He was out on bond

Terry Stoess, 49, and his unnamed girlfriend is reported to be between the ages of 35-40. They resided together with the girlfriend’s mother Bobbie Eagle, 72. Neighbors have said they didn’t know the family well as they had only moved into the neighborhood within the last year.

Two weeks ago the girlfriend took out a restraining order against Terry Stoess. She reported that the two had been in an argument and Stoess had hit her on the arm. She tried to get to a phone to call her sister- but allegedly Stoess pulled the phone cord out of the wall. When she attempted to use other phones, the same thing happened.

Allegedly Stoess threatened to kill her then left the home.The girlfriend then noted that Stoess’s gun was missing.

Stoess was arrested the same day on charges of terroristic threats and 4th degree assault.  He was out of jail on bond the next day.

Fri. night a friend stopped by their home. Inside the home she found three people with gunshot wounds. Terry Stoess and the girlfriend’s mother Bobbie Eagle were pronounced dead in the home. The girlfriend was alive but in critical condition.

Police say the girlfriend’s mother had multiple gunshot wounds and Terry Stoess had one. His wound is believed to have been self inflicted.

Police and neighbors have said police have been called to the home for domestic issues in the past.

I did not see any indication as to whether Stoess had returned to the home after the restraining order. But police were checking out a vehicle located a block away which may have belonged to one of the household members.

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Out on Bond. How I hate that phrase. Yes, I know that prior to a trial all persons are presumed to be innocent and thus are eligible to be released if they can post a bond (or sometimes on their own recognizance.)

But we are talking about an angry person. Many times a rage filled person, made angrier by their arrest. An angry person who knows their victim’s home address, workplace and schedule. And often knows who they will seek out for support and safety.

Some communities have electronic monitoring that a judge can order for a person accused of some crimes- including domestic violence. Some do not. Sometimes it is offered and sometimes not.  Sometimes it helps to ask if it is available.

If someone is arrested for domestic violence offenses, be prepared. They will get out quickly. Sometimes mere hours after the arrest. So a decision to seek a safe place does have to be made and acted on quickly.

As a crime victim (yes, domestic violence related incidents are crimes) you have certain rights. Victim rights can differ from state to state. Ask what your rights as a victim are. If you have had someone arrested for DV, ask if you can be notified if/when they get released on bond. 


The surviving girlfriend’s condition has been upgraded from critical to serious.

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