Nobody Wins

Donald Webb Jr., 48, was a corrections officer with the rank of lieutenant. His employer has said he was well thought of at the prison and he was a supervisor over three levels of officers. Cynthia Webb was 42. She was a mother of four sons, one of which resided with her. She was a daycare employee for a church daycare for developmental children. Neighbors and coworkers say they were not aware of any problems between the couple.

Police say the couple were arguing Fri. night in an upstairs bedroom. And about 11 pm several shots rang out. Police say that after the shots, Donald Webb rushed downstairs and shot his 13 year old stepson several times. He then fled the home.

Police arrived about 11:20 pm. Cynthia Webb was pronounced dead at the scene. Her thirteen year old son was taken to the hospital where he had surgery. He is expected to survive.

Police began a search for Donald Webb and a warrant was taken out for his arrest.

On Sun. a trooper pulled into a roadside rest and noted a vehicle with it’s hazard lights on. When he checked the vehicle out, he found a body inside with a weapon beside it. The body was later determined to be Donald Webb and police believe his gunshot wound was self-inflicted.

Police believe that when Webb left the home that he began driving randomly and ended up miles away where his body was later found. He was not known to have any contacts in that area.

Three people shot. Two dead, a teen injured and in pain. I don’t take pleasure in his death anymore than hers. All the shootings were senseless. And they leave behind families who are angry and hurting. Four sons grieving over a mother. A young man in pain. And he didn’t even have the ability to make any decisions in the relationship. Webb’s family will also be hurting, they also most likely didn’t have the ability to make any decisions in the relationship.

Nothing is gained by these deaths. They serve no purpose other than to end a dispute. A dispute that nobody won.


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  1. MsDalton said,

    August 21, 2007 at 7:47 pm

    In so many cases such as this – THE person who committed the crime of murder is a victim also – even if he had have lived HE WOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD – I believe that when people have a psychotic breakdown – they are like folks with dementia or altimers – NOT THE PERSON ANYONE REMEMBERS nor do they remember theirself and their loved ones either in the same light before the breakdown.

    I had problems at a job and THOUGHT about harming a supervisor then myself and sought help – later it suprised me that I’d think those thoughts – I was in terror of losing my job which amounted to no life as far as I could see. I’m still taking medications and so glad I got help as I take care of an elderly mother and handicapped son in so many ways. I have moved on in some ways though it still hits me how I feel that supervisor wronged me but thank God I did not commit any crime toward him. No it wasn’t domestic but it boils down to the same thing – how a person can BECOME SOMEONE ELSE even if briefly..

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