At the Children’s Slumber Party

Jwonda Thurston, 21, was a mother- a sister and a girlfriend.

As a mother she had 3 children and was about 3 months pregnant with her fourth.

As a sister and an aunt, neighbors say she was seen frequently at her sister’s apartment and that she often babysat for her neices and nephews so that her sister could go out. On Friday she was at her sister’s to help with a slumber party for her daughter. There were 6 children at the home.

As a girlfriend- her boyfriend Reginald Lane, 25, was with her at her sister’s apartment when allegedly an argument began between them. Some reports indicate the dispute may have been because Jwonda Thurston had intended to go out that night.

As the argument progressed, the sister left the apartment and flagged down passing police officers and told them about the argument between her sister and the boyfriend who had a gun and said he was beating her.

Officers got backup and split up, sending officers to both the front and back doors of the apartment. The officers in front knocked on the door and then police say Jwonda Thurston came out the back door. Police  identified themselves. Police say that as she attempted to flee, the boyfriend allegedly fired one shot into her head. Police believe that Lane may have heard them at the front door and may have been intending to escape by going through the back door.

Reginald Lane then reportedly retreated into the apartment and locked himself in the bathroom. Police managed to get the children out of the home. None of the children were physically harmed.

A SWAT team was called and was able to establish communication with the boyfriend, he eventually surrendered without further incident.

Jwonda Thurston was taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead.

Reginald Lane was arrested and has been charged with first degree murder, felony murder, intentional homicide of an unborn child, home invasion, and 3 counts of kidnapping. According to reports Lane has confessed to the shooting. He is being held without bail.


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