He wanted to do the right thing

A man walked into the police station in Abilene on Thurs. evening. He told them he had killed his pregnant girlfriend in Houston on Sun. She had not been reported missing.

 Gregory Carl Manning II, 26, was from Abilene but had been living with his girlfriend, of 1 1/2 years, in Houston. It wasn't clear why he came to Abilene to turn himself in.

Manning provided police with an address where his girlfiend was and Houston police went to her apartment. There they found Amanda Helm, 27, dead. An autopsy has not been completed as yet, but police think she died of strangulation.

Manning declined to talk to police about the details of the murder.


Pregnancy is a dangerous time for a woman. Her body is undergoing hormonal changes, there is more stress on her body due to the demands of a growing baby, her body has suddenly become heavy and more clumsy. But in this country with the attention to pre-natal care, most prenancies will be brought to term successfully and will result in a healthy mother and child. As a matter of fact, the number one cause of death in a pregnant woman is not a failure of her body. It is murder from a spouse or intimate partner.

According to this article 324,000 pregnant women will suffer some type of domestic violence while they are pregnant.


Think about that number. 324,000 women who suffered some type of domestic violence during pregnancy. According to Wikipedia, Raleigh North Carolina has a population of 326,653; Pittsburgh Pennsylvania has a pop of 322,450; Santa Ana Calif has a pop of 342,715. So we are talking a fair sized city. And when you think that a large number of domestic violence incidents go unreported, then the thought becomes staggering.


A number of these domestic violence "incidents" will result in murder. It is the leading cause of death in pregnant women. Now think about this. When a pregnant woman dies, two lives are lost. The mother and the child who will never be brought to term.

This is what I find so horribly facinating about domestic violence. This is a "couple's problem". If an alien group should attack one of the above cities, assaulting and murdering the population, think of the outcry. Think of the defense that would be mounted.

Now think about what is being done with domestic violence.