There’s a New Crime ‘Roll in Town

There is a new crime blogroll in town. I am now a proud member of the Coalition of Crime Blogs. The CCB has some advantages. We have a public forum that anyone can join. And you can get a ‘badge’ for your own blog to show that you are a reader of the CCB blogs.

The forum is three tiered. Anyone can join as a member. Crime bloggers who wish to join the ‘roll can request blogger membership. And the third tier is the managers group, where we discussed setting up the blogroll, LOL.

Have you ever thought about becoming a crime blogger but didn’t know if you could? You get a personal page at this forum where you can practice. If you decide to begin a blog, members there can offer advice to get you started. Or maybe you don’t want to blog- but do occasionally like a way to show a crime article that has caught your attention. Maybe you just want to read or maybe you have a crime article that you want to bring to the bloggers attention. There is a section on the new forum where crime news will be posted. (I use it to post non-DV crimes that have caught my attention.)

You do need to join the forum to post, but joining is easy. And you get to make new friend’s :D.

So check out the forum and check out the new blogroll that I am adding on the left.

Coalition of Crime Bloggers


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  1. D.P. said,

    October 5, 2007 at 5:32 pm

    I think it’s a great idea. See you there!

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