He went to sleep

Shelia Caroline Oxendine, 36, was with a man described as her boyfriend Austin Wilson, 69, on Tuesday.

According to reports the two had a ‘ domestic dispute’. According to reports, Austin Wilson then went to bed and was sleeping. Police say that Oxendine doused him with a flammable liquid and then set the house on fire and fled the home.

Witnesses have said that Austin Wilson was in flames when he fled the home and that the witnesses helped to put them out.

When police arrived, they found the home completely engulfed in flames. They found Austin Williams in the road, alive but badly burned. He was taken to the  hospital and admitted in critical condition. It is reported that he suffered 3 rd degree burns over 80 % of his body. But police say he was concious and he was able to tell them what had happened.

Police located Oxendine and placed her under arrest on charges of attempted murder and arson. When Mr. Wilson died later that day charges were upgraded to first degree murder.

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One report said the two had had a ‘domestic dispute’. Domestic dispute is a pretty broad term. I have heard the term used to cover everything from an ordinary argument between a couple, a break up argument and an abusive argument. So what it means here I have no idea. But one thing is key here.

Wilson allegedly had gone to bed and was sleeping. Meaning the dispute was over for the night at least.  Which would have given her opportunity to flee the home- without a fire.

Male or female, if you find that anger, rage, or a desire for revenge is building- take yourself to the hospital before taking any action. Tell doctors what you are thinking and feeling and tell them why. If you have any thoughts of harming yourself or others, tell them. Don’t try to lessen the impact of what you are saying, don’t try to minimize it- they have heard it before. Tell them and tell them how often, if you have made plans or begun any actions.

Arrangements will be made to hold you for evaluation. When you are discharged, arrangements will be made for you to get continuing help. You will need to follow through on those appointments. But the important thing to remember is that those emotions are destructive emotions, and they are just as destructive to you as to anyone else.

On the left on my blog is also a set of links for  abuse treatment. If there is a problem of chronic abuse there is also help available. But in all types of assistance you will have to ask for the help. You will have to be honest about the seriousness of the problem. And you will have to be willing to accept the assistance. That can be hard to do, but believe me it is much easier than preparing for a trial and dealing with the emotions if you do end up harming someone.



  1. gtwl said,

    May 9, 2007 at 7:15 am

    I said it once, I’ll say it again…woman can and do at times happen to bee abusive and violent. Please people think before destroying peoples lives and your own.

  2. KatK said,

    May 9, 2007 at 9:00 pm

    At the same time, it could be more like the original “burning bed” case. I take it that, at this point there is nothing published in the media to indicate this though. I do agree with gtwl, if what I pondered does not turn out to be the case.

  3. May 9, 2007 at 9:44 pm

    At the current time, even in an case with an abusive incident, even in a case with ongoing longstanding abuse, it is likely that the person involved will stand trial. And if found guilty will go to prison. The truth is that Francine Hughes was extremely lucky. She was judged not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. Very few get that judgement. While I may understand why a person could get to the point that they feel they have no other options- in many cases they do. Probably the best thing I could recommend would be to read the post on “Don’t let it come to this” a couple of days ago.
    It seems simple, if he hurts and endangers then he must go. But a person who is a victim and strikes back in a fatal incident will usually have a lot of emotional issues to deal with afterwards. Mainly because they are people who care- or they wouldn’t have been still there. On top of that they still have to deal with legal issues like a trial, a defense and then likely prison.
    Even in a chronic, horrific abuse case it isn’t the answer because it still endangers the victim.

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