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On April 29, 2006 I wrote a post about a young man named Kenneth Countie who was Missing. He was reported as having a relationship with Sheila LaBarre and was last seen with her. Police eventually located what was thought to be his remains on LaBarre’s property in a burn pile.

Kenneth Countie was reported missing by his mother. And it was during that time that another mother came forward asking about her missing son Michael Deloge. He was also last seen with LaBarre and was also believed to have had a relationship with her.

LaBarre was arrested in the death of Kenneth Countie and has been incarcerated since that time. She was not charged in the death of Michael Deloge until very recently. The news has just come out that Sheila LaBarre has pleaded insanity in both deaths earlier today.

LaBarre pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to both charges, essentially admitting the state could prove her guilt, but that she was not legally responsible because she was insane at the time.

Instead of trial to determine guilt in the charges she will instead be going to trial to prove her insanity in May. If she is successful she will be sent to a psychiatric hospital instead of prison. She will also have a hearing to determine if she is dangerous and if she is deemed a danger she will be put into a secure psychiatric unit. Her status will then be reviewed every 5 years. If she is unsuccessful, she will go to prison for life.

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This case has interested me since I first read about it. Parts of the information about the case are pretty bizarre, especially in the information that has come out since LaBarre’s arrest. LaBarre insisted she was ‘innocent’ and that she would not give up on fighting the charges.

The timing of the plea is pretty interesting. Kenneth Countie’s first date with Sheila LaBarre was on Feb. 14 of 2006. Now two years later and just two days shy of Valentine’s Day, Sheila LaBarre pleads not guilty by reason of insanity.

Prosecutors gave quite a bit of information today on how they believe that Kenneth Countie and Michael Deloge were killed and on what evidence they found at LaBarre’s farm.

Crime Scene Blog has also posted about the plea. As a matter of fact he has written several posts on the case so while you are there, you may want to do a search for more info about the case.

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