Texas Equusearch

I have been following the disappearance of Stacy Peterson pretty closely and have noticed a bit about the organization that is helping with that search. Texas Equusearch goes all over the country and helps to organize searches for missing persons. They have helped with cases that were both high profile and cases that got very little attention. They are working on the Stacy Peterson disappearance at the same time as other missing persons. They are one of those organizations that everyone takes a sigh of relief when they hear that Texas Equusearch is going to help.

Texas Equusearch uses a lot of equipment in their searches. In Stacy’s case they are using drones, planes, sonar, ATV’s and other equipment. Some of the equipment is provided by the company. Some is provided by the volunteers. But much has to be rented and it is expensive.

However, Texas Equusearch is a small non-profit and a lot of their funding comes from donations. Some of that funding is from corporations. But much of it is needed from individuals. If you can help, I ask you to go to their website and check it out. Then consider making a donation of whatever amount you can.

Why? Because when it comes to missing persons, there are very few organizations that families can turn to. And we need those resources not just for this case, but for all missing persons.

Texas Equasearch

Then click on the link for donations. Thank you.