They Took Lunch Together

Fred, 52, and Elisabeth Ann Jones, 51, were married. And they worked in the same plant. They were at work on Thursday and left the plant on their lunch break.

From what is now known about that day, the two left the plant and went to a rural area. Elisabeth Ann Jones was allegedly stabbed multiple times, and then was thrown over the railing into the river.

Two men driving over the bridge heard screaming and stopped. They reportedly saw a man get into a vehicle  and drive away.

They were able to pull Mrs. Jones out of the river and make contact with authorities. Then they apparently realized what had happened after viewing the alleged stab wounds to her neck and shoulder and the blood on the bridge.

Fred Jones allegedly drove himself to the police station and turned himself in. He was arrested on a charge of attempted murder. Bond has been set at $250,000. It is believed he is the man who drove away when the 2 men pulled up.

Ann Jones was taken to the hospital and initially reported to be in critical condition. Her condition has since been upgraded to serious but stable.                    

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