Grandparents and grandchildren

Two children were at their grandparents. And evidently somehow they got sucked into a horrendous situation. One station is reporting that their mother dropped the kids off at her parents home on Fri. morning where they were expected to get on a school bus, and that she returned to pick them up after work. Other media articles state that the children had spent the night with their grandparents. 14-year-old grandson Deonte and 4-year-old granddaughter DeNyia. They were spending the night with their grandparents Harry L. Shrieves Sr., 68, and his wife, Edna, 58. Their mother went to pick them up and walked into one of those nightmares, that you just think can't be true, you pray is not true. But it is. She found the bodies of her two children, along with their grandparents. During the investigation, police began looking for a relative Ronald Shrieves, 32. How he is related has not been released. Police located him driving the truck of one of the victims. A 6 mile police chase ensued, and he was stopped. He was unarmed at the time of arrest. He is currently being held on traffic charges as the investigation continues. I am not clear on all of the relationships here. The mother and the grandparents all share the same last name as the suspect. And police have not released the nature of the relationship yet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ronald Shrieves, 32 is the son of Harry and Edna Shrieves. He has now been charged with 4 counts of murder. Police are still not releasing any details of the murder or a motive.

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