He Couldn’t Take It

On Sunday Sharon Carter, 31, and her boyfriend Stephen Mark Picart attended the Sunday services at the church where her father was the pastor. After the services they drove away in her SUV, with her two children from a previous relationship in the back seat. Sharon Carter was reportedly driving.

Police believe that an argument developed while they were driving. And they believe that Picart pointed a gun at her head and fired. With no driver, the SUV out of control hit two parked vehicles before coming to a stop.  Police say Picart then fled the scene of the crime. Sharon Carter died at the scene.  

Sharon Carter’s sons are aged 4 yrs. and 14 yrs. First they saw their mother shot- then they were in the accident that came as a result of the shooting. The two children were physically unharmed and were placed into protective custody. Relatives saw the children at the police station and an uncle has told media the 4 yr. old had been crying and was showing how his mother was shot. The uncle said the 14 yr old boy wasn’t talking much. But he did tell his uncle 

‘Uncle, I cannot help that nightmare from playing back in my mind.’ ”

There was also another child involved in the crime- Sharon Carter was pregnant and relatives say it was Picart’s child.

Picard turned himself in to police on Monday and he has been charged with two counts of murder. One count for Sharon Carter and one count for the child she was carrying.

Relatives have told media that Sharon Carter was planning to leave Picard. Ms. Carter’s father told the media

“She was just through with him, I guess, and he couldn’t take it”

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When I writing this I kept thinking, what right did he have to do this? What made him think he had the right to take the life of the woman who was carrying his child? What right did he have to take away a mother of children, a daughter, a sister, a human being. To leave two children with those kind of memories of their mother? To endanger those two children that way?

He must have accepted that the relationship was over. And like a child who is tired of or frustrated with a toy, he chose to destroy her rather than to let her go. And in the process he caused pain not only to her, but to everyone connected to her. He may have thought he couldn’t stand the ending of the relationship, but what he will be going through now will be mucfh harder. He may not have realized it, but will soon learn that he not only caused pain to her and her family- he also caused pain to his own family. After he fled the scene, his location was not known for about a day. I read one report that said his family helped to talk him into turning himself in. That had to have been difficult and painful for them. And their pain like the family of Ms. Carter’s pain has just begun and will be with them a long time. If he is convicted of these murders, they will eventually adjust. But the loss of a mother or a child is something you never really get over.