Parental Instinct

As a parent most of us have instincts to protect our children. And when families split, sometimes that protective instinct can be aroused when another adult moves into an intimate position in the household and in the children’s lives.

Willie Tarpley Jr., 46,  and his wife Jacqueline Tarpley had just split up recently. They are the parents of two children ages 3 and 14 months. According to what family has told media, the two had been married for more than 20 years but they had been planning to split up for a while.

Jacqueline Tarpley had found a new boyfriend Lee Alexander, 25.

Willie Tarpley reportedly found his wife’s boyfriend on the sex offender database. And he rushed over to his wife’s home.

When he arrived he is alleged to have picked up a katana (I am also seeing the term samauri used) sword from a collection of weapons in the garage of the home where he used to live.

He then entered the home and allegedly told Jacqueline Tarpley not to not to defend Alexander. He is then alleged to have held the sword against Alexander’s throat and threatening to cut his head off if he didn’t leave. Alexander agreed to leave the home and went out and got into his car. But in backing out of the driveway, Alexander struck the car belonging to Willie Tarpley.

Allegedly Tarpley walked up to Alexander’s car and plunged the sword through the window of Alexander’s car. Alexander opened the car door and attempted to run but collapsed a short ways away. Lee Alexander died from his wounds.

Tarpley allegedly told a neighbor that he used the sword to emphasize a point and that he was not aware that he had stabbed Alexander.

About the previous convictions:

According to all reports Lee Alexander was still in his teens in 2000 when he was convicted of a lewd act on a child under the age of 16. He was sentenced to 3 months of community supervision time, but no prison time.

Both Willie Tarpley and Jacqueline Tarpley had previous convictions also. Allegedly Willie Tarpley pleaded guilty to charges of domestic violence and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in 2006. 

And allegedly both Jacqueline and Willie Tarpley pleaded guilty to the  sexual torture of a 21 year old woman in 1987. Both were sentenced to 20 years and both were released from prison early and in 2001 they were released from probation. However, both are registered sex offenders.  

It is both parents responsibility to protect a child. But it is also a parents job to do it responsibly. I actually recommend doing checks on anyone who comes in contact with children. But if you find something negative- handle it responsibly and legally. If for instance it is the sitter or the sitter’s family- you change sitters and have your children checked.

For the date of a spouse that is a bit more difficult. First if they are on the sex offender list- check to see if they are violating any terms by being around your child. Take your child to the doctor and have them checked. If they aren’t violating any conditions or if the problem is a violent criminal history then speak with the spouse, see if they will remedy it and if not then take the information to an attorney.

Another thing to address, is occasionally someone will find that their spouse is doing something illegal or harmful to their children. Don’t confront them directly. For your safety and theirs, take it to authorities and let them confront the spouse. Stay in a safe place until that is done.

National Sex Offender Database


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