She was scared

Sonia Long was soon to be a single mother. During the marriage to her husband Anthony D. Long, 32, he reportedly disappeared from the home for periods of time and the marriage was allegedly “strained.” Mrs. Long had filed for divorce. Two months ago she had a child with another man. Her birthday was on Wed., she was 32 years old and she was living in a domestic violence shelter.

Last week she had filed for a restraining order against her estranged husband. According to the restraining order, the problems with Long had intensified since she had become pregnant and included abuse and threats. According to her information in the restraining order Long had told her he 

“would make life hell.”

She feared for her life, as well as the lives of her children and her friend the father of her new baby. She had reason to be afraid. According to the information she included in the application for a restraining order, Long had told her 6 year old child something that scared her. Later the child reportedly told her mother

“Mommy I think Daddy is gonna kill (us)”

Mrs. Long did what she should do under those circumstances. She filed for the restraining order, and she moved into the shelter.

She did not have her children’s birth certificates with her so on Thurs. she went back to her home to get them and she took the baby’s father with her.

 Police say that Anthony Long killed her in that home, and also stabbed the baby’s father. He is expected to recover.

Anthony Long was arrested and charged with murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and rape. He is being held with no bond. 

If you are in an abusive relationship and fear that at some point you might have to leave the home unexpectedly it is recommended that you obtain an extra set of birth certificate documents and social security cards (or leave the ones you have) and leave them with a trusted friend or relative. If you have to leave you may have to apply for public assistance, enroll children in school, or have other uses for the documents. If you or the children are on daily medications you may also wish to leave a day’s worth of meds with the trusted person. That way if you do have to leave in a hurry you have the essentials to get you through until you can obtain more meds. Other items you may want to consider consider copying is your drivers license and auto insurance papers, any other important papers and a copy of your car and house keys. You can also add a set of clothes for each person in the household.

Once you leave the home it is important not to return to the home until the situation is more settled. It may be a time that you think he will be at work or some other routine or scheduled activity, but during this time you cannot count on the spouse sticking to their routines. Even if they do not live at the home, they may be watching the home or the street the home is on, waiting for an opportunity.

Sometimes there is a feeling of safety in numbers, and a person may feel that they could return if they took someone with them. If a person is angry enough to harm you, they likely will harm the other person also. So try not to return to the home. If it is absolutely necessary to return, make contact with police and see if you can get an escort to the home. Some areas will do that, some will not. Check to see what your area’s policy is.