Owen G. Eliot reportedly moved out of his marital residence and was living in New York. Two weeks ago he moved into a hostel. A resident there described the hostel as a type of “literary house.” The resident has said Eliot could converse on many subjects, he talked about being an elementary school teacher and a high school teacher in Hawaii. He also reportedly said he had written a non-fiction book and was working on another one as well as looking for a job. But allegedly he didn’t talk about his 25 year old wife.

Reports are coming out that his unnamed wife had gone to court late last year and gotten a restraining order. The order was reportedly in effect until Dec. 2007.

Early in the AM on Sat. morning police were called to come to a scene on a report of a shooting. While they were there, tending to and attempting to interview the woman who had been shot they heard a shot near the scene.

Owen Eliot was found at a nearby school ballfield with a shotgun wound to his head. Police say that it was apparently self-inflicted. The woman who had been shot was his estranged wife.

Police are focusing on the shotgun used in the shootings. With the restraining order in effect, Eliot should not have had possession of a weapon. Police are trying to determine how he obtained it.

The unnamed woman was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the hip. She is now reported to be in stable condition. Police say the residence where the shooting occurred was not the Eliot residence, but they are not disclosing the address.

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I was curious as to the type of book that Eliot had written, but after doing a search did not find any results.

I cannot stress enough that if you have had enough problems with a spouse or partner that you must take precautions for your  own safety. If they break the order, by showing up or by calling, it is up to you to notify authorities. Being in touch with a domestic violence agency also helps, in they can provide advocacy when you have to make a report and help monitor any followup. There is no indication in the reports as to whether there had been any previous violations by Eliot, but in other cases there are often frequent attempts at making contact.

Where did he get the shotgun? Legally he wasn’t supposed to be able to buy one because of the restraining order against him. But unfortunately there are often other ways of obtaining a weapon.  I am only going to address one. This is not a discussion as to the rights to gun ownership. But as a gun owner, each owner is responsible for any weapons they own.

If a friend asks to borrow a weapon, you may need to stop and think. What is the story he/she is giving about the need for a weapon? Do you know of any marital or relationship problems? Have there been complaints or arguing in the relationship recently? Do you know of any reason they could not purchase their own weapon (eg. a restraining order or other disability?) And always keep in mind- no matter how good or close the friendship, you never know exactly what is in someone else’s mind.

As the gun owner, you do have a responsibility to make sure that a weapon you own is not used for any unintended purposes. And besides the moral difficulties, in some cases it could cause you legal problems.



  1. John Doe said,

    May 27, 2007 at 10:47 pm

    Just to let people know, domestic abuse is a horrible problem, as are many human difficulties. However, in this age of high-speed information transfer and assimilation, many presumptions are made, and many sterotypes are cast, in one way necessarily, since we can’t know every individual personally. In a way though, it should make us stop to think of whom we judge, and if we don’t know direct circumstances of any situation, we should refrain from judgement and pontification, because it does not serve to explore the possible truths of many situations, but only serves to fortify the narrowness of perception, and will keep one from exploring and understanding many aspects of life. I don’t know in many ways why I am bothering with this, but I am one personally affected by the aforementioned tragedy, and just wanted to share a comment or two on it.
    Owen Eliot was, to be blunt, a shitkicker. A wanderer, a traveler, an erudite writer and journalist, a man with questions about himself and the world many people don’t have the guts to ask. He had more friends in places like France, Cambodia and Spain than most people will have in a lifetime. He never stopped moving, always living in the moment, always looking for something that he couldn’t quite seem to find. A charmer, that made an impression on anyone who met him, and whom he would alternately awe or terrify with his knowledge, with his views, with his cynicism, with his generosity and loyalty. He was a royal pain, he was the guy that someone could count on whenever for whatever.
    He thought that he’d found what he’d always been looking for with his wife, after a life spanning the globe, and the regions of his own psyche. His wife is warm, special and loved him as much as he loved her. Shit happens, to be blunt again, but the suppostion of abuse is one of those misconceptions mentioned earlier that are sometimes made, but are not in each individual case true. He fucked up bad, for himself worse than anyone else. Any other things are between she and him. He made a bad decision, and couldn’t follow through on it, which noone who knew him would be surprised at. Why he made this decision…we could all ask that until doomsday. Seeing no other way out of the consequence and implication of the first bad decision, he made the second, and well, this is where we all are now. Who knows, it could happen to any of us, under the right times and circumstances, and the only sure thing is that it’s not always the best idea to judge.

  2. May 27, 2007 at 11:57 pm

    “it’s not always the best idea to judge”
    To some extent what you say is true. But we all necessarily have to make judgements every day for our safety. Else we could end up prey to every con artist and criminal we should meet up with.
    “suppostion of abuse”
    From what I understand there was a restraining order in place prior to the night of the shooting. In order to obtain a restraining order, people have to show either prior abuse or threats of harm or reason to fear for their safety.
    Eliot may have been a nice guy and a good friend. But something must have occurred to cause his wife to request a restraining order and for the court to grant it. And as it turns out there was good reason.
    Very often there is love even in an abusive or controlling relationship. On both the man and the woman’s part. That is one of the things that makes it difficult for the “victim” to break away. But once fear and/or abuse enters the relationship, the whole character of the relationship changes.

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    April 26, 2009 at 5:08 am

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