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I still remember going to school. Elementary school and middle school a fight meant an argument between two or more kids. I remember junior high and high school, a fight meant fists and well to be honest it was more or less looked at as a bit of excitement. And they didn’t happen often.

But the world is different today. Today a fight could easily mean a knife, a sword or a gun. Or one or two may walk into a school class with a gun and wipe out the whole room or rooms. And sadly weapons in the classroom seem to be more and more frequent today.

What happened at Virginia Tech is horrific and devestating. And it is something that we tell ourselves couldn’t happen in our children’s high school, junior high, middle or yes even elementary school.

Chances are that it won’t. Chances were that it wouldn’t happen at Columbine, at Dawson College, at Campbell County Tenn. or at Virginia Tech either. But it did happen there and at other schools too. It has happened in rural and urban schools, and through a variety of grades.

Parents need to talk with their children about what to do if there is a problem in the classroom or if they see a gun.

Even kindergarten children can be taught to stay quiet and stay away from doors and windows. To try to find a closet or get under furniture. They can start learning to tell an adult if they see any kind of a weapon. (Yes, young children have been known to bring guns to school.)

Older children can also be taught to lock or bar their classroom doors with furniture and to cover any interior windows to the classroom.

Parents of older children also need to make decisions and talk with the kids about confrontation of someone with a gun.

All children can be taught to leave any area in which others are getting violent. If a weapon is seen they should be using any available exits- including windows.

It may feel alarmist, but it is important for your child. And what they learn about school could someday aid them in saving their lives- at school or elsewhere.


A new idea. A bookbag with books in it can be used as a means of defense to protect a child’s vulnerable areas. Books like textbooks, are compressed paper and 2-3 thick textbooks may be able to stop a bullet while a child is running.



  1. D.P. said,

    April 18, 2007 at 6:38 am

    While volunteering recently at my children’s intercity school, I was present in my youngest’s kindergarten class during a lock down drill. While I found it sad that a drill of the sort was necessary at all, I was very glad to see that the whole school responded in a matter of minutes and the children, just 5 and 6, listened and took the whole thing pretty seriously. Sad times indeed, but hopefully these drills will prove as useful as the nuclear warhead drills did for another generation. We can only hope and pray.

  2. Desiree said,

    April 19, 2007 at 2:00 am

    If possible, this Friday wear orange and maroon, the colors of the Hokies. Gov. Tim Kaine (VA) has asked to observe a moment of silence at noon on Friday, EST.

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