How can it all go so wrong?

Arthur Jackson, 32, and Lisa Ford Jackson married in 2003. Lisa Jackson was the mother to 2 children from a previous relationship and neighbors indicate they seemed made a happy family. Three years ago the couple had a daughter together. Neighbors have indicated the two seemed to be good parents, they played with their children and seemed to get along well. According to at least one neighbor Jackson treated the older children as if they were his own and

“He was a very good dad to them. He played with them, bought them a basketball goal and hung it in the driveway. They played all the time.”

But a few months ago, things seemed to change. At least one neighbor indicates the family may have been struggling financially. About a month ago Arthur Jackson moved out of the home. That is when they began coming to police attention. Some neighbors have indicated that they did see Jackson at the home at times, and they thought the relationship was at least civil. But police have indicated that in Sept. they received a call from Arthur Jackson. He said that he believed the kids were at the home by themselves. Police responded to the home, but evidently found no problems and no report was written. About a week ago they received a call from Lisa Jackson. She indicated to police that her estranged husband was at her door and would not leave. Police responded, but when they arrived Jackson was gone. They reportedly talked with Lisa Jackson about filing a restraining order, but it is unknown if she had followed through.

On Fri. Arthur Jackson brought his daughter to a church daycare where one of his relatives worked. The child appeared bloody, but was uninjured. Jackson indicated that he had killed some people, and intended to kill more and left. Police were notified via a 911 call and the relative gave police names of relatives which police began checking for indications that Jackson might be there.

Jackson was located in his vehicle near one relatives home and a police standoff began.

A check at Lisa Jackson’s home revealed she had been shot and killed. Her two children from a previous relationship were also found in the home. They were aged 10 and 13, they had also been shot and killed.

At the standoff many things were happening. A nearby school was put on lockdown and children were unable to leave for a period of time. Eventually they were released to parents through a back door, according to some reports it was a process that lasted until about 7 pm when the last child was evacuated. Neighbors were also evacuated from their homes. Police had blocked Jackson with a vehicle and negotiators were talking with him by loudspeaker and cellphone for several hours.

Police indicated that Jackson did talk with negotiators. They said he was agitated at times and did put his gun to head some. But they also said he did talk about surrendering at times. After about 7 hours of negotiation Jackson rammed the police vehicle that was blocking his vehicle, he drove through a yard and escaped. A police chase ensued for about 10 miles. The chase ended when Jackson’s vehicle drove into a lake. When police pulled the vehicle from the lake, they found that Jackson had an gunshot wound to his head.

Some reports indicate that the 3 year old daughter has been placed in temporary foster care.     

How can it all go so wrong? I don’t know. All I know is that it can.

Many of the articles talk about what a nice guy Arthur Jackson was. And what a nice woman Lisa Jackson was. What nice kids they were. And what a happy couple and nice family they were.

But sometimes things don’t work out. And the why is really not as important as how it is handled when it doesn’t work out. It is important to recognize when a problem is developing and quickly respond to that. If there are threats made, if there are any stalking behaviors, any previous violence and especially if a police officer, social worker or domestic violence professional indicates that you might want to take out a protection order, take it seriously. No matter how nice a guy or woman they might be and no matter how good the relationship used to be.

Of course once you get to that step, you should also take measures to protect yourself and your family. Seek a shelter, move to a different address, stay with friends or relatives that they don’t know or don’t know their address.


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  1. greg said,

    October 14, 2007 at 4:33 pm

    Thisis just an example of how corp america has ruined lives.Iknew A.J. he was a good man turned bad.We in the airlines industry have taken a big lost in pay,while mgt has recieved millions in pay and bonuses.I too am having a bad time but i keep god first in my life.When will they acknowledge what they are doing to good families,or do they care?

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