“No Body, No Crime?”

When Jonathan Grice’s mother was unable to make contact with him since earlier this week, she became concerned enough to contact police and make a missing person’s report.

When deputies went to his home as a part of the investigation, one of the things they noted was was what appeared to be drag marks from the home to a burn pile behind the house.

In the burn pile they found the remains of burned furniture and clothing. And they also found the remains of Jonathan Grice, 27 wrapped in a sheet and a tarp. An autopsy showed that he died of a gunshot wound to the head.

Grice reportedly had a live-in girlfriend. And the sheriff’s dept. have arrested Jessica White, 24, on charges of murder, felony robbery and felony conspiracy to commit robbery.

Deputies have said they believe that White killed Jonathan Grice, wrapped his body in a sheet and dragged him to the burn pile.

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“No Body, No Crime”

Though the words were allegedly used in the infamous Natalee Holloway case and in the Sante Kimes case, those were not the first time the sentiment has been used. For many years it may have been known or believed that someone was murdered, but without a body was impossible to prove.

Thankfully that is changing. With the improvements in forensics and investigative techniques more and more murders are being taken to court, prosecuted and convictions obtained without a body.

In this case though an attempt to get rid of the remains  may have been made, they were able to find at least some of them.

I haven’t seen any explanation for the charges of robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.



  1. KatK said,

    May 26, 2007 at 11:58 am

    There was a landmark case in which a woman’s blood was ruled to be a body. The court proceedings found that a person who had lost that much blood, and not gotten medical care, would be quickly dead. (And there was no record of her being treated at a hospital either.) They proved the blood was hers, and convicted a man of murder. I can’t recall any more details than that though.

  2. J R Williams said,

    May 26, 2007 at 10:04 pm

    In regard to the “I haven’t seen any explanation for the charges of robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.” in the above article. Mr. Grice was a very close friend of my husbands. He was moving out of the home that he & the accused girlfriend shared. In fact, he already had his possessions boxed & ready to go. She told police that he had left in his car but she was found in possession of it & his body was also stripped of valuable jewelry. He was shot while sleeping. He had given her $1000.00 to make her rent & keep her on her feet until she could get situated since he was leaving the home. Apparently that was not enough for her & she wanted more. He was a good man & we miss him.

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