be the man (or woman) standing next to you in line at the gas station. Keep an eye out for him will you?


Fitzgerald is still on the loose. Police have found the car he had been driving, but have not located him. They do have a trail however. Fitzgerald is believed to have robbed a bank on Sun. He was dressed as a man this time, but was believed to have been driven by a man (or a woman in long braids.) They fled the robbery in an older model blue car.

The niece’s condition has been upgraded to serious condition, but she is considered stable. (picture of Fitzgerald at link)


Thanks to D.P. we have an update. Martin Fitzgerald is now in custody and has been arrested in the homicide of Deshon Tucker and several robberies. According to one article, Fitzgerald called Ms. Tucker’s daughter on Sun. and said he did not kill her mother. Police arrested him on Monday. They had been working on several leads, but declined to say what led to finding his location. 

Everybody Loses


Devon, 7, and his brother Ian, 3, went to bed on Tues. night to dream the dreams that little boys dream. I don’t know if they lay awake for a time thinking of what they would do on the morrow, or if they lay awake listening to their parents argue. Neither Devon or Ian will tell us what they dreamed. Only their bodies remain to tell us what happened to them.

Wednesday morning about 7:35 am, their mother ran screaming from their home. Neighbors rushed to aid and comfort her. She reportedly told them her husband was injured inside. One neighbor and a deputy entered the home and found her husband Neal Williams, suffering from stab wounds- possibly from a sword. The children were found lying in their bunk beds with no apparent injuries. It is believed they may have been smothered.

According to neighbors, Manling Williams (I’ve also seen written as Man-Ling Tsang Williams) told them she had gone food shopping late on Tues. night and returned to find her husband injured. However, neighbors say she did not appear dressed to go shopping and they thought they could smell alcohol on her. Police have said there was no signs of forced entry to the home. And they have said they found incriminating evidence in her car. They have also said she has admitted that there were problems at home and have said she made incriminatory statements, more recent articles say that she has confessed.

Man-ling Williams worked as a waitress in a restaurant since Oct. A friend and co-worker reportedly called her on Tues. night and the two went to the restaurant and “hung out” for a while. Allegedly she did not disclose any problems at home. Neal Williams remained at home to put the boys to bed. The co-worker has said that Neal Williams worked for an insurance company and spent most of his time at home.  Neal Williams has been described as “reserved” and his mother has said of him

“Neal was a loving father, brother and son,” she said. “I was proud of him. He was friendly, hard working and had a passion for the truth. His boys were the lights of his life.”

His sister has described him as

“My brother was a profound influence in my life. He was a strength and comfort in my times of need and a joy in the good times. He was exceedingly bright, and funny.

Police have arrested Man-ling Williams. On Fri. she was formally charged with the murders of her husband and both her sons. They have also cited special circumstances of lying in wait and multiple murders. By citing special circumstances, she could be eligible for the death penalty.

Two little boys will never wake, never smile, won’t go to school or play again. Their father will never teach them to drive, will never see them wed, will never know what they would grow up to be, will never be able to mourn them.

Just as friends and family will grieve for the father, so will the friends and family of children grieve for them. Little children are not supposed to understand what death or mourning and grieving is. All they will understand is that they cannot play with Devon and Ian anymore. Many times this will cause anxiety in young children, because if their friends died at their parents hands- could that horror happen to them?

Two little children, what was the “crime” they were killed for? Because they lived or because they carried the blood of the man she allegedly killed.

Reports about the family have varied from they were happy, to reports that he yelled at her, to she yelled at him, to they argued. Many couples argue. Many couples even argue to the point they cannot live together anymore. But if that is the case, a divorce is in order- not murder. Killing does not solve the problem, it only creates others. Killing does not wipe out all evidence of the marriage- even if you kill the issue of the marriage the memories are still there.


The above picture I have added is a very touching picture of Neal, Ian and Devon that was submitted by Neal’s Mom. After seeing the picture and the care Neal is displaying in reading to the boys and their rapt attention to the story I have to say that I agree that her choice of memorial for them is apt.

Neal’s Mom, thank you so much for sharing this treasured picture with us.

Nobody Wins

Donald Webb Jr., 48, was a corrections officer with the rank of lieutenant. His employer has said he was well thought of at the prison and he was a supervisor over three levels of officers. Cynthia Webb was 42. She was a mother of four sons, one of which resided with her. She was a daycare employee for a church daycare for developmental children. Neighbors and coworkers say they were not aware of any problems between the couple.

Police say the couple were arguing Fri. night in an upstairs bedroom. And about 11 pm several shots rang out. Police say that after the shots, Donald Webb rushed downstairs and shot his 13 year old stepson several times. He then fled the home.

Police arrived about 11:20 pm. Cynthia Webb was pronounced dead at the scene. Her thirteen year old son was taken to the hospital where he had surgery. He is expected to survive.

Police began a search for Donald Webb and a warrant was taken out for his arrest.

On Sun. a trooper pulled into a roadside rest and noted a vehicle with it’s hazard lights on. When he checked the vehicle out, he found a body inside with a weapon beside it. The body was later determined to be Donald Webb and police believe his gunshot wound was self-inflicted.

Police believe that when Webb left the home that he began driving randomly and ended up miles away where his body was later found. He was not known to have any contacts in that area.

Three people shot. Two dead, a teen injured and in pain. I don’t take pleasure in his death anymore than hers. All the shootings were senseless. And they leave behind families who are angry and hurting. Four sons grieving over a mother. A young man in pain. And he didn’t even have the ability to make any decisions in the relationship. Webb’s family will also be hurting, they also most likely didn’t have the ability to make any decisions in the relationship.

Nothing is gained by these deaths. They serve no purpose other than to end a dispute. A dispute that nobody won.