Twenty four year old Christa Ann Alexander was pregnant, the baby was reportedly due in Dec. Reports indicates that she was newly married to Couty Alexander, 23 (I’ve also seen his age reported as 22)  that they married in Mar.
Couty Alexander had recently completed emergency medical technican school and began working as a EMT. Both Couty and Christa were reported as active members of a church, Couty Alexander had served as a missionary both in the US and abroad. They have been described as a quiet couple, and it has been said that Christa rarely ventured out without her husband.
Sat. nite/Sun AM Couty Alexander reported to his job and served out his shift. At 5:51 am, after he returned home he called 911 and reported that he had just arrived home and found his wife dead. Neighbors have told media the home appeared to have been ransacked. Police have said that it appeared that Christa Alexander may have been shot.
By Sun. evening, Couty Alexander had been arrested for the murder of his wife.
Police say that Couty Alexander had told them that he found Christa dead when he arrived home from work, but they say that he later told told them she was dead before he had left to go to work. He allegedly told them that she was gathering clothing from the closet when he fired a shot and hit her in the head. Police charged Alexander with 2nd degree murder. Police say they have recovered the murder weapon.
By Monday charges had been upgraded. In addition to the 2nd degree murder charge, Alexander has also been charged with  1st degree feticide for the death of the unborn child. He was also charged with obstruction of justice, that charge is for allegedly attempting to stage the crime scene as a burglary.
Police say Alexander has confessed to the shooting. I have not seen any reports indicating a motive.
Newly married, adjusting to being two is stressful. A new job is stressful. Wife with hormone’s surging also a stressor. Life priorities changing from individual thinking to family thinking- also stressful. Thoughts of increases in bills due to the addition of a new, dependent life, becoming a new parent- also stressful. Yet many couples have started this way and made it through.
As I said, no one has yet mentioned why he allegedly shot her, but when I think of the stressors, when I think of what happens in a DV murder, and I think of her getting clothing from the closet I wonder. Had there been an argument, the kind of argument where one party says “I am leaving”? Many couples have that kind of argument at least once. Sometimes it lasts, sometimes it doesn’t. But if that is what it was, Christa won’t be coming back, because her opportunity to think through an argument, her right to make a decision about her life was taken from her. And in the process of taking Christa’s life, her child also lost it’s right to a life, it’s right to grow up and make it’s own life decisions.