Does this one qualify to be here?

Does this one qualify to be here? I don’t know, let me tell you the story and you decide.

Sonia Rios and Earl Bourdeau, 63, met in the Philippines in the 1960’s. Bourdeau was a retired US Marine. They married and she came to the states where Bourdeau helped her to open a hair salon. Bourdeau owned a taxi service in the Philipine’s.

Bourdeau’s brother states that Bourdeau had called him one day and asked that he travel to the Philipine’s with him. Bordeau said that his wife was insisting that he go there about the business. He said that something wasn’t right. Bourdeau’s brother says that while on that trip, on Aug. 15, 1987 there was a home invasion in the middle of the night at one of Sonia’s relatives homes where Bourdeau was staying, and Bourdeau was shot in the face. No one else in the home was injured. Sonia had not accompanied him to the Philippines. The brother says that Bourdeau was intending to divorce his wife sometime after he returned to the states.

Reportedly Sonia did not attend the funeral. It was held in the Philippines and that is where Mr. Bourdeau was buried. His family tried to get him buried in the states, but the brother says that Sonia insisted that is where Mr. Bordeau wanted to be buried.

A “former friend” has allegedly said that Sonia became upset at some of the requirements she had to go through to collect on Mr. Bourdeau’s insurance. The former friend also said that he was not aware that Mr. Bourdeau had family, that his wife told friends he had no family and that is why he was buried in the Philippines.

Someone was arrested for the murder, but was released due to a lack of evidence.

Bourdeau’s brother stated that he has had his suspicions about the murder for years. He says that in 1989, he went to the FBI with his suspicions, but they didn’t investigate. He says that later, someone shot his dog, and he was later shot at and missed.

At some point Sonia Rios Bourdeau met and married Law ‘Larry’ Risken, 43. Risken was a retired US Navy commander, who was working as a special education teacher. Mr. Risken appears to have been popular with the kids he taught.

April 18, Risken took a spring trip to the Philippines to visit his wife’s relatives. Sonia did not accompany him there. While there, he had taken his wife’s granddaughter to the hospital for a check up. Outside the building, someone walked up to Risken and shot him twice. A bullet passed through him, and struck one of Sonia’s relatives. It has been reported that Risken intended to seek a divorce after he returned to the states.

Risken’s family also tried to get his remains returned to the US for burial. But Risken was also buried in the Phillipine’s. Risken’s sister has made a report to the FBI. Reportedly Risken had also planned to seek a divorce when he returned to the US.

Investigators in the Philippines as well as the FBI are looking into the circumstances of the deaths of both men. Sonia Rios Bordeau Risken has denied any involvement in their deaths, and has declined to talk with media.

Two husbands, both married to Sonia, both planning a divorce, both take a trip to her relatives, both end up being shot, both buried in the Philippines against the rest of the families wishes. I am not going to say that Rios is involved, but that is an awful lot of coincidence.


Sonia Risken was apparently killed in a mysterious slaying in California on Friday.

9 days previously she had been attacked by a mysterious gunman at the business she owned. Shots were fired at her, but they missed. Before he fled, the gunman apparently told her

“I’ll be back!”

When she was found in her home on Friday, she had apparently been dead for 12-24 hours. She had been shot in the head.

Coincidently the murder happened one year after the death of her second husband Law Risken. His family says they are frustrated that they did not get the opportunity to seek justice before she died.

Sonia Risken was not present at the time either of her husbands died. But both husbands were killed in the Phillipines while visiting her family.                   


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Seven months old

Shannon Bates, 29, called police Fri. Allegedly she told them that her boyfriend Josh Harper, 19,  had struck her with an open hand and his fist, and then prevented her from leaving. When he fell asleep, she made the call to 911. Shannon and Josh were living with relatives.

Shannon also told police that the 7 month old baby girl had been abused. Shannon had bruises and the child reportedly was covered in bruises. Further examination of the baby showed signs of sexual assault, it is thought this had occurred several times over at least the last couple of months.

Police were investigating, but initially they felt the mother was a victim. Further into the investigation they received information that the mother may have been aware of or have participated in the abuse to some degree. They believe the child was not only physically and sexually abused, they believe she had also been tied up.

Harper is charged with felony child endangerment, felony sexual assault against a minor under the age of 14, corporal injury to a minor, corporal injury to a spouse or cohabitant, making terrorist threats and false imprisonment. Bates was arrested on suspicion of felony child endangerment.

Neighbors have said that deputies have been to the home before, but not for anything like this. It has also been alleged that this baby is Bate's youngest child. Reportedly, she lost custody of her other three. Her 11 year old is in foster care, and the two others are with their father.,1,1703991.story?coll=la-headlines-california

I don't know…..what can you say about a woman who will call 911 for her own safety, but not for her child? It was reported that the couple lived with relatives, and I am curious whose relatives they were living with, his or hers.

 A baby, covered in bruises. How could no one notice? A child being abused, how could no one have heard? A baby being beaten, tied up and assaulted- how could a mother stand by? Allegedly the sexual assault at least went on for two months. How could a mother just let it happen? There were others in the household, did she never tell anyone? Could she not pick up a phone? Is this the first time he fell asleep? Did she never leave the home? She alleges that she was being held hostage, but police have been there before. Why did she not tell them? Would they not have helped?

Twenty nine years old, the mother of four- and now custody of none. An older child in foster care, and now a baby in foster care.

Nineteen years old. The father is not being mentioned, I wonder if this is the "father".  Accused of sexually assaulting and beating a 7 month old baby. Was this because he knew it caused the mother pain and fear? Did he threaten the life of the child? It sounds as though the child's life was in danger whether he verbalized it or not. Is it sexual attraction to babies or is it the desire to control? A baby is often hard to control. They wake, eat and sleep on their own schedules. After neglect and abuse, they often learn that making noise, brings pain- even little ones will try to learn to stay quiet. Wonder if it made him feel more like a man to beat up on a 7 month old? To be able to exert control over a baby?

Seven months old. If she had been ill, efforts would have been made to relieve her pain. But she never got that kind of consideration. What a way to start a life. Out of the seven months she has lived, at least two of them she was being sexually assaulted. She is in protective custody now, at least now she has some chance at a life.

I have known about this since last night. I told myself I was waiting to write about it until more was known. That is a lie. This one was tough just to write about. I cannot imagine living it.