Her Misery

Robert Arroyo, 51, said his wife Courtney Nichole Arroyo, 28, had mental issues so he reportedly took her to a hospital that treats mental problems. When she refused to stay he reportedly left her there. He left and returned home, it hasn’t been reported where she went. Then Courtney Arroyo had a brief stay in jail for minor traffic violations.

Courtney Arroyo was released from jail on Tues. and her husband was there to pick her up. The Arroyo’s left the jail together but they never arrived home. Hours later Robert Arroyo walked into another police station. He rang the buzzer and when the dispatcher asked what he needed, he told the dispatcher he had killed his wife. An officer came out to talk with him and Arroyo told him his wife’s body was in the back of his vehicle.

According to media reports Arroyo has told police they had marital problems. And that on the way home from the jail Courtney Arroyo had asked Arroyo to stop by her ex-boyfriend’s home so that she could tell him goodbye. Some reports say he headed that way, but then instead he stopped alongside the road and strangled Courtney. An autopsy has confirmed she was strangled.

According to reports Arroyo killed her in one county. But then drove to a different county looking for someone to confess to. He then drove to the third county and walked into the police station. Authorities have said he drove around more than an hour before going to the police station.

According to media the couple had met about 14 months ago. They began living together less than a year ago- and had married three months ago. Reportedly Arroyo told police that his wife was not getting the mental health treatment that she needed, and that he killed her to

    “to put her out of her misery,”

According to police he also told them

“He said once he did it, he knew he had done wrong,”

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Spouses with mental health problems are often hard to deal with at times. And getting treatment for them can be difficult especially if they do not agree to the treatment. Yet the spouse does have options. They can leave, they can refuse to remain together unless the other spouse agrees to treatment, or they can go for a divorce.

This couple had known each other for a period of months, lived together less than that and were only married 3 months ago. Surely during the time they lived together he must have realized that she had problems. And still made the decision to marry. Maybe it was too much to cope with, but separation and divorce is always option. Murder should never be an option. Walking away from an ill person may sound cruel. But walking away is better than murder.

Arroyo has said that afterwards he knew he had done wrong. But of course by then it was too late for her- and for him. Murder is an action that no matter how much you may regret it, it can’t be taken back or fixed.



  1. daniel said,

    July 24, 2007 at 5:25 am

    after my dad left her @ the hospital he couldnt find her for a couple of weeks

  2. July 24, 2007 at 6:12 pm

    Thank you Daniel.

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