I don’t know how it is at your house, but Fridays at my house always seemed more relaxed. Not that there was any less going on, but due to the break in routine.

 School was over for the week. The work week was also over. There was more time available for taking care of the home and spending with family. This could have been what it was like at the Veillette home on Friday evenings. They would have had another reason for a special feeling also. The husband and father Michel Veillette worked out of town much of the time, but family members say they spoke with him on Friday evening…. he was rushing home to see his children before they went to bed.

The family had had it rough in the last year. Originally from Canada, they had moved to Ohio to live and work. And when Michel Veillette’s family came for a visit in 2006, upon leaving they had a car accident. He lost his father in that accident, his mother was injured.

 What happened after he arrived home Friday is not known. No motive has been determined as yet. But by 10 pm a passerby was calling 911 reporting the home was on fire. Police and fire depts. headed to the home to do what they could.

Michel Veillette was found outside on the lawn suffering stab wounds. Police say he had jumped from a second story window. Inside the home they found 5 people.

Nadya Ferrari-Veillette, 33, has been described as an “amazing parent.” She worked part time, had taken pastry baking classes at a nearby college and planned to help open a new sweets shop. She also worked part time and volunteered at her children’s school. She had recently asked for help from the school’s teachers in learning some Spanish phrases in preparation for an upcoming wedding anniversary- she and her husband were planning a trip to an island off the coast of Spain.

Marguerite was a third grader, 8 years old. She spoke fluent English and French, she was also learning Spanish. She participated in “American Girl” fashion shows, and was expected to audition for this year’s show on Sat. morning. Many have talked about her ready smile.

Vincent was 4 and attended preschool. According to the family sitter he loved football. He couldn’t wait until he was 7 years old so that he could play.

“He was a great kid, he always had lots of energy,” she said. “He never wanted to go to bed.”

There were two others found. Jacob and Mia. Twins, they were age two.

“The twins were great,” Nalepa said. “When they were kind of starting to talk, it was half French and half English, so it was impossible to understand them, even more than regular baby talk.

Nadya Ferrari-Veillette and one of the children was pronounced dead at the home. The other three children were taken to the hospital where they were later pronounced dead. Michel Veillette was also taken to the hospital, the fire department quickly put out the fire and the fire marshall and police began an investigation.

Following the autopsies, it was announced that an accelerant was used in the fire at the home. However, no one died from the flames themselves. Nadya Ferrari-Veillette reportedly died from stab wounds. All four children died from smoke inhalation.

During his hospital stay Michel Veillette was charged with 4 counts of aggravated murder, and one count of arson in the deaths of his wife and children and under 24 hour guard at the hospital. He was released today and went from the hospital to court.

At court Michel Veillette reportedly spoke little. He did say that he didn’t have a defense attorney and requested that one be provided him, and he asked for corrections to be made in the name of one daughter and the children’s ages.

What was the motive? At this point no one knows. Did he act out of illness or anger in the death of his wife and his children’s mother? No one knows. Did he intend the death of the children perhaps not wanting to leave them without parents, after allegedly committing murder and attempting suicide? Or after the alleged murder of their mother, did he block out the memory of the children in the home? No one knows.

You have all heard me say it. Domestic violence is not a so called “couple’s problem” domestic violence is a community problem. And this community is suffering. From friends, teachers, fellow employees, church members and acquaintances to community members who never knew the family. Parents who are facing telling their children about the death of a schoolmate and dreading the questions they will ask. Children who will learn that their friends died, at the hands of a parent. Even the fire department, police department  and the coroner’s office- all deal with death on a regular basis but all are having problems dealing with the deaths of a family and children. Domestic violence affects a couple, but it also affects the children and the community. The death of 5 children and a mother will not be forgotten for a long time.

At this point I am not seeing any previous history of abuse in the home. They were reportedly a happy family. From what I have read, Michel Veillette was a proud and loving father. But like so many other domestic violence murders, what happened is incomprehensible.


Police have reported that Michel Veillette and his wife had argued over money problems and over Veillette’s mistress. Reportedly he had purchased expensive jewelry for a stripper he had met in Canada and planned to move her to South Carolina.

Early on Tues. Michel Veillette was found hanging from a bedsheet in his cell. Efforts to revive him were unsuccessful. The sheriff has said writings were found in Veillette’s cell, but they were not considered suicide notes.


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