After A Stop At The Bar

On Wednesday Edward A. Bailey, 26, allegedly returned home after a stop at the bar. And when he got home, his girlfriend allegedly confronted him. I’ve not seen what time he allegedly returned home.

Police were called to the home on a report of an assault at about 3 pm on Wednesday and they found the girlfriend unconcious on the bedroom floor. Bailey told officers that when the girlfriend confronted him, she tried to scratch his eyes out. So he punched her- 9 times. He told police that he attempted to clean her up, but couldn’t stop the blood coming out of her eyes so he called for help.

The girlfriend was taken to the hospital and doctors there told police that she had 3 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, numerous bruises and other injuries. She also had head injuries, and doctors believed those were from blunt force trauma.

Meanwhile police were investigating. They have reported they saw signs of a struggle in the home, as well as holes in the walls. The telephone lines were cut. And in a nearby alley police say they found two table legs with blood and drywall dust on them. Police suspect she may have been beaten with the table legs.

According to reports Billings admitted to police that he had burned the clothing he was wearing at the time of the altercation. At least one report indicates that after the altercation, Bailey may have gone to his mother’s place to sleep for a few hours before calling for help.

I’ve not seen any reports of the girlfriend’s condition other than that she remained hospitalized on Thursday.

Bailey has been charged with attempted murder.  

Many a couple has argued after one party has decided to go to the bar. Most don’t end up in physical fights though. His excuse is that she tried to scratch his eyes out. Now just supposing that is true, he had several choices. If she did do that he could have left to go to his mom’s. He could have said forget it, we will discuss it tomorrow. He could have not stopped at the bar. He could have called police and filed domestic violence charges on her.

But he didn’t choose to do that. Two table legs and broken bones later she is now in a hospital. And he is trying to come up with a story. In my opinion the story came a bit late. It would have been much more believable before the “nap” and attempts to clean up the scene. However, scratching his eye’s out sounds more like a defensive move to me.

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