Christopher Lukacs, 27, and Ambre King, 29, resided together as boyfriend and girlfriend. King was the mother of two children, a boy age 7 and a girl age 4. Lukacs is reportedly the father of the 4 year old girl. Also allegedly in the home was another mother and her two children. She was also allegedly Lukacs girlfriend.

On March 25 th, King’s father reportedly recieved a call saying that Lukacs was beating his daughter Ambre King. He went to the home to pick up his grandchildren. And what he allegedly saw there would make a strong man cry, let alone any grandfather. According to at least one media source, he found his 4 year old granddaughter naked and bleeding.

Police were called and an investigation was completed. The case was taken to the Grand Jury. And Lukacs was arrested for one count of felonious assult and rape. 4 charges of rape. Prosecutors say this was not the first time the little girl had been raped. Investigators believe that the rapes began in Dec. of 2007 and that she had been raped “repeatedly” since. The investigation also revealed that at least one attack on her had resulted in her being taken to the hospital for vaginal injuries. Allegedly the story the parents gave for her injuries was that she had fallen on some Legos. But for some reason there was never any investigation, followup or report and the little girl was sent back home with her parents. Both the prosecutor and the hospital have pledged to investigate why.

Christopher Lukacs was reportedly a known sex offender. He was convicted of gross sexual imposition in 2000 for an assault on a 12 year old child. If you check Lukacs name on the National Sex Offender registry, it says that he is compliant with his registration, his most recent photo is from 03-10-08. And he was still on parole.

Prosecutors say that was not all the investigation revealed. Prosecutors say that Ambre King knew of the abuse and did not report or take steps to protect her daughter. She has been arrested on a charge of endangering children.

The prosecutor has made another pledge in this case

“The ever- increasing abuse of children in our community is unacceptable,” Deters said. “I want to be very clear on this subject. If you choose to rape a child, you had better be prepared to spend the rest of your life in jail.”


National Sex Offender Public Website

For many many years, a person could rape a child, serve his time, get out of jail or prison and deny it ever happened. He could meet new people and prey on other children. But now there is a tool to help prevent that. It is called the National Sex Offender Public Website. If you have children, I suggest you use it. If you don’t have children, but plan on it, it is a good idea to use it. Even if you are just dating someone it is a good idea to use it. Remember a tool is only useful if it is used.

Now my understanding from what I am seeing and hearing is that Lukacs was already on the sex offender list when the child’s mother had the 4 year old child. Whether she knew about his sex offender status or not, I have no way of knowing. But I am guessing she probably knew, if not from him telling her, she may have had some inkling from the correspondence coming to the home.

 Now it is possible that she didn’t know about the abuse. But according to info from the investigation and probably the hospital visit, it is believed that she knew. She knew and remained with Lukacs. She knew and her child continued to be raped. She knew and did not have him arrested.

Yet on Mar. 25th, she calls her father because she is being beaten. Now I have no way of knowing, was she being beaten because she was trying to prevent the rape? If that was why she was beaten, then why didn’t she call police instead of her father? The only way to assure that her child’s father did not rape her, would be to report him, move away and get some help for her daughter.

Did she fear having her children taken away? If she had reported the abuse her children could not have been removed from her because someone else abused her children, as long as she did not participate and reported it as soon as she became aware of it.

Did she perhaps fear that she would be beaten more severely if she reported the abuse? If she had reported the abuse, he would be in jail and not able to beat her.

Many times a woman will have reasons for staying with an abusive man. There are even some excuses I can reluctantly accept. A woman is an adult and does have the right to make her own decisions about her life. But every woman should remember that if she makes a decision to remain in an abusive situation, she is sentencing her child, who doesn’t have the right to make decisions- to a life of violence.

But IMO there is never any acceptable excuse for any parent to remain with a person who is abusing the children. Never. Not even if they are the child’s parent. And not even if they love them.


At the time the grandfather came to the home, the children of the other mother are aged 4 and 1 year old, and they reportedly begged to go with him. After the allegations against Lukacs, the mother sent those children to Georgia to live with relatives. Due to a concern for those children, authorities are now working with Georgia authorities to investigate if they had been abused.

According to the prosecutor, evidence of the sexual abuse was apparent.

Reportedly on Lukacs sex offender status, he was due to report earlier this year and failed to do so. He was arrested for that and that charge is pending.

He was also charged with domestic violence on Mar. 31 on the allegation that he hit Ambre King in the face on Mar. 25.


An addition to the family

I don’t know her name. But I do know she was 10. I don’t how she felt about what happened to her. I don’t know if she ever told. But Nov. 4th of 2007 she was 11. And had to be taken to the hospital. Because she was in labor. That is when authorities first learned what happened to her.

She would have gotten pregnant at the age of 10! Now at the age of 11, a sixth grader, she was a Mom of a 4 lb. baby girl! She took her daughter home with her to her Mother’s house.

That began the hunt. First an adult man was reportedly tested for paternity by DNA. But he wasn’t the Daddy. Then a teen boy was reportedly tested. But he wasn’t the Daddy. While the testing was being done, Mom wasn’t supposed to have adult men in the house according to an order by JFS (Jobs and Family Services.) But when a caseworker came to the home on Jan. 4 there he was, Mom’s boyfriend.

Michael Chaffer, 40 years old. Apparently he thought he was the man of the house. He allegedly tried to prevent a police officer from entering the home that day. He was arrested for obstruction of justice. When he pleaded guilty to the crime, it was determined that he had a parole violation and he was returned to prison to serve his sentence on a previous drug charge. And his DNA was taken.

Through DNA testing Michael Chaffer, Mom’s boyfriend is now allegedly the biological father of a baby girl. A child that was delived to a child he had allegedly impregnated. Some relative’s have made allegations that Chaffer had been abusing the child for some time.

The little girl was removed from her home and placed with a relative. The baby girl was put into foster care. The little girl is allowed to see her daughter a couple of times a week with supervision, but she cannot care for the baby per a court order. The little girl’s mother is allowed to see her daughter under supervision by social workers, but may not see her granddaughter. An investigation is being conducted on the Mother of the child as to whether she failed to protect the child. There is a possibility that the child mother may lose custody of her daughter due to her young age.

No charges have been filed against Michael Chaffer as yet. Prosecutors say there is no hurry because he isn’t going anywhere and he isn’t going to harm anyone, he is in prison. They do expect to file charges for statuatory rape.

Lisa Mills, a psychologist and the executive director of Harmony Garden, a Norwood-based non-profit organization that does research and education about girl’s health, called the situation “very sad.”“More and more girls are starting their periods at a younger age. That can be because of many things, but one factor that stands out is the increase in obesity and weight in adolescents.”The community must be watchful of its young girls, Mills said.“Certainly parents and important adults in girls’ lives need to be protective,” she said. “We need to keep our eyes and ears open about young girls in the community and what’s going on with them, particularly with girls who start menstruation early.

“They are at increased risk of abuse because they look older and draw more attention,” Mills said. “Caregivers need to be protective and provide supervision.”

“Unfortunately, sexual abuse is pretty common in the cases we see,” said JFS Director Moira Weir. “But it is highly unusual and extremely sad to see a case where a 10-year-old becomes pregnant.“This is an example of why everyone in the community needs to be extremely vigilant about watching for the signs of abuse and notifying us through our 241-KIDS hot line,” she added. “The sooner we can intervene, the sooner we can make sure the child is in a safe situation.”

Do you remember being 10? Anyone old enough to drive seemed like a grownup. Anyone over 25 seemed old. And parents- well parents knew everything and could do everything.

It was said in the media that while waiting for the hearing about her baby this girl talked with her mother about music, and school and video games. That is what a 6th grader is supposed to be doing.

Not thinking about sex. Not worrying over her baby’s bills. Not worrying over whether her baby needed to go to the doctor. And not getting up for the 3 am feedings and diaper changes. Not being a parent. Not worrying over things like custody.

Now if I am reading this story correctly, it may have been known that this child was being abused. It may not have been a suprise when she went into labor. Since authorities were not aware of the pregnancy, it looks like she did not receive pre-natal care. And even after the baby was delivered and the order recieved to not allow men into the house- boyfriend just had to be allowed into the home! I really have to wonder if it was really a suprise who the father was.

When you are single, you have the right to choose husbands boyfriend’s, one night stands  or whatever. But once that child is born, that child is your responsibilty. Your responsibility to nurture and protect. Maybe that doesn’t seem fair. Maybe you have to make decisions between the child and the boyfriend. And if it is too much of a burden to care for and protect the child, it is best to give the child to someone who can. Then you can have all the time for the boyfriend that you desire!

I am not saying that a single mother cannot date. But a single mother must be willing to put the child’s needs and emotions first. And that includes if there is any question of any type of abuse. Listen to the child. Be willing to protect the child. Be willing to have an investigation done if there is ever any question of any type of harm to the child.


The case was taken before the Grand Jury and they have issued an indictments against Michael Chaffer for two charges of rape and a charge of felonious assault. The prosecutor says he is seeking a life sentence for Chaffer. According to the prosecutor, Ohio laws do not provide for a life sentence for rape, but he says he intends to argue that that pregnancy and childbirth constituted harm to the child who was too young to be giving birth. Harm to the child must be shown in order make the case eligible for life sentencing.

The prosecutor has said that during her pregnancy the child hid her increasing girth by wearing big shirts. It is being reported they child suffered multiple attacks between Sept. 2006 and when the baby was delivered. Allegedly the child was threatened that Chaffer would leave her mother if she told anyone. The child went into labor at 35 weeks of gestation. The investigation into whether the mother was aware of the abuse is ongoing.

Per the prosecutor’s press conference the prosecutor explained his decisions on the case

“What kind of a pervert raises a child from the age of 3 (years old) until she is 10, and then decides it is okay to rape her? If you are that kind of a sexual deviant, you should spend the rest of your life behind bars.” “This man is a beast who preyed on a 10-year-old.”                                                                    

“She’s my wife”

Normally I blog about domestic violence where the perpetrator has been identified, but the case has not yet gone to trial. Today I am going to make an exception.

Anthony Woods, 42,  got married on April 10, 2006. And police say he sexually assaulted and sodomized his wife 10 days after their marriage. And on June 12, 2006 he allegedly did it again. Police say he also took her to her bank June 12 and was trying to force her to withdraw her money from the bank, but she began screaming and bank employees called police.

Police arrested Woods that day and he has remained in jail since that time awaiting trial. Prosecutor’s have said that when police talked to Woods about assault allegations he told them they couldn’t do anything because

“she’s my wife.”

Police did charge him with 1 count of rape, 2 counts of criminal sexual assault (sodomy) and attempted criminal sexual act, as well as charges of abuse for acts he purportedly committed against his stepson when the wife’s son attempted to come to her aid.

Well, in May the case went to trial. And the jury did find Woods was found guilty of all the charges against his wife. He was acquitted of the minor charges related to her son.

On Sept. 21 his sentencing trial was held. Woods was sentenced as a convicted felon. It seems that he had past convictions of rape for other women- a fact that his wife was not aware of at the time of the marriage. The defense attorney asked for as leinent sentence. And he talked about the Woods family involvement and dedication to their church. The prosecutor countered with an episode where Woods purportedly held a Bible in his hand while he threatened his wife and told her that

God wanted her to repent and withdraw her charges against him.

The wife got on the stand and said she was a “survivor.” But she also talked about how the rapes and abuse have affected her life since that time. And she talked about how Woods

“totally desecrated and demeaned her”

in front of the children she had from a previous relationship. She also talked about the fear that she still lives with.

The judge listened. The judge sentenced him to 50 years to life in prison and fined him $5,480 (the money is to come from any prison income.) She also issued a restraining order prohibiting Woods from making contact with his wife until the year 2065. According to reports Woods smiled as he signed the order in the courtroom.

According to reports the wife is filing for divorce.         wstm

Rape is an act that can happen to anyone, and it is a destructive act that can and often does cause long term effects. Rape is not an act of sex, it is an act of domination and control. And forcing a sexual act on any man, woman or child is an illegal act…. no matter what previous relationship or consent may have been given (and yes, there are times such as minors, disabled and impaired persons who cannot legally consent to the act.)

It always bugs me when someone tries to use the word of God to excuse an action they take, just because they want to. Terrorists use that rationale- no matter what religion they might be. Husbands don’t- or at least shouldn’t.

His wife is indeed a survivor. It wouldn’t have been easy for her. Preparing for the trial she most likely had to talk to investigators, prosecutors, doctors and others and tell what happened to her over and over. It had to have been painful to relive it all the time. Then despite her fear she had to get up in front of him, and tell it again. But she did it.

To me, a victim is a person who allows the abuse and fear to rule them and determine what they do. A survivor is a person who begins to take steps (even baby steps) to recover and to protect themselves.  She began taking those steps when she was in the bank and began screaming. And her testimony in court shows she is still a survivor.