A Tale of Infidelity

On Dec. 10, 2006 Darrell Roberson spent his evening with friends playing cards. During his evening he reportedly attempted to call his wife 18 times between 1:33 am and 2:12 am, but got no answer. On his 19 th call his 7 year old daughter finally answered. His daughter told him she could not find her mother. She did remember a knock at the door sometime earlier. Roberson left and on his return home he noted a truck in front of his home. Inside the truck was reportedly Devin LaSalle, 32, and his wife Tracy Roberson, 35. Tracy was reportedly dressed in a robe and underwear.

Robertson reportedly witnessed some activity between the couple in the truck. Robertson pulled out his gun and approached the vehicle and yelled at his wife to get out of the truck. But LaSalle put the vehicle in gear and started to drive away.

Roberson fired 4 shots into the truck. One shot struck Devin LaSalle in the head. He was later pronounced dead.

According to all reports, at some point Tracy Roberson told her husband that LaSalle had raped her.

Darrell Roberson was later arrested for the murder of Devin LaSalle. Police said they were continuing to investigate and more charges might be filed.

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Time passed. Roberson was out on bail to await the trial process. The police investigation continued.

Wednesday the case went before the Grand Jury and they issued an indictment. However, they refused to indict Darrell Roberson.

Instead they indicted the wife, Tracy Roberson on a charge of manslaughter.

It seems that after Mr. Roberson left the home on Dec. 10 th Tracy Roberson sent Devin LaSalle a text message saying

“Hi friend, come see me please! I need to feel your warm embrace!”

And that when Mr. LaSalle arrived at the home, he was met at the door by Tracy Roberson in her robe and underwear and the two went out to his truck. Police say the two had been having an affair.

And reportedly when they were caught, and the allegations were made by Tracy Roberson that she was being or had been raped, she put Mr. Roberson in the postion that he

“is entitled to defend his wife and his family against aggravated assault.”

However, she allegedly knew that was a false statement.

And that Roberson had

“a reasonable belief that his actions are necessary, even though what they believe at the time turns out not to be true.”

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If caught in flagrante delicto I would guess there aren’t too many things you could say to make it any better. But to claim ‘rape’ would have to score way up there in the list of worst things you could say.


A County Grand Jury failed to bring an indictment against Darrell Roberson for his role in the death of Devin LaSalle and he was never tried. Instead a Grand Jury indictment was brought against Tracy Roberson for her role.

She was tried for manslaughter, and the jury did find her guilty of manslaughter. She is due to be sentenced on Mon.

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