Missing….. Again

In Dec. 2002 Marshall Doud was last seen leaving his place of employment one Wednesday about noon. He was supposed to take his child surfing that day. He didn’t make it home. By the next day his wife concerned that he may have been in an accident, reported him missing. His friends and family began searching for him. By Friday police had checked his credit card records and found that his credit card had been used to buy camping equipment. Still family and friends were concerned and continued searching. One of his friends spoke publicly about their concern and desire to find him.

“We’re still holding out hope to find him,” Ledwith said. “My hope is he’s emotionally wounded somehow, … and that we can bring him back to a family that loves him dearly. The alternative scenario is too terrible to imagine.”

On Sunday of the same week, his truck was found miles away. Another search party and he was found about 30 minutes later he was found.

Police said he was not injured, but he was reported as cold and hungry. The drivers side window of his truck was smashed and later reports indicated he did have a bump on his head. He was reported as having amnesia. He wanted to speak to his family, and was able to make a phone call. Few explanations for his disappearance were given.

His friend described Marshall Daud as

“This was extremely out of character for him,” Ledwith said. “He is a family man, a regular Joe, the salt of the earth.”

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 Marshall Daud is missing again. But the circumstances are different this time.

He was last seen in his home on Monday night. On Tuesday morning about 7:15 am his teenage children in the home found his wife (their mother) Morgana Daud, 42, in her bed and unresponsive. She was pronounced dead and her death is being called suspicious.

Police are not saying that Marshall Daud is a suspect, but they do want to talk with him. He may be driving a 1994 Dodge pickup truck, rusty blue in color and has a license plate of  5K91613. Police say they do not know if he is armed. According to one report police are searching for camping gear.

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Police have reported that Marshall Daud showed up at the police station on Tues. night. After interviewing him police arrested him on a charge of murder. They say the arrest was based on both the interview and on evidence found in the home.According to at least one report, Daud told investigators that he had driven to the mountains.

Police are waiting to release the cause of death, pending the results of the autopsy. The couple’s children are reported to be with family.

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