A Bizarre Twist

Fielder, 30, had been known to have problems with mental disorders and aggression since the teen years. As far back as 1998 Fielder’s mother took out a restraining order, she says she had been hit over the head with a chair and threatened as well as threats made against other family members.   Four months later Fielder allegedly violated the order and was court ordered into mental health treatment as well as probation. There were other incidents of criminal charges of including tresspass and attempted assault.

In 2004 Fielder was convicted of harrassment and theft and spent 5 days in jail and was ordered into anger management treatment.

Eight months ago Fielder met someone named Kellerman, 36, and the two began to date. But friends say there were problems in the relationship. They say that Fielder was obsessively jealous and constantly accusing Kellerman of being unfaithful- but friends say that was not true. The relationship between Fielder and Kellermann ended about 6 months ago because of the problems.

There are also reports of problems since that time. Friends say that Fielder began stalking Kellerman and the behavior became bizarre. Allegedly Fielding made death threats, made multiple calls to Kellerman’s workplace and other attempts to make contact with Kellerman.

On May 18 Kellerman finally applied for a restraining order. The order was approved on May 21. Kellerman told the court that Fielding

“threatened to kill me in front of co-workers, . . . came to my home . . . blocked my car in driveway. Kicked door. . . Used security code to enter my truck. Waited for me to get in.”

Kellerman said that police had not been called as Fielder was not thought to have a weapon. Kellermann also said that Fielding might be suicidal.

Then word came to Kellerman that Fielder was dead from a drug overdose. Police say that Fielder had tricked some into believing she had committed suicide. Word of the alleged suicide had reached Kellerman.

On Wednesday at 5:30 am Michael E. Kellermann was leaving his home to go to work. Police say his ex-girlfriend Jacqueline Kay Fielder was waiting outside his home. Police say that Fielder began to shoot at Michael Kellerman, and he ran from her and the weapon. Allegedly Fielder chased after him.

Michael Kellermann finally collapsed and died a few houses away from his home. He had five shots in his chest. Police say that Fielder continued to shoot even after he collasped. Fielder fled the scene.

“Based on information from witnesses, the victim had apparently been grieving the loss of Fielder. All indications are that the victim would have been shocked to find the suspect alive when he saw her (Wednesday) morning.”

Police called her cell phone and tried to talk her into turning herself in or telling them where she was, but she refused. But a State Police trooper did have a sighting on her car at 7:40 am. When police attempted to stop her a high speed chase began.

She managed to evade a couple of sets of spike strips, hit another vehicle and a guardrail and reached speeds of almost 100 miles per hour before she finally hit another spike strip.

Fielder left the car and took off. Police were attempting to negotiate with her when they say she shot herself in the head.

Fielder was taken to the hospital and died on Thursday.

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Obsessive, abusive or controlling behaviors do not belong exclusively to men. We hear it happening with men more often, but it is theorized that men do not report as frequently. Michael Kellerman reportedly waited months before applying for a restraining order.

Few shelters take men. There are few resources available to them. And frequently people do not take a report of violence from a woman as seriously as from a man. I have never seen the reports of height and weight for suspect and victim in any report of domestic violence crime except this one. Yes, he was taller and weighed more. But when you add a weapon vs. an unwillingness to harm another- that can even out any differences in physique.

It is just as important for a man to take precautions and seek assistance and legal protection in a domestic violence relationship as it is for a woman. Because whether it is male or female, the results can end up the same.

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  1. Brendaq said,

    June 2, 2007 at 7:50 pm

    Absolutely there are abused men no matter their weight and size and vocation, they are reluctant to file a domestic. I had neighbors in which when they first married the “wife” was bigger than him. She had so many problems – addicted to drugs, gambling not paying bills, etc. and she demeaned this man and lost all they had and they went bankrupt. Also right off I witnessed her hit, smack, kick, take bats and pipes after him and use the same to destroy vehicles – all I heard him do was beg her to stop, I saw him put his arms up in defense and he’d beg her to stay home??? And she’d take off anyway –

    Anyway a recently she had surgery to lose weight and he was much bigger than her then – but he finally “snapped and killed her and his stepdaughter”. Now it sounds horrible but many times the abused becomes the abuser and also the daughter accompanied the mother on trips to sell/or buy drugs – drink and gamble.

    It’s a shame he didn’t just leave – but who can predict when insanity will strike after years of abuse. Also the “wife”s brother owned the house prior and she was buying it from him and when stats about the property transfer was in the paper – it was for well over $40 thousand with his name on it – and the bankruptcy was in both their names – so it’s obvious family members made money from him between that and drugs and gambling.

    So sad – as those are compulsive habits and perhaps the “wife” was mistreated as a child is why she was so abusive – but I have heard their is a police record on her – so I dunno.

  2. KatK said,

    June 2, 2007 at 11:24 pm

    Yet there are some misandriests on a certain message board who feel it’s only men who commit murder. *rolls eyes* I hope the “stigma” of being an abused male is vanquished soon.

  3. June 6, 2007 at 7:18 am

    […] the abuse of a man, or in some sad cases, succumbing to it. But this week, she has a story with a strange twist. I’ll leave it up to her to let you know what it […]

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