In the bar

Christopher aka ‘Caper’ Jerome Thomas, 29, was reportedly at a bar on Wednesday when a dispute with his girlfriend began. Allegedly Thomas threw a drink on his girlfriend.

Allegedly he then drew a gun and began firing. His girlfriend was not hit. But La’ Don T. Williams, 27,  was. She was an off duty bar employee who just happened to be there.  Agnes Harding, 23, was also shot in the arm. She also, just happened to be there. There were 25 to 30 other people who also just happened to be in the bar at the time.

Passing law enforcement officers actually saw him firing shots as he was backing out of the bar. When Thomas saw the officers, he took off with the officers giving chase.

Law enforcement officers were able to get Thomas under control and gain control of his weapon. When they opened the gun, they found the weapon was jammed. The fact that the weapon jammed and the  quick arrest is believed to have saved other lives.

Thomas was arrested and charged with murder and a number of weapons charges. He does have a criminal history.

Police say he has confessed and that he made some statements regarding the crime.

“This guy made some statements to the homicide investigators that I didn’t really care who I shot, I don’t have a whole lot to live for, I’m 29 years old and I’m not going to live with my mom when I’m 30, I’d just as soon be in the penitentiary it’s no big deal to me… Which tells me possibly if that gun hadn’t gone into a double feed malfunction we probably would have had a whole lot of problem engaging in gunfire with the officers.”

Police say Thomas also claimed to belong to the “Crips” gang.

La’Don Williams was flown to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. Agnes Harding was taken to a hospital where she was treated and released.

Remember the other day when I said that spree killings could be triggered by a domestic incident, but that was rare? I still think so.

He reportedly threw the drink in her face. She was right in front of him. But he thankfully didn’t shoot her. Instead he began shooting randomly in the bar.  And remember what the police officer said that he told them about the crime? To me that seems more reminescent of a spree killer than a domestic.

After a major murder spree it always seems there is an increase in threats of a spree or bombings. And there seems to also be an increase in the incidents of sprees or attempts at sprees. Did the shooter at the Virginia Tech tragedy spawn this? Most likely this one was just waiting in the wings.



  1. Soobs said,

    April 21, 2007 at 7:13 pm

    The whole damn world has gone crazy.

  2. richboy 823 said,

    June 11, 2007 at 3:34 am

    oh how i miss her i wish he would of jus shot his girlfriend not La Don.. I remeber at her funeral how her second child trinity who is only 7 was crying for her mommy that broke my heart bcuz theres was nothing i could to help her with her pain. That guy that killed her should be killed.. Dosent make sense. R.I.P. LA DON

  3. June 12, 2007 at 2:11 am

    Richboy, I know you are hurting now. But stop and think- why did he “need” to shoot anybody? That would just have made another family and friend’s hurt. Better that he not shoot anyone. Better that he have learned another way to handle his anger.

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