“I didn’t think he would do this”

Valentin Luna, 37, and his wife Mirna Luna, 32, came to the U.S. from the Honduras undoubtably seeking a better life. But they did not come to the U.S. together. Instead they met in Texas and were married in 2000.

Mrs. Luna had been previously married and had two children. Together the Luna’s had one child 7 years ago and they named him Christian.

There had been problems in the marriage recently and the two had split up about 5 months ago. According to a family friend, the couple had few friends in the U.S.

Mrs. Luna worked as a housekeeper and babysitter and spent as much time with her children as she could. Valentin Luna reportedly was a hard worker and liked being with his family. He reportedly did not have a criminal history. He was however getting angry about being estranged from his wife.

On Monday the children were reportedly at the family friend’s home playing with their children when Valentin Luna called and asked about picking up his son. He was told he could pick Christian up at the friend’s home.

The friend’s have said when he arrived the couple began arguing. Some reports say the argument was over the fact that Ms. Luna had begun dating.

Reportedly the family friend gathered up her children and Ms. Luna’s daughter and took them into the home. But she allegedly did see Luna grab Mirna Luna by the arm and shoot her multiple times.

After he shot her, he allegedly walked over to his truck to join his son- and shot him.

Allegedly he next went to the friend’s home and broke down their locked door. He reportedly began threatening the neighbor, but one of the children said

Please don’t kill my mom! Please don’t kill my mom!”

Valentin Luna stopped. He turned into the dining room and the mother and children fled the home. Luna apparently shot himself.

When police arrived they found the mother dead in front of the home and the child dead in the truck. They set up a perimeter and obtained a robot to send into the home. Luna was found dead in the home.

Mrs. Luna’s other children are now with their father.

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If you have been in an abusive or controlling relationship, how/when do you begin dating again? That is really something that can only be determined by the situation.

But use caution. Even if the spouse or partner says they don’t care or even if they themselves are dating others- use caution. And never, ever- no matter how provoked- use the information to anger, retaliate, or in any way provoke the other. You could get more of a response than you anticipated. Never break the news in the midst of an argument.

Some have tried to date secretly. But that is a secret that is hard to keep. An accidental meeting, an acquaintance who- innocently or not so innocently- mentions seeing you, being watched and not aware of it, a mention from one of the children, or sometimes just mentioning a name once too often may be enough to provoke jealousy.

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