Early am on Thurs. a call for help. Dorothy Faulkner, 49 and her husband Damion Faulkner, 36, were rushed to the hospital. Police were told that the couple had awakened shortly before 6 am by an hispanic male with spiky hair, a stocky build, approx. 6 ft. tall. An intruder. According to statements the intruder fled without taking anything from the home. The couple’s two children were in bed asleep during the attack and only woke at the sound of breaking glass.

At the hospital, Dorothy Faulkner was pronounced dead of several stab wounds. Damion Faulkner was treated for minor injuries and released. And it was time for his police interview. By that time police had had time to review some of the evidence and they  have said that the evidence did not match the intruder story.

Hours later Faulkner confessed. He told police that he and his wife had been having financial and relationship problems. And he admitted to stabbing his wife. He also admitted to stabbing himself in an attempt to stage the crime scene to support the intruder story.

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I’m too young of course to remember the Great Depression, but during history class I heard the stories. The fall of the stock market, those who had invested in a panic and the number who committed suicide rather than admit to their family and friends that they were now broke.

Things are different now. The stock market hasn’t crashed, banks are not closing. But the economy is definately on a downswing. People accustomed to one standard of living, now struggling, sometimes unable to maintain that standard.

In the thirties, men often made most of the families financial decisions, were the family providers and saw themselves as protectors of the family. Now it is usually the couple that makes those decisions, the couple that are the providers and protectors of the children. And because both couples made the decisions, this can lead to blaming each other. I fear that as the economy remains on the down swing that we may see more of these or worse.

Financial problems threaten that self-esteem that was gained by being successful. Often there is depression associated with financial problems. And the associated hopelessness, the feeling that nothing will ever be good again, the feeling of being inadequate and unable to provide can prevent a person from seeing any hope of light at the end of the tunnel, any solution to the financial problems.