A Tale of Two Families

Julian (34) and Rosetta Walker were the parents of two children ages 3 years and 18 months. And their marriage was ending, they had filed for divorce. Rosetta Walker, who had quit school 20 years ago when her oldest son was born had recently completed her diploma and was due to pick it up on Tues. Julian was reportedly was in a new relationship. But according to reports there were problems in that relationship also and it was ending or had ended. According to the reports, the recent girlfriend’s family had some problems with the relationship of their 19 year old daughter and a 34 year old man due to the age difference.

Monday about 4:30 am the new girlfriend’s stepfather Terrence Lott was shot and killed. Police have named Julian Walker as a suspect in that murder.

About an hour later and several miles away, Rosetta Walker was at home with three of her four children. The youngest two children were ages 3 years and another 18 months. And police say they were witnesses to the shooting murder of their mother. Relatives say the three year old has told some relatives

“Daddy killed Mommy.”

Julian Walker hasn’t been seen since 5:26 that morning. Both victims families are asking that he turn himself in. According to reports, even his father is asking him to turn himself in. Walker was last seen in a GMC Sierra pickup, tan in color. The vehicle has Georgia plates with the license number ADG-7118. He is considered to be armed and dangerous.

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 I have seen little said about Terrence Lott at this time. With the loss of their loved one, that is not so suprising as some families need to be private at that time. I can understand a family being concerned about a young daughter who had not been an adult very long, beginning a relationship with an ex-con who is still married to another and much older than she. And I cannot help but think of the teen. She meets a man at work and begins a relationship. She has no way of knowing how this is going to end. Yet now that she knows, her memories of her stepfather will be forever tainted with the knowlege that she was the connection between her stepfather and his murderer. Not her fault- but will she ever believe that?

And the family. I cannot help but think of those young children. 18 months and a 3 year old. In the wee hours of a silent morning, the sound of a shotgun blast inside. Enough to frighten an adult, even more frightening to a child who doesn’t understand. The last sight of their mother with the results of that shotgun blast, they would not understand the magnitude of what happened but still would sense there was reason to fear. They had a mother- a mother who loved and cared for them. Now they not only do not have a mother, for all practical purposes they have no father available to them. At their age the memory of the way their mother died may fade. But along with that memory of their mother’s death, they will also lose the memory of their mother’s smile or how she looked when she kissed them goodnight. Mrs. Walker had older children from a previous relationship that she also loved and cared for. They won’t be able to forget. They will remember every time they have a success or failure in life, because almost all of us will pick up the phone to call Mom when those happen.

Julian Walker is still on the loose. Keep an eye out will ya?


Thanks to Peach we have an update.

Police tracked Julian Walker to Illinois. When they approached him, Walker shot at an officer with the shotgun but hit his patrol car. Walker then fled on foot into a wooded area. Officers heard a shot and saw a puff of smoke. Later they found him dead from a gunshot wound.

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  1. Peach said,

    September 19, 2007 at 3:17 pm

    He has died of an apparent self inflicted wound. http://www.11alive.com/news/article_news.aspx?storyid=103307

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