Dwayne Allen Smith, 21, was caring for one of his 5 week old twin baby daughters on Saturday night while the mother took the other twin and went shopping.

According to the article, the infant would stop crying. So Smith shook the baby. When she didn't stop crying and wouldn't eat, Smith hit her in the head 2-3 times with his fist and then hit her in the face with a bottle.

Allegedly when the mother returned home with the other twin, she saw bruises on the baby's face and what appeared to be a deformity on the infant's head. And Smith told her that the baby had fallen off the couch.

The mother took the baby to the hospital where and examination and a scan of the baby's head showed injuries that appeared to be inconsistent with the story Smith told. The infant had two skull fractures and blood spots on the baby’s brain. The mother called police and so did the hospital.

Dwayne Smith has been charged with one count of malicious wounding and one count of child abuse and neglect causing serious injury. If he is convicted of the abuse, he is facing 2 to 20 years.

There is no indication in the article as to it's condition or prognosis. But the baby remains in pediatric intensive care and "is being watched closely" according to doctors.

How do you shop with two babies? I mean I know it can and has been done. But think about it, by the time you put two babies and a diaper bag in a shopping cart- you don't have room for groceries. So the logical thing to do would be to leave one twin with the alleged "Dad'.

I can remember when my babies were this age. I felt guilt at leaving them. When I had to be away from them, I would complete my business as quickly as possible and rush right back to check on them.

I cannot imagine what that mother went through when she found the bab's face bruised and saw the "deformity" to it's head. Fear, anger, a desire to hurry the baby to the hospital. Later she will probably be dealing with guilt feelings, feeling responsible for leaving the baby with it's "Daddy". Not that she did anything wrong….. it just seems that mother's do often feel guilt when something happens with their babies.

5 weeks old. The baby would likely have not done much more than eat, sleep, cry, and fill it's diaper. But it was probably tracking objects with it's eyes and had developed it's own unique little facial expressions. Now she is lying in a hospital. At a time when she was just learning to differentiate between people, now she is surrounded by strangers, there are bright lights, and strange noises. She possibly has tubes of some sort inserted into her body. She has an injury to her brain. Babies often heal quickly. Or they go bad quickly.

At 5 weeks old, she is fighting for her life. Who knows if there will be permanent injury. If she lives, someday she will learn what her "Daddy" did to her.


He was out on bond

 Gary L. Glass, 32, is accused of threatening his girlfriend with a knife in Jan., he is also charged with slashing her tires in Mar. He had been charged with aggravated menacing, intimidation of a crime victim and criminal damaging. He was released on bond.

Monday morning about 7 am, Cassandra Gray, 28, says her dogs were barking and woke her up in the home she shares with her parents. When she got up, Glass was allegedly standing in the doorway pointing a shotgun at her.  Allegedly he told her to come outside with him, he was going to shoot her then himself.

Gray convinced Glass to let her tend to the dogs first, and as she did so she called 911. When Glass realized what she was doing, a struggle began. During the struggle, the dogs attacked him. Gray managed to get the gun and ran to another room. As Glass came after her, she shot the gun. According to police Glass was hit in the "lower body and legs". Gray then locked herself in a bedroom until police arrived. Glass was taken to a hospital with injuries that do not appear to be life threatening.

Glass has been charged with felonious assault, aggravated burglary, kidnapping, and having weapon under disability.

First of all, he tackled the wrong gal didn't he? I bet he is regretting it now. And she showed him more mercy than he was going to show her. She didn't kill him. Also, I would be interested in learning if "lower body and legs" means what I think it does.  

Now let's think about this for a minute. He threatens her with a knife in Jan., slashes her tires in Mar. and so I wouldn't think it is any surprise to anyone that he is back there in Apr.

He was out on bond on the previous charges. No mention in the articles of house arrest or a monitoring device. Not even a mention of a restraining order (even if there had been one, that likely wouldn't have stopped him). Free on bond until his trial. Free to go about his business, no monitoring even though he had committed a violent crime. No matter that frequently cases with this type of history often end up as tragedies.

I can only imagine what this girl has gone through in the months waiting on trial. I would guess she has probably been living with a lot of fear and anger. She sounds like a smart girl and a very brave one. Very lucky too. She came up with an excuse to get away long enough to call 911, she got control of the gun, she tried to get away, and when he chased her, she pulled the trigger. But, even through all that she didn't kill him.

He may be in pain now, but he got lucky too.

What happened?

Police announced Sun. that after a short chase, they had stopped a vehicle in Feb. The car was being driven by Karen Denine Bunton, 38, and Tony Holmes, 26, was also present. Bunton told police that the car belonged to her niece, and that she had her neice's permission to drive it, while her niece was in Los Angeles to pursue a musical career. 

During the stop, they found dismembered, skeletal remains in the backseat, then in the trunk.

They have identified the remains as 22 year old Latoya Finley. Finley was reportedly last seen by Bunton and Holmes on Feb. 24 when she told her family that she was going to Los Angeles. She last spoke with her mother on Feb. 23.

According to one detective:

"It's a pretty sad story," Rowland said. "And when we get a chance to tell you, it's pretty disgusting."

According to one article, Bunton and Holmes were suspects in the investigation and were cooperating in the investigation at first, then they stopped.

The case is still being investigated and no charges have been filed about the death yet. Bunton is being held on evading arrest with a motor vehicle. She is also facing charges for pawning a digital camera that belonged to Finley in another county. Holmes has been charged with a theft unrelated to Finley's death.

Earlier articles about the disappearance

First of all, what kind of a person drives around in their cousin's car, with her skeletal remains in it? And it isn't like "out of sight out of mind" as some of the remains were in the back seat. What kind of person dismembers remains? And then pawning her camera?

I am not sure of the details that have been printed. They say the car was stopped in early Feb. and the remains were found then, yet they also say that Finley was last seen on Feb. 24 and talked with her mother on Feb 23. And since they are saying the remains that were found were skeletal, well it takes some time for remains to decompose enough to become skeletal. Not to mention the odor that is attached in the process. I have found some articles from early April that indicate that police were looking for Bunton and Holmes, after they quit cooperating in the investigation into Finley's disappearance. So I suspect the traffic stop was later than in Feb.

Law enforcement is saying that more information will be released, but no matter the reasons or motives the main fact will not change. A 22 year old woman is dead. She wanted to be a musician.


A little clarification- the vehicle stop was last week. The aunt and uncle, Karen Bunton and Tony Holmes have been charged with murder and tampering with evidence. LaToya was buried Wed.

According to the arrest affidavit, a witness has said that Holmes has told him/her that he smothered LaToya for leaking information about Holmes' past. It has been reported that LaToya was murdered on or shortly after Feb. 24.


The story behind the murder, the investigation, the discovery of the remains and the arrest.