Virginia Tech

Most are probably aware of the shootings at Virginia Tech Monday. I have been trying to follow it as information dribbled out. First there was one dead, others wounded. Then the count began to rise. 7 dead, 20 wounded. 8 dead, then it was 20 and 21. Current toll seems to be at 32 dead, plus a shooter. The numbers of wounded vary, but it seems there are more than 20 wounded.

As the information dribbles out there are of course some information that is not released, some hinted at and not confirmed by law enforcement, and a lot probably not known. At times some information appears to be conflicting- but that is not uncommon in a crime of this magnitude, as it will be quite chaotic.

About 7:15 am police were called to a shooting in a college dorm. All I have seen officially acknowleged is that it was a domestic incident. One dead, one injured- or maybe two dead. Some information from students indicate that a male may have come into the dorm this morning asking for his girlfriend. They allegedly were arguing and when a TA approached them to tell them to quiet down, the male pulled a gun and shot the TA and the girlfriend and left. Police arrived to investigate the shooting and has indicated they had reason to believe the person who fired the shots had left the campus and maybe even left the state.

About 2 hours after the shooting they were informed of another shooting on the other side of the campus. It was in that shooting that the majority of the people were killed. Police have said when they arrived at the building, they found some of the doors chained shut.  Some students have said the gunman walked in and without saying a word began shooting people one by one. That shooter also allegedly shot himself.

Law enforcement are still investigating. And with a scene of this magnitude it will take time for the details to become known or be confirmed.

Earlier it was thought that there was just one shooter. That the shooter involved in the domestic shooting was also the shooter in the spree killing. But there have been hints, unconfirmed by law enforcement that say there may actually have been two different shooters. At least one report indicates that law enforcement may have someone being “interviewed” in the domestic shooting, some reports say they are interviewing a person of interest- but it isn’t specified for which shooting. It is unknown if the two shootings are connected in any way.

This tragedy is beyond horrific. Any shooting is devestating to the family, the friends and the communities. But these shooting hit hard. At the college would have been tomorrow’s leaders in many areanas. Now many of those future leaders won’t be present to live out their lives or to lead. They leave behind a stunned country.

Besides the 33 dead, the numerous wounded, there are also many young adults and faculty who are psychically wounded. They spent most of the day locked into rooms on campus fearing they might become the next victim. A number of them saw their fellow students shot before their eyes. Those on the outside spent their day trying to track down friends and check on them, find news about what was happening and trying to make sense of what happened to their world.

This is the largest murder spree this country has seen, eclipsed only by the mass murders of international and domestic terrorism. On a recent Google search, there were 12,013 ‘hit’s’ or results and it is being written about around the world.

At this point little is known about the domestic murder. When more details about it become known, I will be putting up another post on that portion of it.

Virginia Tech is situated in the city of Blacksburg, Virginia. The Governor of Virginia has declared the city to be in a state of emergency.                               

My sympathies go out to the family, friends, and faculty of Virginia Tech. To the community and all others touched by this tragedy.

I will be making one exception from the usual in any posting of this tragedy. In many of the recent spree murders, there is a certain segment of the online population who will attempt to glorify the shooter or shooters of this tragedy. On this blog- their names will not even appear. For whatever reason they took these actions I will not glorify them or assist in any way to make their names remembered. Here they won’t even be acknowledged by name.

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