Just a little philosophy

I sometimes look to nature for inspiration in times of stress, just a little thing I do to try to cope. For instance if you look at a tree and think of all they go through- wind, rain, snow and ice. They may bend, but they return upright. They may sustain damage, but as long as that trunk, that core survives the tree will survive. So it is with people, during life we will face opposition and we may face damage, but as long as our core survives, we can survive.

Fire it is hot angry and destructive, sometimes even explosive. But eventually a fire will burn itself out when it devours all the fuel sources available to feed it. So it is with anger. It can consume us. However water is different. Water seems deceptively soft, if it hits a wall it will seek to go under or around the obstacle. And when that works, it is great. But water is not as soft as you might think. A steady stream of water pouring onto a stone will eventually erode the stone. With help from other streams, it can build enough strength to push over a house. Sometimes with faced with opposition, water is better than fire.

And today I learned a new one. I put up birdfeeders this year for the winter. I’ve done it before, but never really sat and watched the birds at the feeder. Today I sat and watched. There were finches, woodpeckers, and mourning doves feasting and seeming to be enjoying the feeders. Then a hawk showed up. As soon as the hawk appeared, all the other birds fled.

Now a hawk is big and a predator to the smaller birds. And no matter how much those birds were enjoying the feeder they did not stay to protect an easy food source, they were not going to stay around and be preyed upon. A bird has a small brain and survives on their instincts. When it became dangerous for them they fled- even if it meant they had to leave an easy feeder and seek out other food sources. They took the chance that the hawk might give chase, but that was their best option and they took it. The birds didn’t stop to think about where their next food source would be, or what would happen if the hawk caught them. They didn’t think about if the hawk would go hungry. By listening to their instincts and fleeing, those birds survived today. Tomorrow they will come back or they will find another feeder. When faced with a dangerous stranger most people will flee. But it is common in domestic violence to ignore the instinct to flee, and to let other things become priority. What would happen to the finches if they had done that?



  1. N J Linden said,

    January 15, 2008 at 8:50 pm

    Thanks for your thoughts on finding inspiration and insight from nature. I have written some similar ideas in my blog, which includes a fairly lengthy piece about some of the changes and insights I have gained as a survivor of domestic violence. You can find it at http://edgeofraisin.livejournal.com
    I will definitely come back to your blog and read more. If you like what I have written in mine, please pass it on to others. We need all the support and encouragement we can get from each other.

    NJL edgeofraisin

  2. Soobs said,

    January 16, 2008 at 4:10 pm

    Sweet, you are a wonderful writer.

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